5 Etiquette Tips For Your First Round Of Golf


Golf remains one of the top spectator sports around the globe, with the pandemic fueling more interest for individuals wishing to learn how to swing the club. As of 2017, there were over 23.83 million active golfers in the United States. The PGA estimates that by the end of 2021, there will be 150,000 new golfers joining the game.

First Day Out at Public Golf Courses

You may have received an invite to the local golf course through friends or business partners who are members of the country club. It can be an exciting yet intimidating experience. The smell of the green, the anticipation for your first swing, and the camaraderie while going round the 18-hole golf course may create memories you will never forget.

However, lacking proper etiquette while out on the golf course can ruin your experience. Here is a quick primer on five basic rules on how to act while out on public golf courses.

1. Have the Right Golf Equipment

Taking the appropriate equipment for golfing is both in the rule book and etiquette. Golfers are restricted to a maximum of 14 clubs in the bag. Borrowing clubs from your partner is generally not a good idea. Additionally, you may need to learn how to share the golf cart to avoid wasting too much time.

2. Dress Appropriately

Most public golf courses have a dress code dictated by the management or golf association. You may request the member inviting you to inform you of the acceptable dressing in the specific golf club. Generally, a pair of khaki shorts or pants along with a colored golf shirt are acceptable in most country clubs.

3. Be Punctual

Most rounds that you may have to take in public golf courses will require that you make a reservation for your tee time. You can call your local country club a day before and schedule a specific time that you will tee off. You may need to watch out for time management, arriving at least 20 minutes before your tee time. If you wish to have warm-up swings, you may have to factor in the extra minutes required.

4. Watch Out for the Greenery

Public golf courses spend a huge chunk of their budgets maintaining the grass, water ponds, and other features around the club. You may need to respect the rules set by the club as you play golf. Keep your cart on the designated paths and avoid driving through hazards such as ponds and bunkers. If you are using a pushcart, try as much as possible to keep it off the grass. Remember to repair your divots and ball marks as you take your swings across the 18-hole golf course.

5. Keep Up the Pace

It is completely understandable to be anxious about your swings. However, delaying too much may cause agitation from the other golf players waiting to complete their round at the hole you are at. You can utilize the 30 seconds as the other players make their shots to practice your swing.

When you’re attempting your first shot, it can be easy to get too nervous or uptight about making mistakes and embarrassing yourself during your round of golf with friends. But the best way to get over jitters is to have a sense of humor and remain lighthearted about what’s happening on the course.

Even if you find yourself in a situation where something goes wrong, remember that everyone makes mistakes from time to time, and there’s nothing inherently offensive about messing up every once in a while.

A day out in the grass in a public golf course is a worthy way to spend your time. Understanding the little nuances of golf etiquette can help smoothen your experience at the country club. To schedule a favorable tee time for your round, reach out to Deerfield Golf Club.