A Great Sentimental Gift Option for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming faster than you know it, and nothing makes a great gift quite like delicious food surrounded by family. Deerfield’s annual Mother’s Day Sunday Brunch is on Sunday, May 8, and will be filled with plenty of fantastic food options. If you are looking for some family time your loved one will enjoy, make a reservation with Deerfield today. Here are some reasons why a Mother’s Day Brunch makes a great gift!

She Gets to Rest

There are many reasons why brunch is so popular on Mother’s Day. The most significant reason is that moms are always taken for granted. They are always behind the scenes cooking, cleaning, making our lives much easier, and filling them with love. When you’re at our brunch, the food is taken care of and there are no dishes to clean. Mother’s Day is the one day when she doesn’t have to do anything. It is a great way for her to kick back her feet and relax.

Brunches Are Luxurious

Back in the 1900s, brunch was really only a special event for royalty and the wealthy. In today’s age, brunch is a great option to spoil yourself with many food options that you love. Brunch gives us all a time to splurge on a plethora of foods and enjoy a long meal with our loved ones. Help make your mother or loved one like the royalty they are by taking them to our Mother’s Day Brunch. Our brunch includes a large array of breakfast foods, seafood options, soup and salads, freshly-cooked meat entrees, and decadent desserts.

Spend Time Together

Gifts are always great, but what most mother’s really want is to spend quality time with their family. Brunch is the perfect time to spend with each other and honor your mother for all that they have done for you and the family. No material gift can compare to precious time spent with one another.

Our Mother’s Day Brunch is a wonderful option to enjoy delicious food and celebrate your mother or loved one. For more information on our Mother’s day brunch, contact us today.