How to Design the Perfect Brunch Menu

To have a great brunch, you have to have a great brunch menu. But it can be expensive to provide a big spread even for a small number of guests, so the perfect brunch menu is as tasty as it is affordable. You need to provide food for a variety of dietary needs, but you also need to include some polar brunch staples that a majority of guests will be looking for when they’re ready to eat.


What to Include on Your Brunch Menu


Brunch is popular for any type of get-together, but this hasn’t always been the case. Brunch was a tradition in England for at least 30 years before it caught on in the United States. It’s common to celebrate with brunch following a wedding rehearsal dinner or other wedding events. Brunch is great for all sorts of special events and gatherings, but designing the brunch menu can be somewhat stressful. Who doesn’t eat gluten? Who’s allergic to nuts? What’s your budget? These are all important considerations when it comes to creating the perfect brunch menu.


Even at a family brunch, you have to plan a diverse brunch menu. Include some fresh fruit for sure. This is highly affordable, and it displays beautifully. Melons and berries of any kind are always welcome at brunch. You may also include small containers of plain or vanilla yogurt that can be mixed with the fruit if desired. Include bread of some type, which can simply be avoided by those who don’t eat bread, and jelly. If you can provide jelly in multiple flavors, even better. Include butter as well. No brunch menu is really complete without butter.


No brunch menu is complete without eggs, which are also very affordable. Making a large pot of scrambled eggs is a very easy and simple but nice addition to any brunch menu. Add some cheese and spices to put the scrambled eggs over the top. You can also add some small, individually-sizes boxes of cereal, a popular breakfast staple that some people will always want. Put out a container of milk, which can be mixed with the cereal or the fresh fruit. You may also wish to include oatmeal, a highly affordable and filling addition to the brunch menu. Get a gluten-free variety to provide this as another offering to those who don’t eat wheat.


The Meats on Your Brunch Menu


Meat is an essential item for any brunch menu. Include a tray of cold cuts, such as chicken or turkey, for people who are craving more of a lunch. Add some bacon and sausage for those eaters who are in a breakfast kind of mood. Ham is often considered a perfect brunch treat because it can be eaten for breakfast or lunch. Ham is often on the menu at any holiday brunch, when it’s often readily available.


Add Some Vegetables to Your Brunch


Your brunch menu has to include vegetables, too. Potatoes are easy to prepare in a number of ways and highly affordable. Fry them, make hashed browns, dice them, or slice them and they are perfect for any brunch menu out there. You may also want to include some sauteed onions and mushrooms, which can be added to eggs or used to top off meats. Vegetables are very inexpensive and they can typically be fried with a little oil or butter to become delicious offerings on any table. Simple preparation and low cost make vegetables a brunch menu essential. Consider a green vegetable, such as spinach, as well.


Don’t Forget Your Condiments


Put out a wide range of condiments so people can dress up the items on your brunch menu as you wish. Honey and syrup should be offered, because people may add this to their fruits, breads, and even meats.


A great Sunday brunch doesn’t have to cost a lot. All it takes is good planning and a great brunch menu, and you can satisfy a wide variety of tastes and dietary needs.

3 Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing A Golf Course

golf courseIt’s no secret that golfing is a popular sport. In fact, there were over 1,000 golf clubs across the U.S. by 1900, and today there are over 8.8 million avid golfers.

But whether you’re a beginner or a professional, it’s important that you don’t choose just any golf club. After all, there are some things you want from your course that not every club has.

To help you make the right decision about your golf course, here are three common mistakes golfers make when choosing a club and how you can avoid doing the same.

  1. Not considering course variety. When you play golf, you want to have a variety of holes to play. If the golf club you’re considering joining only has golf courses that only let you play in one or two directions, you’ll want to go to a different glub. Championship golf courses offer more opportunity to play in all directions because the more land there is, the more room there is for variation.
  2. Choosing a golf course with bad routing. Routing and course variety go hand in hand because the routing refers to the direction in which the holes are played. Playing in only one direction isn’t very appealing. Avoid choosing golf clubs that have courses where players have to play a group of similar holes. Variety is gold.
  3. Not paying attention to the course design. How a course is designed says a lot about how much you’ll enjoy the game you’ll play. The water hazards and bunkers ought to be strategically placed throughout the course to challenge players. Without a challenging course design, you may as well be playing mini-golf. Golf course greens ought to be positioned so that you can have the best tee shot, and a fairway should be heavily sloped to challenge more professional golfers. If a golf course’s design doesn’t seem challenging enough, it might not be the right golf club for you.

