3 Celebrations That Are Made Better With Brunch

family brunchIt may have taken the U.S. around 30 years to catch on to the brunch craze after it first began in England, but now the entire nation has embraced it fully. While enjoying Sunday brunch with friends or family can be either a rare treat or part of your regular routine, there are also tons of ways to incorporate everyone’s favorite hybrid meal into special events and celebrations for your nearest and dearest. Below, we’ve outlined a few party ideas that are made even better with a family brunch.

  • Birthdays
    Depending on your age, birthdays can be either tremendously exciting or an unwelcome reminder of the passage of time. But in either case, brunch can make a birthday much more enjoyable. Since brunch menus typically have both sweet and savory elements, it will be easy to put a breakfast twist on birthday cake — waffles or chocolate chip pancakes make a perfect vessel for birthday candles! Whether you choose to have a small brunch gathering with a few friends or want to invite the whole family, there’s no better way to turn another year older.
  • Bridal or Baby Showers
    Hosting a bridal or baby shower can be stressful for anyone, which is why many people will look into party venues in their area for these occasions. A great way to commemorate a new union or new addition to the family is with an upscale family brunch. A sit-down brunch is always classy and elegant, allowing you to serve your guests omelettes, French toast, or frittatas while the bride- or mother-to-be opens gifts. Alternatively, you could opt for a buffet that lets everyone try a little bit of everything. It’s an extremely pleasant way to host an event like this and allows guests to enjoy their time together while still being able to take advantage of the rest of the day.
  • Graduations
    School is officially out for the summer, and if your graduate has recently walked the stage and received their diploma, there’s cause for celebration. Family brunch can be an ideal way to bring everyone together to acknowledge a graduate’s accomplishments, reminisce about how far they’ve come, and eat some delicious food. During graduation season, families will often have to attend several parties all in one day. Usually, these parties will take place in the afternoon or evening. But if you have a brunch get-together, you’ll make it easy for people to fit your party into their busy schedule. And after all, who can say no to eggs and bacon? It’ll also make it more convenient for your graduate, who likely has a lot of parties to attend, too!


No matter what you’re celebrating this summer, a scrumptious brunch can make it even better. To find out more about hosting your event at Deerfield Golf Club, please contact us today.