5 Must-Haves For The Perfect Sunday Brunch

family brunchAlthough brunch has been beloved for decades, it’s definitely having a bit of a “moment” right now. It’s the answer for everything under the sun, capable of curing all ills and bringing loved ones together. If you’re planning a family brunch for the near future, you might be wondering a bit about what should be included in your brunch menu or want to find out more about the hallmarks of the perfect Sunday brunch. Below, we’ve put together a list of five must-haves for your next brunch — whether it’s for a big family celebration or for a casual get-together.

  1. Coffee and juice
    For many brunch enthusiasts, it’s not brunch without a little bit of alcohol. But while a Bloody Mary can help bring the merriment, they may not be quite as essential as a good cup of coffee or fresh-squeezed juice. Even though your brunch may put the focus on food, it’s important not to overlook the importance of these beverages. They can help set the tone for the entire meal and whet your guests’ appetites for what’s to come.

  3. Bacon and eggs
    It wouldn’t be an American brunch without bacon and eggs in some form! But while bacon and eggs may seem basic, they definitely don’t have to be boring. In 2015, a survey found that 67% of respondents felt ethnic-inspired breakfast items (like Chorizo scrambled eggs) were a hot trend. By putting your own twist on this classic, you’ll satisfy expectations in a whole new way. A make-your-own-omelette station, creative frittatas, or savory egg cups will be sure to delight!

  5. Pancakes, waffles, or French toast
    As a foil to savory elements, you have to bring the sweet! On their own, fluffy pancakes, powdered French toast, or crispy Belgian waffles are a real treat, but you can make your guests even happier by ensuring they’re made or topped with fresh fruit and served with flavored (and authentic) maple syrups. If you have kids in attendance at the family brunch, strawberries, chocolate chips, or cinnamon are often big hits.

  7. Friends and family
    What’s brunch without your nearest and dearest to share it with? Although it’s typically an overlooked way to celebrate, you can easily book a party for family and friends in the mid-morning instead of at night. In many cases, a brunch get-together is easier to work into busy schedules and allows everyone to come together and still enjoy the rest of the day. Plus, it’s a meal that offers virtually everything. That means that even picky eaters will find something on the menu they’re sure to love. You’ll be surprised how many people respond in the affirmative when they hear brunch is involved!

  9. A great atmosphere
    Even the most delicious of family brunches can be derailed if the ambiance is poor. While hosting a brunch at home is admirable, it can become overwhelming very quickly. And if your gathering involves a large party, it might be difficult for your favorite local spot to accommodate your needs. For many families, a country club provides the ideal setting. The great food is a given, of course, and the upscale yet relaxing atmosphere will allow you to just enjoy your surroundings and each other.


Whether you’re team sweet or team savory, our impressive Sunday brunch will be sure to please every member of the family. To find out more about our brunch offerings or to book your event, contact Deerfield today.