5 Essential Items to Always Have in Your Golf Bag


While you will most likely not forget your golf clubs when you go for a game of golf, there are several other essentials that you must carry with you if you are to enjoy your game. Although these things will vary from person to person, here are five essential items that you must always have in your golf bag.


There is a lot that you can do with band-aids. For instance, you might need to cover cuts or provide abrasion protection. The thing with items like band-aids is that you won’t realize how much you need them until something happens and you don’t have them. So if you want to avoid that feeling at all costs, always ensure that you carry some in your bag.


Unless you have a caddie, you must also pack your own towels. You will need some to clean your clubs and another one to wipe your face and hands. If you head out without them, getting them when you need them on the course will be a challenge.


Sunscreen is one other thing that you will most probably need on the golf course. The weather can be quite unpredictable. So while you might leave home when the weather is cool, it might change without warning to blazing hot. That’s why it’s important to stay protected. It would be unfortunate to have to leave the course because you are getting a sunburn or you don’t want to risk getting sunburnt.

Pen and Ball Marker

When playing golf, it’s not uncommon to want to mark the position of your golf ball. That’s why you must always be prepared with a ball marker and pen. You can also carry more than one marker since they tend to go missing due to their small size.

Balls — Old and New

If you want to play and practice without parting with a lot of money, you must carry both old and new balls in your bag. New balls will come in handy if you want to play a better game, and you can use the old balls for practice sessions. You must be careful not to carry too many balls as they will make your bag quite heavy.

What you carry in your golf bag can make or break your game day. Ensure that you do a quick item check before you hit the course. For instance, you are only allowed to carry a maximum of 14 clubs in your bag during a stipulated round. So as much as you should know what not to leave behind, also pay attention to not carry too many things.