Where can I find golf courses near me?

If you’re looking to play golf in Delaware, you’re not alone. In fact, as of 2017, there are approximately 23.83 million golf participants in the United States.

When you’re looking for the right course to play golf, you want to be sure you’re choosing the right place. That’s where Deerfield Golf Club comes in. To learn about our golf club events and golf programs, contact Deerfield Golf Club today.

Country Club Weddings – Perfect Combination of Outdoor and Indoor Events

Finding the perfect wedding venue is the key to having the unforgettable event your big day deserves. Country club weddings can be the perfect unique wedding places that will fulfill all your wedding dreams.

There are a lot of reasons that country club weddings are popular places for wedding receptions. A golf course wedding can tick off the list of wedding must-haves for you and your future spouse.

Outdoor Wedding, Indoor Reception

If you are dreaming of nuptials in the fresh air but do not necessarily want to have your guests outdoors for your reception, country club weddings can be one of the ideal wedding venues in Delaware.

Outdoor weddings account for about 35% of all weddings. You can hold your ceremony outdoors and have your reception indoors when you choose the Delaware wedding venues that offer this combination of services.

Versatile Elegance

Country club weddings offer the versatility that lets you have your wedding day your way. From beautifully manicured grounds to understated elegant reception halls, you can have it all at one of Delaware’s premier wedding venues.

The right wedding venue will offer exceptional settings for both the intimate wedding and the large wedding. Choosing the right venue suddenly becomes easier when you have nothing but amazing choices to choose from.

The ideal venue has the space for up to 500 guests and has the space for smaller more intimate gatherings. All you need to do is choose which space you want to use.

Have Your Wedding Your Way

Deerfield Golf Club is one of the leading Delaware wedding venues for a reason. You can have your wedding your way. You do not have to settle for a space for your reception that is not ideal for your guest list. You can have your ceremony outdoors with a panoramic view of White Clay Creek State Park and choose the perfect indoor setting for your reception.

This is the venue in Delaware where you never have to compromise your big day plans. You can have it all and create a day that will be simply unforgettable for both you and your guests.

Learn more about country club weddings at Deerfield Golf Club, and start planning today.

Why is Brunch Such a Great Meal Time?

brunch specialThere is nothing quite a good brunch special. Brunch is a great mealtime. Brunch is usually a weekend option when people have more time to dedicate to a mid-morning, early afternoon meal. This tradition of the in-between breakfast and lunch serving time began in the UK, but it took about 30 years for the idea to catch on in the US.

Today brunch is favored meal time. An extensive brunch menu combined with a brunch special is a great way to enjoy a delicious meal and find the perfect food for everyone in your group.

What is Brunch?

This is the meal in between breakfast and lunch. Typically a brunch special will combine both traditional breakfast foods with traditional lunch foods, and add in a few surprises. It is perfect meal time for those that:

  • Do not want to rush to a morning meal
  • Want a menu that offers eclectic options that include foods from both breakfast and lunch
  • Want to enjoy a relaxed meal at a relaxed time

Breakfast specials typically are served from about 5-6am to around 10 am. On the weekends, after a long work week, many people find the idea of rising early and heading out to a restaurant daunting. Brunch specials are the perfect go between. You do not have to get up too early to enjoy a good company and a great meal.

Perfect Way to Relax with Friends

Brunch Newark DE residents know, is the perfect way to meet up with friends on the weekend to catch up. You can celebrate with brunch those special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, promotions, and more and still have the whole day ahead of you.

A holiday brunch is the perfect way to gather family and friends, without requiring that they get up at the crack of dawn or commit their entire afternoon. Timing is everything to ensure everyone can attend, and brunch happens at the perfect time of day.

Take advantage of the brunch special that everyone in Newark DE anticipates as one of the best opportunities in DE to find a delicious menu, served at the right time, in a great environment. Do something a little different this weekend and experience the in-between meal.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Facility for Your Next Big Event

public coursePlanning a big event can quickly become stressful and overwhelming. With the pressures of deadlines and all the different details to consider, it’s no surprise that most people get burned out over the course of the planning process. But thankfully if you choose the right venue, a lot of the stress of planning goes away. At the end of the day, your event is meant to be fun, so there’s no sense in giving yourself any unnecessary worries. By securing a fun, unique event venue you can rest assured in knowing that your guests will have an experience that they won’t soon forget. If you’re planning a big event, but you’re not sure where to host it, or how to find the right venue, then follow our simple guide below to get started. Lets’s begin.

