6 Must-Know Emerging Wedding Trends

Each New Year brings fresh resolutions and better wedding ideas. Event planners, brides, and grooms are always working hard to beat weddings they have attended before. 2019 was a unique year for the wedding industry, and most of the trends you enjoy today started then.


From adding DIY elements to using golf courses, modern weddings have taken creativity to a whole new level. Read on to learn more about six interesting wedding trends you should consider.


Unique Wedding Venues


For the longest time, wedding venues have been left to hotels, churches, and family compounds. Recent ceremonies are, however, shifting away from the traditional spaces to more outdoor locations.


Which golf courses near me do I know? This question is important to any couple planning for a wedding because part of the latest wedding venues are golf courses. Outdoor venues are a unique way of breathing life into your special day.


Additionally, outdoor venues in the form of golf courses allow you to incorporate your feelings and personalities in the decor. These open spaces also allow you to customize every detail of your wedding.


Small and Intimate Celebration


In the recent past, couples have developed an appetite for lavish weddings. Traditionally, these weddings were used to show one’s position in society. However, things are changing, and the size of the ceremony doesn’t count anymore.


Weddings have now become a private affair limited to only close family members and a few friends. These low numbers mean that your wedding budget will be reduced significantly. Besides the reduced budget, small weddings are suitable for families and friends to bond, unlike huge crowds.


Charitable Giving


Unlike traditional weddings, which are characterized by pop and color, modern couples are appreciating the need to give back to society. The vast resources used to feed thousands of guests are directed to other charitable events.


Additionally, couples are using their special day to raise more money for their charity activities. The next time you think about the platform to use for your wedding to save funds, a good question to ask yourself is. Which golf courses near me should I choose? Select an 18-hole golf course for your wedding and develop clear instructions that will help in the generation of funds.


Appropriate Lighting


Lighting is an essential part of your wedding regardless of the venue you choose. When you brainstorm ideas for golf courses near me, proper lighting should be one of your considerations. Adapting proper lighting is also a unique way to illuminate the selected decor for your wedding.


Use different patterns to transform the general look of your venue. Additionally, the lighting system has to be installed around rose petals to create a better impression.


Unique Guest Book


Do you remember the old days when guests were required to sign and leave a word for the just married couple? Modern-day weddings, too, have these guest books, but the approach is different.


Unlike traditional weddings, today, guests are required to be creative enough. In most cases, a thump print is enough to leave a memory. Such an idea will, in the end, create a beautiful piece of art for the couple.


Timeless Attire


Times are changing, and the world is evolving. As days go by, people keep making wedding ceremonies simpler. While traditional weddings have been associated with the princess style for many years, modern couples are opting for timeless and elegant attire.


You are probably wondering, what else will complement golf courses near me? Well, timeless attires are easy to customize, so they can easily blend with golf courses.


Final Word


The dynamics of weddings keep changing every year. So far, 2020 is the revolutionary year when couples went the extra mile to start incorporating individual taste into their wedding, including outdoor venues. Are you in need of a party venue for your wedding? Are you wondering, which golf courses near me will work for my big day? Contact us day for more information.

Golf Course For Brunch With the Family? You Betcha

If you are searching for a great meeting place for you and your group, do not overlook the potential of golf courses in Newark Delaware. Golf is a fun pastime enjoyed by many, but the right golf course can deliver so much more than a few rounds on the greens, and that can make it a great place to gather.


You do not have to be a pro to enjoy a day at the golf course. As a matter of fact, you do not even have to be a regular player to enjoy the opportunity to have great golf club social events. Golf courses are home to great golf club events, golf course wedding events, social meetings, and generally a good time.


Gather Your Clan


Sunday brunch at the golf course is a great way to bring the family together. Book an early tee time, then stick around for a meal. Bringing the siblings and in-laws together for a round of golf followed up with a great brunch is the perfect way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and more. It adds a unique spin to family fun.


Visiting a golf course with out of town guests is a great way to entertain. Who does not love a good meal overlooking the beautiful golf course greens? Golf courses are the perfect backdrop for your social event whether it is a small intimate group or a large function.


It is Not Just Personal


Want to show your employees how much they are appreciated? Your local golf course can help. Invite the whole team out for a day of fun and golf. Golf is a great opportunity for team building in a beautiful setting where everyone can relax.


