4 Reasons Joining a Golf Club is a Hole-In-One

18 hole golf courseGolfing is one of America’s favorite pastimes. In fact, by 1900 there were already more than 1,000 golf clubs in the US. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a hardcore fan, joining a golf club is a great way to enhance your skills and meet some new people. Here are just a few benefits of joining a golf club.

  1. Improve Your Game:
    Needless to say, one of the main benefits of joining a golf club is the amount of practice you’ll be able to get. You’ll have access to the course anytime the club is open, and most clubs have a full 18-hole golf course for members to take advantage of.
  2. Avoid the Crowds:
    The vast majority of golf clubs offer a specific time where only members can enjoy the field. This cuts down on unnecessary waiting times and ensures that you’ll always have a spot whenever you want. You’ll start to feel like a real VIP after just a few games of golf at the club.
  3. Invite Guests:
    Most clubs allow members to bring a friend every now and again. There’s a distinct pleasure to be felt by both you as a member and your guest when it comes time for you both to play at your club. Your friends will surely admire your high status and will want to play game after game with you. It will definitely be a memorable experience, and it beats having to pay full price for your guest by far.
  4. Play When You Want:
    Another glorious benefit of joining a golf club is never having to lose money if the weather gets bad during a game. Non-members generally just show up to the course, play 18 holes, and go home. But if inclement weather cuts the game short, they’re out of luck, and the feeling of wasting money can certainly be depressing. By becoming a member of a golf club, you become a priority. You pay one price and have unlimited access to the course.

Ultimately, joining a golf club is an investment in yourself and your happiness. If golfing and being outdoors makes you happy, you should be able to get outside and play golf on an 18-hole golf course anytime you want.