places to have a wedding receptionPlanning a wedding is a thorough process that includes accounting for a vast number of little details, as well as the big ones.

However, by taking care of the big things first and getting them out of the way, you’ll free yourself up to spend more time getting the smaller stuff squared away, like whether you’ll have forks and spoons, or sporks.

One of the major parts of planning is looking for places to have a wedding reception.

Depending on what you’re looking for, these venues could be possible locations for your reception.

Many craft breweries and cideries are beginning to add on-location areas to host weddings, and wineries have been popular places for wedding receptions for years. Wineries, especially when the grapes are in-season, provide extremely aesthetic backdrops to your special day and even have a pleasant aromatic aspect as well. Breweries and cideries are catching on to this trend, and instead of vineyards, they have hopfields and orchards. These can be appealing locations especially if they are local to your hometown or place of residence, offering people a “taste” of your area.

Golf Course
Golf courses can be excellent locations for both a wedding ceremony and reception. Most of the time they will have a clubhouse or restaurant that is capable of seating people and providing catering and beverages. Even if they don’t (or they do, but you want to be outdoors), they have acres of beautifully manicured property that can be a perfect setting for any warm outdoor wedding. Hudson Valley Weddings released a statistic stating that 35% of weddings are held outdoors, so if you’re planning an outdoor wedding reception, consider the beautiful rolling green landscape of a golf course.

Ski Resort
Going for a winter wedding? Consider hosting your reception at a ski resort. Many provide large accommodations that would be more than enough space to have a few hundred guests. Some resorts even have in-house restaurants and bars to provide catering and beverages as well. Not to mention that most have amazing views of an expansive snowy mountainscape.

These are just three of many places to have a wedding reception, and you should find a place that fits with your personality and style. Once this step is out of the way, it’s smooth sailing.

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