Want to impress a client? Brunch and a round of golf can do it. Meeting people in a casual atmosphere can help to foster a trusting relationship that your business can benefit from.


A Great Meeting Spot


Social clubs can also tap into the power of meeting at the golf course. Playing golf together and enjoying brunch is a great way to shore up the strength of your group. It is a wonderful way to thank volunteers for all their hard work and bring some attention to your cause.


You do not need to be a golfing aficionado to benefit from all the great options at the golf course. Learn more about how a day on the course can benefit your group.

4 Wedding Trends You Need to Know in 2020

While planning a wedding is a special time in your life, it can also be a stressful one. On average, the budget for a wedding ceremony and reception is $28,385. Beyond the cost, you may be unsure how you want your wedding to be or where you want it to be located. There are current trends that show you don’t have to stick with traditional wedding styles, and that you can choose some unique wedding places to have your ceremony. Here are some of the top wedding trends in 2020.

Micro weddings

A big wedding might be overwhelming for some couples. Having a micro wedding involves inviting no more than 50 guests to your ceremony. It not only lessens the stress of dealing with a large number of people, but with fewer guests, you may be able to plan a more extravagant affair. More can be spent on smaller details to create a unique wedding experience. It’s an excellent trend to embrace for those who are introverts or just want a smaller intimate ceremony.

Sustainable weddings

With the rise of environmental issues, more couples are choosing to have a wedding in an eco-friendly manner. You can make your wedding sustainable in many ways. You can have your invitations printed on recycled paper, vegan leather, wood, or other alternative materials. You could also set up an eco-friendly registry and have your guests buy eco-friendly gifts and shop from companies that support environmental causes. In looking for unique wedding places, consider outdoor spaces such as public golf courses. With the sunshine providing light, you’ll save money on energy usage, and the natural lighting can potentially result in some stunning wedding photography.

Inclusive food menus

More couples are choosing to create menus that accommodate the needs of their guests. You can create a menu that offers vegan options, gluten-free options, and other food choices that you know some of your guests may desire. In addition to providing variety with the meals, you can also do the same with beverages. Consider hiring a mixologist who can put together both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for your guests. Additionally, if you’re choosing to have a sustainable wedding, you can limit the meals to certain portion sizes which can help minimize waste.

Wedding parties that include kids and pets

While traditional wedding parties usually just feature adults, if you want, you can choose to include kids and pets too. Some brides have chosen to have their pets walk them down the aisle, as well as pose next to their wedding attire before the ceremony. Kids can do more than just be flower girls or ring bearers. You could also have them be junior bridesmaids and groomsmen. In addition, a child could take the role of a makeshift photographer with the use of a disposable camera.

There many choices that can be made when it comes to weddings. You don’t necessarily have to go with a traditional style. Whether it’s unique wedding places or diverse menu selection, these wedding trends show that you can put together a ceremony unique to you and your spouse’s desires.

Why Are More Couples Choosing a Golf Course Wedding?

The first step in ensuring the ideal wedding is touring the Delaware wedding venues to pick the perfect setting. Many couples are choosing wedding venues that include an outdoor component. Golf club weddings are a great example of the perfect venue. You can easily have an outdoor component while having a traditional indoor space as well.p>

About 35% of all weddings are held outdoors. Of course, where your outdoor wedding event happens is the key to a successful event.

Why Outdoors?

Couples have different reasons for deciding to hold at least part of their event outdoors. Many couples prefer having part of their event outdoors while other parts indoors. For some couples, for example, golf club events are a perfect setting because it offers the best of both worlds. A golf course wedding can deliver a beautiful outdoor setting while also providing an elegant indoor setting.

Country club weddings at the right venue will offer a combination of spaces that can help couples to make their vision for their big day a reality. For many couples, a golf course wedding really fits the bill perfectly.

Couples today want options that help to make the planning easier. A golf course wedding gives them the option of having their outdoor ceremony and their indoor reception all at the same location. Having your entire event at one location, allows your guests to travel less to participate in your wedding, and relax more and enjoy the event. Of course, it is also a lot easier to plan when your venue offers all-inclusive options.

Is a Golf Course Wedding Right For You?

