How To Make Your Wedding Memorable

Your wedding should be a magical, memorable event for you and your partner. With close family and friends gathered to celebrate your love, you’ll want to create an unforgettable experience. Thoughtful planning and personal touches are key to pulling this off flawlessly.

Pick a Venue that Fits Your Vision

The venue you select forms the entire backdrop for exchanging your vows and hosting guests. Tour locations that fit the vision in your mind. According to Hudson Valley Weddings, 35% of weddings now take place outside, and you may also wish to consider an outdoor venue. Make sure the wedding venue’s style and architecture let you imagine your ideal ceremony and reception happening there. Beyond appearances, confirm your venue can accommodate your guest count and has the right facilities to meet everyone’s needs. Visiting the venue in person helps you picture everything coming together smoothly.

Infuse Personal Touches

While the venue provides the framework, infusing personal details makes your wedding meaningful. Display photos of your relationship journey or decorate tables with mementos from special dates. Work inside jokes into speeches and choose a menu with favorite foods. Select readings that resonate and songs with significance to your courtship. Design elements like the invitations, program fans, and signage to reflect your personalities. Adding personal touches makes your wedding more heartfelt and unforgettable.

Capture Lasting Memories

Be sure to hire a talented wedding photographer and videographer to document your celebration from start to finish. Meet with potential professionals to view examples of their work and make sure you click well together. You want someone who will blend into the background while skillfully capturing emotional moments: exchanging vows, first dances, speeches, candid interactions between guests, and more. Professional images and videos let you relive your unique, magical day while noticing moments you may have missed in the whirlwind itself.

With intentional, meaningful choices about the wedding venue, personalized details, and high-quality documentation, you can craft a one-of-a-kind wedding experience. Thoughtful planning ensures your celebration highlights what makes your relationship special in ways you’ll cherish always. The day flies by so quickly, but photographs, videos, and memories last forever. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding venue, look no further than Deerfield. Contact us today to schedule a tour.

4 Best Tips for a Beginner Golfer

Are you still learning the game of golf? If so, you may need to practice your swing. As a beginner, you may feel self-conscious, but everyone must start somewhere. Here are some tips for beginners.

1. Go to the Golf Course When Others Are There

If you’re still shy about your less-than-perfect game, it’s time to come out of your shell to learn more about the sport and improve your skills. That’s why it’s a good idea to focus on times when a golf course will be crowded with other players. According to Leader Publications, the busiest time on a golf course is between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM, so going between these hours is in your best interest. Being around other players more often serves two main purposes. For one thing, you can always sit back and observe the better players and their techniques. You can also have them watch your swing and give you constructive criticism to improve.

2. Get a Mentor

If you’re serious about going from beginner to advanced player, the best way to start is to find a mentor. No, you don’t need to be Tiger Woods to get mentorship in golf. If golf is something that brings you joy, and you seriously want to improve at it, finding a mentor can be a good way to socialize, learn from the best, and improve your swing.

3. Attend Events

Stay alert to your upcoming golf club events. These events are a fun way to socialize and meet other golfers. You can get some informal tips about playing the game, and you may even be invited to join other players that you’ll bond with. Plus, you can informally connect with people over food and drinks. This can be an easier way to ease into the social aspect of the club and enjoy golf even more.

4. Do Some Caddy Work

Have you considered working as a golf caddy on occasion? Golf club events and tournaments are the perfect times to do caddying for more experienced players. This way, you’ll be up close and personal as you help them move from hole to hole, and you can learn a lot from observing.

The game of golf is as popular as ever. Whether you aim to be like the professionals playing on TV or simply want to practice your swing for fun, now is the time to get some experience on your local golf course. There are many golf club events that welcome beginners and advanced players. Contact Deerfield today to learn more about the best tee times and how to improve your game.

How to Instantly Take Two Strokes Off Your Game

Lowering their respective handicap is something every golfer strives to do. Some basic steps can help most people shave two or more strokes from their scorecard and win bragging rights while enjoying some time at the 19th hole. Here are four ways to help you improve your score and gain those bragging rights.

1. Master Your Golf Clubs

You should try your best to make every club in your golf bag an asset to your game instead of dead weight in your bag. If you don’t use a golf club, you should learn how to use it effectively or swap it out for one you can use. According to Black Enterprise, golfers can have up to 14 clubs in their bags while playing a round. Make sure you use every club in each round you play. Each enables you to do something different, just as a driver and a putter enable you to do different things.