Location, location, location

As with real estate, choosing the right location for your next event is a crucial step of the planning process. Not only should you choose a venue that can accommodate a large guest turnout, but you should also choose a place that has access to high quality food and fun activities such as golf on a public course.

Beautiful landscape and nature views also provide an additional element of interest for your guests. Choosing a location that offers a pristine, stimulating environment should also be considered as you search for the right venue. Of course, you will want to work with an experienced event venue that understands customer service. This means that communicating with the staff is free of misunderstandings. If you find that your discussions with a potential venue are not going smoothly, then it may be time to find one that values your business. A dependable, experienced event venue will also be happy to take your unique ideas into consideration so that you can create an event that matches your original vision.

Food and Activities

The importance of tasty, modern food choices is crucial to pulling off a successful event, regardless of the size or the purpose. Every event, from a family brunch to country club weddings benefit from a menu that is both delicious and diverse. While most people recognize the importance of choosing the right food for their event, many of them are lost when it comes time to make a decision. In this case, it can be helpful to look at data from surveys regarding food preferences. It turns out that most people have pretty specific tastes, especially when it comes to breakfast and brunch. During a survey taken in the year 2015, 67% of respondents stated that ethnic-inspired breakfast and brunch items such as Asian-flavored syrups, Chorizo scrambled eggs, and coconut milk pancakes, were a “hot trend” for restaurant menus. When you consider the current landscape of food trends, it becomes clear how important it is to choose a venue that allows you to select the items that people want. By getting the food right, the rest of your event is sure to be a success.

While choosing the right food is important, you can not overlook the importance of offering fun activities for your guests. Offering your guests access to play golf on a public course is an excellent, unique activity that they can remember for years to come. What’s great about choosing a venue that gives you access to a public course is that it’s sure to separate your event from others. When guests have a unique experience on a premier golf course, even if they’re not experienced golfers, they are far more likely to remember your event as a fun, positive experience.

When you’re trying to book a party, the challenges and roadblocks can quickly pile up. While a lot of people let this stress them out, they don’t have to. When you enlist the help of a professional event venue that has years of experience, you can make the planning process much easier. If you’re looking for a fun, memorable venue with great food and public courses, then get in touch with us today. We’d love to help you make your next event one to remember for years to come.

From a Chapel Hill to Golf Course Greens: Planning a Dream Wedding Fast and on a Budget

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting events that can happen to a loving couple.

But once that excitement wears off, it’s time to buckle down and plan what exactly your wedding will look like.

Everything from the guest list, cake, invitations, dress and or tuxedos, must be perfectly planned before the big day. Honestly, it’s a lot and can also get quite costly.

Though couples will on average wait one to two years before the actual ceremony, sometimes they’ll opt for a shrunken down timeline instead.

There are many reasons why a couple will decide to expedite their wedding timeline. Sometimes this can be boiled down to the cost of a bigger and more elaborate wedding. After all, the average budget for a wedding ceremony and reception comes out to $28,385.

However a quick engagement can also just mean the happy couple want to be wed as soon as possible. So, if this sounds like you and your significant other, here’s how to organize a proper wedding when you’re on a time crunch.

The Checklist

The first thing you must do is sit down with your future spouse and answer these questions together.

  1. What day will the wedding be held?
  2. What is your budget?
  3. Who is on the guestlist? Inviting only a handful of close family and friends will help you keep costs low.
  4. Who will cater the wedding?
  5. Will you be renting or buying your garments for the big day?
  6. And of course—where will the wedding be held? Are you in need of a party venue or will you be holding the ceremony in your home?

Places to have a wedding while on a budget

If you’re looking to save a few bucks on a last-minute wedding, try not to tell the potential party venues you’re looking to book a wedding. You’ll run the risk of a wedding ceremony upcharge. However, on the other hand, some more unique wedding places can be accommodating if you do mention you’re a bride or groom to be, so check out the reviews of your potential location.

Surprisingly, some of the best places to have a wedding are the ones you’d least suspect. Long gone are the days of having two options—either a chapel or hotel courtyard.

Have you ever considered golf course greens for your special day?