Having a golf course wedding can be ideal for just about any couple because you can pick and choose how your wedding will play out. The right golf club can be one of the unique wedding places that offer a turn-key approach to your wedding.

For example, a golf course wedding can deliver an amazing backdrop, delicious food, a space for your cocktail hour, and a wide range of options that make your wedding a personalized custom event.

If you are looking for a great venue for your wedding that will make planning easier without sacrificing anything than you should consider a golf course wedding and one of the best-known golf clubs in Delaware.

You can have your wedding your way. Learn more about one of the best wedding venues in Delaware.

The Dreamiest Spot to Brunch in Delaware

While Deerfield is home to one of the most tranquil spots for the sport of golf, there are also many other aspects of Deerfield that make it appealing. Brunch, which began in England many years ago, took almost 30 years before it caught on in the United States. If you are wondering where to have your next Sunday brunch outing, you may want to consider Deerfield as the spot.

A Luxurious Spot

Deerfield boasts one of the most luxurious spots that is decorated to perfection. This is a Sunday brunch spot that will not let down you or your guests, as you will be filled with views at every turn. Look out onto the pristine green 18-hole golf course as guests will be seated at their preferred table. You can have your party all sit together or you can split up your party accordingly. Take pride in knowing that you selected a location that will provide your guests with a luxurious experience, from dining to customer service.

Manicured Grounds

Those who Sunday brunch know that it is more than just the food that makes the experience, it is also the atmosphere. If atmosphere, topped with delicious food, is what you are after then you have found your new brunch spot. Deerfield is nestled next to White Clay Creek State Park, known for its enchanting scenery. The grounds of Deerfield itself, which is one of the most unique wedding places in Delaware, is always well-manicured to look pristine. You and your party can walk the grounds and take in the scenery as you wish.

Make your Sunday brunch one that your guests will remember for years to come. While Deerfield will provide you with a culinary experience unlike any other, you can trust that your customer service experience will excel all others. Deerfield takes pride in expertly training their staff to ensure that there are no burdens left on your shoulders. Call ahead in advance to make your reservation, as well as discuss any questions or concerns you have about gathering or menu. Our esteemed staff will do everything we can to ensure the success of your brunch. Make your next brunch at Deerfield.

A Golf Course Is More Than a Place to Play Golf

Contrary to popular belief, your local golf course and country club isn’t merely a place to work on your swing. A golf course can be one of the best places to have a wedding. Most people do not think about a golf course as a place to book a party or celebrate with brunch, but it is. As a matter of fact, it is a great place for all types of functions.


Of you are not using your local golf course for more than a few rounds, you are not getting everything out of it that you can. You could be meeting friends for meals, hosting memorable events, and more at the same place you play golf in Delaware.


Say “I Do” At the Gold Course


More brides and grooms are making the choice to utilize the premier golf course in Delaware to host their wedding reception. They are taking advantage of the beautiful backdrop and the turnkey approach.


Of course, you do not have to be a fan of the sport to take advantage of the beautiful venue that adds a touch of elegance to your wedding. Couples that have taken advantage rave about their positive experiences — and so do the guests.


Let’s Meet for Brunch


Brunch is the perfect weekend meal. It is that meal that falls between breakfast and lunch so it is served at the perfect time of day. There is nothing better than to enjoy a robust brunch menu with friends and family on a leisurely weekend day.


The idea of a mid-morning to mid-afternoon meal started in England and took about 30 years to catch on in the United States. Now it’s a great way to gather friends and family members to celebrate birthdays, and more.


Have a Party


The golf club is a perfect place to throw an engagement party, a graduation party, a birthday party, corporate events, and more. Your event will be a memorable event with a beautiful backdrop. A golf club is a great location for any type of gathering. It can be the perfect space for both intimate and large gatherings.


Don’t Miss Out


Explore the event options at one of Delaware premier golf courses. There is a lot more to your Delaware golf course than a round of golf. It may be exactly the venue you want to host your next event.

A Golf Club Wedding

A beautiful Newark country club can be the ideal location for a romantic wedding. When you think about golfing you probably don’t think about the gorgeous backdrop a golf course can deliver. Most people think of a golf course as the perfect place for Sunday brunch, or to play a few rounds of golf, but the right club can offer so much more.