2. Correctly Address the Ball

You can’t use a golf club correctly if you don’t properly address the ball. The ball should be located where you can make solid contact with it and send it where you intend it to go. Placing the ball too far back will cause you to drive down onto it and knock it into the ground. Placing it too far forward will make it hook or slice and reduce your distance. A properly addressed ball will go straighter and farther than an improperly addressed ball.

3. Practice Your Swing

You also need to ensure your golf swing is natural and as perfect as possible to make the club and ball do what you intend. There are many types of golf swings, from driving to approach shots and putting. Approach shots have the greatest variation, so that’s where you should focus most of your practice time. Make sure you can swing out of the rough, make sand traps less intimidating, and clear trees and other obstacles that might get in the way of the green by practicing your long irons and drivers.

4. Practice Your Putting

Golf is all about putting for dough. The green is what makes or breaks a golfer because if you can’t sink the putt on one try, you add strokes to your score. A well-placed approach shot should give you a makeable putt, but you need to practice reading the green and giving the ball enough speed and accuracy to put it in the hole.

You can visit our instructors and practice greens to perfect your golf game and lower your score. Call Deerfield today if you want to book a tee time or have any questions about our golf club.

How Playing Golf Can Benefit Your Life

Golf is a globally popular game because it’s fun, gives you a low-impact workout, and enables you to play with friends and golfing partners. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a set of clubs – especially if you shop around for a quality set of used golf clubs. Many communities have public golf courses that are in great shape and enable you to learn to play the sport. According to Golf Pass, 17% of golfers took lessons to improve their golfing skills in 2019, and this trend will likely continue. Here are some significant ways that golf can benefit your life.

Enjoy a Low-Impact Workout

Swinging golf clubs while playing 18 or even nine holes of golf is a great way to get a low-impact aerobic workout. You use your entire body and make your muscles and connective tissues stronger while enjoying a round. If you walk the course, you get an even better workout that helps make your body stronger, more limber, and more flexible. You also improve your hand-eye coordination and balance at each swing.

Spend Quality Time Outdoors

One of the best things about playing golf is the ability to spend quality time outdoors. Whether you are at a driving range, the putting green, or are on the course playing a round, you get to be outdoors and enjoy the benefits that go with it. Sunshine, a slight breeze, and the sound of golf clubs swinging, and contacting the ball make it a great experience while enabling you to focus on improving your golf skills.

Enjoy the Company of Others

Playing golf with friends, family, or business contacts is a great way to share the experience with others. Even if you show up by yourself, a golf course usually requires playing in a group of two to four people and can pair you up with others. Many people also use the time to discuss business and work out deals that can be important for future success. Many business schools recommend their students learn how to play golf. It’s a great way to turn a social outing into a business meeting while getting a good look at how other people handle adversity and conduct themselves.

Now that you know more about the benefits of playing golf, you’re likely eager to book a round. Call or visit Deerfield today to learn to play golf and enjoy the many benefits provided by the game. We look forward to hearing from you!

Improve Your Golf Game by Joining a Golf Club

As you watch golfers play on TV, do you envision improving your golf game one day? With annual golf passes, your dream can come true. Take on a constructive hobby and improve your golf game by joining a local golf club. Here are some reasons why doing so can help improve your golf game.

Facility Access

Have you been attempting your golf swing in your backyard? Needless to say, that’s not the best space to do so. What better way to practice your golf swing than at a professional facility with over 100 acres? Take advantage of your annual golf passes and practice until you perfect it.

Other Golfers

When you join a golf club, you won’t just be playing by yourself. There are other golfers in attendance you can form a camaraderie with as you practice your game. When playing with more experienced golfers, you can learn a thing or two from them. You may start by observing their techniques and eventually play as an equal with them. Who knows, you may make friends there who can become your de facto coaches.

Professional Access

When you invest in annual golf passes, you may also have access to professional golfers. Depending on your location, there may be a few pros who also practice at your local golf club. You can observe them from afar or rub elbows with them as you go for a hole-in-one. According to Golf Span, there are approximately 80 million golfers worldwide, but only 200 of them qualify for the PGA tour. Studying under the experts may help you join this number!


Golf tournaments aren’t just for famous people on TV. Your golf club may also host regular tournaments where you can show your stuff and go for prizes. As you gain more experience, you can earn higher places in such tournaments and walk away with trophies and prize money for your efforts.

If you’re wondering what to give yourself this Christmas, why not invest in annual golf passes? After all, membership at your local golf course can be a gift that will keep on giving, especially if you’re serious about improving your golf game. So start making friends, improving your golf rating, and rubbing elbows with golf professionals. Our course at Deerfield can host small and large events and has over 140 acres for you to explore. Contact us so you can improve your swing today.