Not only is this a budget-friendly venue, but some golf course greens / courses can help you plan out that special day if everything is moving much too fast for you

The alternative venue: golf course greens

If this has sparked your interest, go ahead and answer the other questions on your list. Before you head to the golf course greens, you’re going to want to know just how many guests you want at your wedding and who will be coming.

What to look for

Golf course greens photograph beautifully. You’ll also have a field of open space that will accommodate you and your loved ones.

You’re going to want to make sure the venue has a few key elements:

    • Do they offer catering services?
    • Do they have reviews from previous happy couples?
    • Do they have wedding packages that suit your budget.

These are just a few questions you should have on hand before meeting with a representative.

Say ‘I do’ to the wedding of your dreams too

Whether you’ve set your date three years or three months from now, it’s safe to say that going with an alternative wedding venue can be the best choice you’ve made yet—aside from agreeing to spend your life with your new fiance of course.

Public Golf Courses: The Hottest New Party Venue

When you think about golf events, you might typically tend to think about the PGA tour, local tournaments at the public golf course near you, or sneaking away from work on a warm day to play golf with your friends. But increasingly, golf courses–which are set up perfectly to host events–have been trending as hot romantic wedding places.

Traditional weddings often take place in a church or some other indoor venue, but we’re now seeing as much as 35% of all weddings taking place outdoors. Golf courses are often overlooked as an option for wedding and events, but their striking natural beauty and perfectly landscaped scenery provide an extremely desirable background for nuptials.

Since the theory is applicable across virtually any type of event, golf courses are well-equipped as party venues. Most golf courses have a clubhouse, restaurants, a bar, rooms that can be reserved for celebrations and of course, fantastic scenery. Great planning and attention to detail go into the design and development of golf courses, so it stands to reason that the scenery will be above and beyond something you could find anywhere else in the city. Unless you plan your event on a beach, or somewhere in the mountains, it’s going to be all but impossible to beat the kind of beautiful visual appeal that a golf course provides.

When planning weddings or other events, people who already enjoy golfing will go out of their way to plan their itinerary around a round of golf. By hosting your event at a golf course, you help the avid golfers in your life save time by presenting them with an opportunity to play 18 holes in the same location.

A common misconception about golf courses is that they are super-elite, or that some kind of exclusive membership is required to golf or book an event. While there certainly are private golf clubs and places that require membership, most public golf courses are just as beautiful, have just as many amenities, and are open for any and everyone to plan golf events or book a wedding. Public golf courses still provide event planners with beautiful scenery, restaurants, room rentals and event staffs dedicated to catering and decorating, ensuring every event is as spectacular as the last.

Family Brunch And More: How To Throw A Classy Graduation Party For Your High School Senior

brunch menuYour child’s high school graduation is a bittersweet milestone for you as the parent.

After all, your child has accomplished so much: From consistently making good grades to developing a memorable social life. It’s only fair to commemorate this wonderful milestone with an elegant celebration, even if you’re not sure you’re quite ready to let them go.

This foray into adulthood deserves more than a home-made brunch menu or a backyard barbecue. Here are some great ideas for throwing a graduation party that will turn heads and create everlasting memories.

Throw A Dinner Banquet

It’s fun to throw a casual party for a teenager, but who remembers. But if you’re looking to celebrate in style, why not throw a graduation party reminiscent of country club weddings?

If your loved one enjoys classy events with an upscale menu and a luxurious setting, a catered banquet is just the way to go.

Invite all of your extended relatives and close family friends. You can also choose to invite your child’s entire graduating class, or just their closest friends will do. Then, book a party at the best venue in the vicinity. Consider going out of town for this shindig; a fantastic venue is worth traveling to if you find one you truly adore.

For convenience, you can even find a venue that will cater your banquet. You can work with your caterer to develop a signature menu for this event, or you can choose to trust the food service professionals. Either way, tasty cuisine in the company of friends makes for a successful evening.

Does your child admire creativity?

If so, you can’t disappoint him or her with a traditional graduation party. Instead, pull out all the stops by hosting a golf-a-thon at an exclusive resort or country club.

This type of event is especially relevant if your child plays golf. that being said, anyone feels like American royalty at an 18-hole golf course. Book a venue where you can play golf all day. You can even incorporate a brunch menu to make your guests feel full and welcome. Whether your child has yet to learn golf or has participated in a local golf tournament, spending time with family and friends at a golf course in Delaware is a great way to commemorate the end of high school.

