4 Wedding Trends You Need to Know in 2020

While planning a wedding is a special time in your life, it can also be a stressful one. On average, the budget for a wedding ceremony and reception is $28,385. Beyond the cost, you may be unsure how you want your wedding to be or where you want it to be located. There are current trends that show you don’t have to stick with traditional wedding styles, and that you can choose some unique wedding places to have your ceremony. Here are some of the top wedding trends in 2020.

Micro weddings

A big wedding might be overwhelming for some couples. Having a micro wedding involves inviting no more than 50 guests to your ceremony. It not only lessens the stress of dealing with a large number of people, but with fewer guests, you may be able to plan a more extravagant affair. More can be spent on smaller details to create a unique wedding experience. It’s an excellent trend to embrace for those who are introverts or just want a smaller intimate ceremony.

Sustainable weddings

With the rise of environmental issues, more couples are choosing to have a wedding in an eco-friendly manner. You can make your wedding sustainable in many ways. You can have your invitations printed on recycled paper, vegan leather, wood, or other alternative materials. You could also set up an eco-friendly registry and have your guests buy eco-friendly gifts and shop from companies that support environmental causes. In looking for unique wedding places, consider outdoor spaces such as public golf courses. With the sunshine providing light, you’ll save money on energy usage, and the natural lighting can potentially result in some stunning wedding photography.

Inclusive food menus

More couples are choosing to create menus that accommodate the needs of their guests. You can create a menu that offers vegan options, gluten-free options, and other food choices that you know some of your guests may desire. In addition to providing variety with the meals, you can also do the same with beverages. Consider hiring a mixologist who can put together both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for your guests. Additionally, if you’re choosing to have a sustainable wedding, you can limit the meals to certain portion sizes which can help minimize waste.

Wedding parties that include kids and pets

While traditional wedding parties usually just feature adults, if you want, you can choose to include kids and pets too. Some brides have chosen to have their pets walk them down the aisle, as well as pose next to their wedding attire before the ceremony. Kids can do more than just be flower girls or ring bearers. You could also have them be junior bridesmaids and groomsmen. In addition, a child could take the role of a makeshift photographer with the use of a disposable camera.

There many choices that can be made when it comes to weddings. You don’t necessarily have to go with a traditional style. Whether it’s unique wedding places or diverse menu selection, these wedding trends show that you can put together a ceremony unique to you and your spouse’s desires.