It can be daunting to search for the perfect party venues or for an original and romantic wedding destination. A golf club can be one of the best places to have your wedding. Golf clubs have a lot more to offer than a few rounds.

Golf Club Social Events

Golf club events at a premier golf course can be the perfect setting for the wedding of your dreams. The rolling hills and perfect lakes throughout a traditional golf course can provide a stunning backdrop for your special day. These types of venues are picking up in popularity.

A golf club is among the favored places for wedding receptions because they offer:

  • An elegant setting
  • A turn-key approach to the reception
  • Beautiful views with great photo ops

The ideal events come with every detail managed for you. This type of venue delivers everything you could want for a well-planned wedding. An elegant setting, great food, beautiful views, attentive staff, you get everything that you need to have a memorable event.

Tick Off Your Wedding “Musts”

Golf club weddings are popular because they tick off the list of must-haves perfectly for any event. Golf clubs will often have their own catering team and personal chef to make for a delicious reception dinner. Imagine enjoying your wedding reception with your loved ones, a wonderful meal, and a perfect pastoral vista.

Instead of dealing with different vendors for your wedding and worrying if everything will come together perfectly or not you can have everything managed by one vendor. The right club will offer a wide menu selection to easily meet every taste.

You do not have to worry about hiring servers or bartenders, caterers, clean up crews, it all comes rolled together with the perfect venue. Country clubs are so much more than a place to meet for a few rounds and a couple of Mimosa’s for Sunday brunch.

If you are looking for the perfect wedding space you do not have to look any further than Newark’s premier golf club.

Tips for Narrowing Down Places for Wedding Receptions

Places for wedding receptions are abundant but that does not mean that they are all great places for wedding receptions. Every couple faces the same dilemma when they are trying to decide among the wedding venues in Delaware, how to whittle down the list of places for wedding receptions to pick the best place.

A lot of couples really do not know where to start. Following these tips can help you to narrow down your options and get down to the shortlist of the best places for wedding receptions.

Eliminate the No-Go’s First

You will find a lot of lovely venues that are available for your wedding reception that just does not cut the mustard. Eliminate the definite no’s first. This can help you to avoid wasting time visiting venues that just cannot accommodate your number of guests or that just not provide the backdrop that you want for your big day.

Most reputable venues will have a website set up with a gallery of pictures from previous events. Spend some time perusing online information to get a feeling of what the venue looks like and what it has to offer. It is easier than visiting a bunch of venues for weekends to come that are going to be disappointing.

Ask Yourself Some Questions

Romantic wedding places are only as romantic as you envision them to be. For example, a beach wedding is a perfect vision for some, and a literal nightmare for others. It is your day so you get to choose what the perfect venue is for your event.

Ask yourself (and your partner) the following questions:

  • How many people will be in attendance? How important is their comfort to us?
  • Do we want a formal affair?
  • How much work do we want to put into the wedding?

Making sure the venue that you choose can support all your guests comfortably is vital. A too-small space obviously will make people feel cramped while a too large space can make it feel like no one showed up.

The perfect venue can accommodate all of your guests comfortably and have a little wiggle room. How formal do you want your affair to be? The perfect places for wedding receptions can be the perfect backdrop for any level of formality.

Ideally the perfect places for wedding receptions will offer all-inclusive packages to make life easier. If you can check off your list for food, servers, and a beautiful location that will ensure that your wedding goes smoothly.

A country club wedding can fit the bill perfectly. Before you book anywhere else take a tour of one of the best places to have a wedding reception

How to Design the Perfect Brunch Menu

To have a great brunch, you have to have a great brunch menu. But it can be expensive to provide a big spread even for a small number of guests, so the perfect brunch menu is as tasty as it is affordable. You need to provide food for a variety of dietary needs, but you also need to include some polar brunch staples that a majority of guests will be looking for when they’re ready to eat.


What to Include on Your Brunch Menu


Brunch is popular for any type of get-together, but this hasn’t always been the case. Brunch was a tradition in England for at least 30 years before it caught on in the United States. It’s common to celebrate with brunch following a wedding rehearsal dinner or other wedding events. Brunch is great for all sorts of special events and gatherings, but designing the brunch menu can be somewhat stressful. Who doesn’t eat gluten? Who’s allergic to nuts? What’s your budget? These are all important considerations when it comes to creating the perfect brunch menu.


