6 Must-Know Emerging Wedding Trends

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Each New Year brings fresh resolutions and better wedding ideas. Event planners, brides, and grooms are always working hard to beat weddings they have attended before. 2019 was a unique year for the wedding industry, and most of the trends you enjoy today started then.


From adding DIY elements to using golf courses, modern weddings have taken creativity to a whole new level. Read on to learn more about six interesting wedding trends you should consider.


Unique Wedding Venues


For the longest time, wedding venues have been left to hotels, churches, and family compounds. Recent ceremonies are, however, shifting away from the traditional spaces to more outdoor locations.


Which golf courses near me do I know? This question is important to any couple planning for a wedding because part of the latest wedding venues are golf courses. Outdoor venues are a unique way of breathing life into your special day.


Additionally, outdoor venues in the form of golf courses allow you to incorporate your feelings and personalities in the decor. These open spaces also allow you to customize every detail of your wedding.


Small and Intimate Celebration


In the recent past, couples have developed an appetite for lavish weddings. Traditionally, these weddings were used to show one’s position in society. However, things are changing, and the size of the ceremony doesn’t count anymore.


Weddings have now become a private affair limited to only close family members and a few friends. These low numbers mean that your wedding budget will be reduced significantly. Besides the reduced budget, small weddings are suitable for families and friends to bond, unlike huge crowds.


Charitable Giving


Unlike traditional weddings, which are characterized by pop and color, modern couples are appreciating the need to give back to society. The vast resources used to feed thousands of guests are directed to other charitable events.


Additionally, couples are using their special day to raise more money for their charity activities. The next time you think about the platform to use for your wedding to save funds, a good question to ask yourself is. Which golf courses near me should I choose? Select an 18-hole golf course for your wedding and develop clear instructions that will help in the generation of funds.


Appropriate Lighting


Lighting is an essential part of your wedding regardless of the venue you choose. When you brainstorm ideas for golf courses near me, proper lighting should be one of your considerations. Adapting proper lighting is also a unique way to illuminate the selected decor for your wedding.


Use different patterns to transform the general look of your venue. Additionally, the lighting system has to be installed around rose petals to create a better impression.


Unique Guest Book


Do you remember the old days when guests were required to sign and leave a word for the just married couple? Modern-day weddings, too, have these guest books, but the approach is different.


Unlike traditional weddings, today, guests are required to be creative enough. In most cases, a thump print is enough to leave a memory. Such an idea will, in the end, create a beautiful piece of art for the couple.


Timeless Attire


Times are changing, and the world is evolving. As days go by, people keep making wedding ceremonies simpler. While traditional weddings have been associated with the princess style for many years, modern couples are opting for timeless and elegant attire.


You are probably wondering, what else will complement golf courses near me? Well, timeless attires are easy to customize, so they can easily blend with golf courses.


Final Word


The dynamics of weddings keep changing every year. So far, 2020 is the revolutionary year when couples went the extra mile to start incorporating individual taste into their wedding, including outdoor venues. Are you in need of a party venue for your wedding? Are you wondering, which golf courses near me will work for my big day? Contact us day for more information.