Here’s Why You Should Host Your Corporate Event at a Golf Club

Are you looking for the perfect event venue for your next corporate celebration? Why not consider a golf club? Premier golf clubs include state-of-the-art event facilities for a variety of event types. If you want to make your company stand out and entertain your guests, add a golf club to your regular event venue.


There’s nothing like being around nature. According to Psychology Today, being in nature produces a sense of wellness and happiness. Guests arriving at a beautifully kept golf club will give them an experience they will never forget. Whether you are holding a business meeting, anniversary party, awards banquet, or charity fundraiser, a golf club’s full-service event venue is the perfect location.


Event venues at a golf club are specifically crafted to hold large amounts of people. At Deerfield, our event facilities can hold up to 500 people in our ballroom. Whether you have a small or large business, this type of space is perfect for your corporate event. If you are holding a charity fundraiser and inviting more people than you employ, you need to ensure the space holds them. Our 10,000-square-foot ballroom is the perfect solution.


Food shouldn’t be a problem at a typical golf club. When you find one used to hosting events of various sizes, they often have a catering staff that can benefit you. Some may offer simple fare from sandwiches and hors d’oeuvres, whereas others may have several course meals.

Bonding Time

Sitting at a ballroom table can be enjoyable with the right people. Depending on the event type you are holding, you may opt for our ballroom or our golf course. Golf outings are perfect outlets for team-building events. The good times and memories made on the course are some that your employees will never forget. The chance of two holes in one in a single round is approximately 67 million to 1, but imagine the excitement at your event if someone achieved this. Your corporate event would be a memorable one that people would make more of an effort to attend when at a fun golf club.

There are many reasons to host a corporate event. You may be hosting a conference or planning a holiday party as the winter season approaches. Whether you want to impress a potential client or bond with fellow staff, having a corporate event at a golf club can impress many people. Contact our event venue today for more information!

5 Questions to Ask a Golf Club

If you’re an avid golfer, joining golf courses could be a great investment. Not only does this give you more opportunities to play the sport you love, but it can also be great for your social life. People of all ages and genders can enjoy golfing and the golfing lifestyle. In fact, according to Zippia, 28.4% of professional golfers are women. This sport can truly become a family pastime, and a local golf club can help. Here are some questions you should ask before joining a golf club.

1. What Is the Average Age of Membership?

This might seem like a strange question, but it’s good to know the average age of the members of a golf club. For instance, if the average age is very young, you might want to look for a club with an older clientele or vice versa. Of course, just because a club generally caters to a different demographic doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy spending time there. Golfing with older or younger people can be the perfect way to form new intergenerational friendships!

2. What Are the Tee Times?

If you’re serious about playing golf, you’ll obviously want to know when tee times are and if the tee times are restricted. This can make a big difference in your golfing experience, so make sure you get all the information you need.

3. Are There Walking Restrictions on the Golf Courses?

Another good question to ask is if there are walking restrictions. Some golf courses are walker-friendly, while others discourage this and only allow riding. You would need a golf cart for making the rounds in this case. This is a very important detail to have figured out before joining a club.

4. Are There Food Minimums?

Food minimums are a requirement in many clubs. The food minimum is the minimum amount of money that must be spent on food at the club each month. This can range from $50 to $200. If you want to join a golf club but are still budget-conscious, you’ll want to find a club that works with your limits.

5. Are There Annual Assessments?

Some clubs perform assessments each year to determine how many of the members are seniors. This can impact the costs for new members. This can be a controversial practice, so you should definitely ask about this before joining.

If you’re considering joining a golf club, please contact Deerfield today to learn more about our programming, costs, and amenities. We look forward to joining you on your golfing journey!

How to Find the Perfect Golf Club

Golf is a sport that many people enjoy at an amateur level. According to Golf Span, of the 80 million worldwide golfers, only 200 are eligible for participation in the PGA Tour. If you’re a golfer looking for a home club, here are a few tips to help you find the perfect one.

Consider Public Golf Courses

When you’re looking for a golf club, don’t forget to consider local public golf courses. These courses are often just as well-maintained as any private course in the area. Finding the right club requires a perfect balance of great golf, wonderful amenities, and engaging social opportunities. When it’s time for you to join a club, we’re here for you! You might be surprised by how beautiful the public courses in our area can be. When you’re looking for a club that provides fantastic golf in a friendly atmosphere, you might not have to look any further than your local public course and club.