Even at a family brunch, you have to plan a diverse brunch menu. Include some fresh fruit for sure. This is highly affordable, and it displays beautifully. Melons and berries of any kind are always welcome at brunch. You may also include small containers of plain or vanilla yogurt that can be mixed with the fruit if desired. Include bread of some type, which can simply be avoided by those who don’t eat bread, and jelly. If you can provide jelly in multiple flavors, even better. Include butter as well. No brunch menu is really complete without butter.


No brunch menu is complete without eggs, which are also very affordable. Making a large pot of scrambled eggs is a very easy and simple but nice addition to any brunch menu. Add some cheese and spices to put the scrambled eggs over the top. You can also add some small, individually-sizes boxes of cereal, a popular breakfast staple that some people will always want. Put out a container of milk, which can be mixed with the cereal or the fresh fruit. You may also wish to include oatmeal, a highly affordable and filling addition to the brunch menu. Get a gluten-free variety to provide this as another offering to those who don’t eat wheat.


The Meats on Your Brunch Menu


Meat is an essential item for any brunch menu. Include a tray of cold cuts, such as chicken or turkey, for people who are craving more of a lunch. Add some bacon and sausage for those eaters who are in a breakfast kind of mood. Ham is often considered a perfect brunch treat because it can be eaten for breakfast or lunch. Ham is often on the menu at any holiday brunch, when it’s often readily available.


Add Some Vegetables to Your Brunch


Your brunch menu has to include vegetables, too. Potatoes are easy to prepare in a number of ways and highly affordable. Fry them, make hashed browns, dice them, or slice them and they are perfect for any brunch menu out there. You may also want to include some sauteed onions and mushrooms, which can be added to eggs or used to top off meats. Vegetables are very inexpensive and they can typically be fried with a little oil or butter to become delicious offerings on any table. Simple preparation and low cost make vegetables a brunch menu essential. Consider a green vegetable, such as spinach, as well.


Don’t Forget Your Condiments


Put out a wide range of condiments so people can dress up the items on your brunch menu as you wish. Honey and syrup should be offered, because people may add this to their fruits, breads, and even meats.


A great Sunday brunch doesn’t have to cost a lot. All it takes is good planning and a great brunch menu, and you can satisfy a wide variety of tastes and dietary needs.

3 Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing A Golf Course

golf courseIt’s no secret that golfing is a popular sport. In fact, there were over 1,000 golf clubs across the U.S. by 1900, and today there are over 8.8 million avid golfers.

But whether you’re a beginner or a professional, it’s important that you don’t choose just any golf club. After all, there are some things you want from your course that not every club has.

To help you make the right decision about your golf course, here are three common mistakes golfers make when choosing a club and how you can avoid doing the same.

  1. Not considering course variety. When you play golf, you want to have a variety of holes to play. If the golf club you’re considering joining only has golf courses that only let you play in one or two directions, you’ll want to go to a different glub. Championship golf courses offer more opportunity to play in all directions because the more land there is, the more room there is for variation.
  2. Choosing a golf course with bad routing. Routing and course variety go hand in hand because the routing refers to the direction in which the holes are played. Playing in only one direction isn’t very appealing. Avoid choosing golf clubs that have courses where players have to play a group of similar holes. Variety is gold.
  3. Not paying attention to the course design. How a course is designed says a lot about how much you’ll enjoy the game you’ll play. The water hazards and bunkers ought to be strategically placed throughout the course to challenge players. Without a challenging course design, you may as well be playing mini-golf. Golf course greens ought to be positioned so that you can have the best tee shot, and a fairway should be heavily sloped to challenge more professional golfers. If a golf course’s design doesn’t seem challenging enough, it might not be the right golf club for you.

Where can I find golf courses near me?

If you’re looking to play golf in Delaware, you’re not alone. In fact, as of 2017, there are approximately 23.83 million golf participants in the United States.

When you’re looking for the right course to play golf, you want to be sure you’re choosing the right place. That’s where Deerfield Golf Club comes in. To learn about our golf club events and golf programs, contact Deerfield Golf Club today.