Have A Family Brunch

Who says a lavish family meal can’t make unforgettable bonds even stronger?

Make your high school graduate feel like the star of the show by honoring him or her with a brunch menu worthy of a king. though this popular feast of breakfast and lunch originated in England, it became a favorite American feast once it caught on in the United States some 30 years later.

Whether you opt for a traditional American brunch menu with pancakes, scrambled eggs, home fries, and more, or you choose a more sophisticated feast, no guest will leave the event dissatisfied.

Plan Your Party

What type of graduation party do you plan to throw for your beloved senior-year student? Whether you throw a big brunch or the best golf game of the century, make sure that your child has as much fun as his or her guests.

Enjoy Golfing? That Means You Are Also Enjoying These 4 Health Benefits

Golfing is more than a way to pass the time. The social, athletic, and aesthetic components of the sport result in an activity which provides a number of important mental and physical health benefits. Thanks to the low-impact nature of the sport, there are few ages at which people cannot enjoy this fun and healthy activity. Folks who attend a golf club can expect to enjoy the following important benefits:

  1. Well-being as facilitated by social involvement: Humans are social creatures. We crave group activities and events, whether in the form of a competition or simply as recreation. Joining a golf club provides community and a sense of belonging as you get to know the familiar faces who spend time there. Whether at a Sunday brunch, a special event, or simply out on the green, there are plenty of places to make new friends and grow your support system.
  2. A thorough workout: As any golfer will tell you, swinging a metal club over and over again to hit a ball vast distances is no easy task. While not overly taxing to any specific joint, this activity ends up working out most of the muscles in the body. To make the strength training even more complete, carry your own bag. A golf bag with a complete set of clubs typically weighs an impressive 30 pounds.
  3. High caloric expenditure: 18-hole golf courses promote a higher metabolic rate simply by virtue of their length. A full round on a premier golf course involves walking five to six miles. Add in the hills which many courses involve and the up to 14 clubs a player can have in their bag and you have a serious test of endurance. In Deerfield Golf Club in Newark, Delaware, golfers have 145 acres of beautiful grounds to explore.
  4. Balance of mental engagement and relaxation: A premier golf course provides opportunities both to hone one’s mental acuity and to enjoy the rejuvenating aspects of natural scenery. Golfers must make such calculations as estimations of distance, decisions on which club to use, compensation for the wind, and more. They do this, though, while immersed in a scenic location which naturally boosts serotonin.

Whatever your age and abilities, you can benefit from the beauty and the challenges of golfing, so do not wait — get out of the house and onto a course today!

How Deerfield Golf Club Can Help You Have a Perfect Easter Sunday

When it comes to celebrating Easter, there is no better way than to spend it with family. And of course, you’ll need some great food too. This is why you should consider Deerfield’s Easter Sunday Buffet. Our family brunch is the perfect way to celebrate this joyous holiday with the people you love.

About Deerfield’s Easter Sunday Buffet

Deerfield hosts regular Sunday brunches but we love to celebrate holidays too! This is why we offer brunch specials for holidays, including Easter. Our Easter Sunday Buffet consists of entrees, salads, desserts, and more! Visitors can experience not only great food but a festive setting as well. Our staff looks forward to providing outstanding service and making your Easter Sunday truly special.

Why Should You Choose Brunch?

Those of us in the United States didn’t get to start enjoying brunch until 30 years after it began in England. Fortunately, we can now enjoy a great brunch menu whenever we want to. But what’s so great about brunch? First off, it’s a great way to save time. Having two meals in one is a great option for busy days — especially holidays. And it can be easier to choose a time to eat and not be restricted to normal “breakfast hours” or “lunch hours”. This can make it less challenging to get the whole family together to eat.

And eating together as a family is invaluable. This is especially true on Easter, which is a day to be together as a family. So instead of trying to work around everyone’s schedule and make a big, time-consuming meal at home, why not take everyone out for brunch? This can be particularly beneficial when you have little kids to bring along and you can get the family fun done earlier in the day.

Another great thing about brunch is the food. Brunch menus offer a wide variety of options, consisting of both breakfast and lunch foods. So if some members of your family want eggs and french toast but others want a burger or other lunch food, you don’t have to fight over where to go or what to have. Choosing brunch is an easy way to appease everyone in your family, along with your taste buds.

So if you are still making plans for Easter Sunday, keep Deerfield in mind. Our Easter Sunday event is sure to be a great time with great food.