Ask Around to Friends

Finding the golf club that’s perfect for you is a very individual decision. Your preferences can differ from those of your closest friends. During your search for the right club, be sure to visit as many as you can. A logical place to start is by asking your friends, family members, and colleagues for a tour of the clubs they go to. This will help you get a better idea of what’s out there and what your options are. From this mini-tour of area clubs, you can choose the ones that appeal to you and arrange for a formal tour.

Golf the Course

Golfing the course at any club you’re considering is a must-do. You’ll want to make sure that you find the course challenging, but not too challenging! Your formal prospective member tour should also include a visit to all the amenities. If you want to use your club as a place to socialize and spend time with friends, you’ll want to visit the grille room or other gathering area.

If you’re looking for the perfect club, our public golf course is worth your consideration. We’ve been in business for 25 years and offer 145 acres of beautifully maintained links. Come enjoy an afternoon playing our 18-hole course and see why we’re one of the top clubs around!

4 Events That Can Take Place at a Golf Club

There are a number of golf club events that just make sense. From weddings to parties and fundraisers, if you’re looking for a place to host your event, don’t forget to consider your local golf club. According to The Frisky, the average budget for a wedding ceremony and reception is estimated to be $28,385. With the financial investment you’re making to host a big event, you want to make sure that the location is up to par! Here are four events that can take place at a golf club.

1. Weddings

Weddings are a popular golf club event during the summer months. Even if you or your guests aren’t golf enthusiasts, there’s just something so special about hosting a wedding with a golf course as the backdrop. Choosing the right venue is an important choice. Many people think the event location is as important a decision as the bride’s dress and finding the right photographer. If you want to enjoy your big day, be sure to choose a venue that has a lot of experience with hosting formal events.

2. Corporate Events

There are many great reasons to host an annual corporate event. One of them is to foster camaraderie and encourage team building. If you’re looking for an opportunity to host a corporate event, your local golf club should be at the top of the list.

3. Anniversary Parties

Any celebratory event is more fun when it’s held at a beautiful location. Wedding anniversaries, milestone birthdays, and family reunions are just a few of the types of parties that are perfect for a golf club locale.

4. Galas/Charities

Hosting fundraising galas and other charity events can take a lot of preparation and planning. Fortunately, when you choose to host your event at a local golf club you’re starting out ahead of the game. Golf clubs have a lot of experience with hosting an array of events. They’ll help you determine the right room for your function and assist you with many other details.

These were some events that can take place at a golf club.  Golf club events are perfect for any occasion. From casual family gatherings to wedding celebrations, you’re sure to impress your guests. There will even be event staff who will be with you throughout the entire planning process to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Which Golf Clubs Should You Choose?

Golf is a great way to spend time in the great outdoors and get a workout. Plus, according to Golf Digest, in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, golf can improve your mental health. However, in order to enjoy this sport properly, selecting the right set of clubs and other golf equipment is crucial. If your clubs aren’t a good match for your needs, you’ll likely struggle on the fairways and greens. Here’s what you need to consider when choosing golf clubs.

What Is Your Skill Level?

Some golf clubs are very forgiving. This means if your swing isn’t perfect or very consistent, there is still a good chance that you’ll score a good hit on the golf ball. Other golf clubs, however, are very unforgiving. They have to be swung just right, or you’ll end up with a bad shot. Many golfers will benefit from more forgiving golf equipment, but if you’re highly skilled, you may enjoy better shots with less forgiving clubs.

What Type of Shaft Do You Need?

There are two common types of golf club shafts: steel and graphite. Graphite has become more popular in recent years, as it typically leads to longer distances. However, steel shafts can be more affordable and also more accurate. They may last longer and prove more durable as well. Ultimately, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons of each shaft type when selecting clubs.

How Flexible Should the Shaft Be?

You can get shafts of varying flexibility, from extra stiff to “senior,” “amateur” or “ladies.” A shaft with more flexibility can propel the ball more. Basically, the flexing itself will add momentum to the swing. This can result in the ball going further. However, if you have a strong, hard swing, you may want to use stiffer shafts to ensure better consistency and accuracy.

What Types of Clubs Do You Need?

Should you get a 3 iron or a 3 wood? Or both? Or maybe you should get a wood/iron hybrid? Do you need a sand wedge, or can you get by with a lob wedge? Often, the answer to these questions actually comes down to the courses you play on. If you’re playing on a course without sand traps, you might not need a sand wedge, for example.

Ultimately, selecting the right golf equipment will require patience and expertise. However, if you get the choices right, you could improve your game substantially. Once you’ve chosen your preferred clubs and are ready to start playing, be sure book a round at Deerfield!