4 Elements to Add to Your Outdoor Wedding

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Are you newly engaged and planning an outdoor wedding? You’re not the only one. According to Hudson Valley Weddings statistics, 35% of weddings are now outdoor celebrations. In light of this, it’s essential to consider factors that will take your outdoor wedding venue to the next level. We’ve highlighted four elements below. Review this list and consider which would incorporate best into your and your partner’s wedding day.

1. Decorative Rugs and Floor Mats

While the natural surroundings are a large part of an outdoor wedding celebration, implementing decorative rugs and floor mats in the appropriate areas can be beautiful. For example, recent couples have used oriental-style rugs down their ceremony’s aisle to emphasize the altar. Plus, decorative rugs are a great way to add some of your wedding themes and colors in an outdoor venue space. Additionally, floor mats might be most appropriate in high-traffic areas like the dance floor or bar area.

2. Natural Decorations

There is nothing quite like embracing your outdoor wedding area than incorporating natural decoration into the celebration. For some couples, this element might mean adding blooming flowers native to their wedding’s location. Having these flowers near the guests will help the wedding seem more outdoor-oriented. Couples can also use branches on their big day to be a part of their centerpieces and decorations.

3. Outdoor Lights

Include outdoor lighting in your wedding venue to create a stunning and romantic ambiance. If there are branches by the celebration, you can purchase string lights or lanterns to put on them. Another popular option for outdoor weddings is chandeliers. Hanging this lighting option close to the altar can be a focal point for the ceremony and help bring a sense of class and sophistication to the wedding day.

4. Functional Wedding Favors

If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, chances are that there’s some wedding favor that would work perfectly for the occasion. For example, if your outdoor wedding is during chilly temperatures, you can plan and give out favors like hats, shawls, or blankets during the festivities. On the contrary, you could gift hand fans during the warmer months to ensure the guests stay cool.

An outdoor wedding is bound to be a beautiful and special celebration. To take your big day to the next level at your outdoor wedding venue, incorporate these elements from this list above. Get in touch with Deerfield today to learn more.