Brunches With Santa Are Back! Remember To Make Reservations Before Its Too Late

Christmas table setting with festive decorations close up
Christmas table setting with festive decorations close up

Talk to the pros, and they’ll tell you that the odds of hitting two holes-in-one the next time you play golf are 67 million to one, against. Talk to the brunch pros, on the other hand, and they’ll tell you the odds of enjoying brunch are, well, pretty darn great.

That’s because in these politically charged times there are still a few things that can bring us together as a nation. And one of those things is a festive holiday brunch.

The Best Brunch Wilmington Delaware Has Ever Tasted…
We don’t just pride ourselves on having world class golf club events, we’re also proud to offer the best brunch in Wilmington DE that anyone has ever tasted; the brunch people of all ages drool thinking about all year long. And already we’re gearing up for one of our favorite annual traditions — Brunch With Santa Claus!

Brunch began in England, and sadly it took about 30 years for it to catch on here in the U.S. But once it caught on it quickly became a favorite tradition. Whether you like all-American breakfast classics like pancakes, omelettes, and bacon, or the ethnic-inspired breakfast fare that became a major trend on restaurant menus in 2015 (things like chorizo scrambled eggs or coconut milk flapjacks), brunch truly does have something for everyone.

Best of all, more and more golf associations like ours are now offering festive holiday brunches. New Year’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving brunch, and brunches with Santa are a few family favorites, but we never miss an opportunity to host another festive holiday brunch.

Not only is it a perfect excuse to gather with your family and tuck into all your favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert dishes; it’s also a fun family tradition. So if you’re looking to make new holiday memories and start a new Christmas tradition, then RSVP your seat at the table for a Brunch With Santa near you!

It feels good to be named as the best brunch in Wilmington Delaware, but it feels even better to be a part of our neighbor’s family traditions. Just remember, no matter where you live or which holidays you celebrate, these yuletide celebrations tend to get booked fast. So if you want to find a brunch restaurant for the holidays, make sure to get your reservation in as soon as you hear that first Christmas song play on the radio.

It’s Almost Time! Brunches With Santa Claus Are Back Christmas 2015

fruits and salads on the holiday table in the restaurant

The English language is notoriously hard to learn. Not only is the grammar nonsensical, but pronunciations are totally random. But there’s really one special trait that sets American English apart from the rest: we have more words, by far, than any other language.

Brunch. Christmas. Buffet. Santa Claus.

There might be happier words in the English language, but probably not very many. And when you combine them, the result is one of the most wonderful phrases of the year — Brunch With Santa Claus!

Yes, it’s almost that time of year, when two beloved American traditions are magically combined for one glorious event. On special Sundays in December, the all you can eat Sunday brunch buffet is combined with jolly old St. Nick, fused together with the magical adhesive properties of good ol’ fashioned American Holiday spirit. Moms and dads can indulge in the amazing buffet, while kids can indulge in the holiday excitement by meeting Santa.

Brunches were imported to the American cultural tradition from England almost 100 years ago, but it’s only in recent years that brunch has become a staple of American traditions. Brides now spend an average of $457 for morning after wedding brunch buffets. That’s not much compared to the average $28,385 wedding budget, but it is a lot for breakfast (even if you are getting breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the price of one). Meanwhile, Holiday brunches have become part of Easter, Mother’s Day, and even Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Coming Soon: Brunch With Santa Claus!

So this Christmas, discover the culinary magic of brunches with Santa. Combine your love of brunch with your love of the Christmas spirit. Treat yourself to all your favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert items in one fantastic meal. Your whole family will love it, because the best Sunday brunch buffets have a little (or a lot) of something for everyone. Kids menu items feature all your young one’s favorites, while adults have been known to get lost at the dessert station on their way to the carved meat station.

And did we mention Santa Claus will be there? For Christmas 2015, come discover why Brunch with Santa is fast becoming an annual holiday tradition for Americans of all ages.

Fact Check: Americans Who Play Golf Add $176 Billion To the Economy

Golf bag on the course
Golf bag on the course

Golf news junkies would be forgiven if they missed one headline this summer: the annual PGA Expo in Las Vegas.

Golf fans were probably more likely to spend their summer on the links themselves, or watching tournaments on TV. But the PGA Expo is still a huge draw for many in the golf world; the expo allows companies to show off the latest in golf equipment and training techniques for helping amateurs learning to play golf. And Ed Several, one of the event’s organizers, says that golf is bigger than the casual fan might realize.

“Golf is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle and it’s a business,” said Several. “When you can turn a passion into a business and make that a career, we encourage that.”

And according to experts like Several, Americans who play golf generate a total economic impact of $176.8 billion for the U.S. economy every year. Those numbers come from SRI International, a California research institute which found that golf equipment and services generate $68 billion annually. And when you combine that figure with the money generated by golf club events, tournaments, schools where people learn how to play golf, and other golf-related activity, you arrive at the massive sum of $176.8 billion.

How did golf become such a big business? As early as the year 1900 there were already more than 1,000 golf clubs operating in the country. Over time, more women started playing the sport (23% of pro golfers are women), swelling the sport’s ranks. Plus, golfers are allowed 14 clubs in their bag at any time, and most golfers spend quite a bit of money hitting that number.

In 2011, the World Golf Foundation reported that 25.7 million Americans play golf each year, spending an average $137 on golf equipment alone, to say nothing of membership dues and clothing. If you’ve ever spent much time playing yourself, no doubt you know a few golfers who spend more than $137 by several orders of magnitude.

So for the golfing professionals who gather at the annual PGA Expo, there’s more than just love of the game uniting them. The beloved American pastime is also big, big business.

The Importance of Skill Testing

Skill Testing & Why It Is Important


We’ve all seen it: someone with a very unorthodox swing or style, but can get up and down from anywhere. From the outside looking in, it would appear that one would need to change their “technique” because it does not reflect everyone else’s. For this exact reason, golf instructors and students alike need to understand how important skill testing really is.

How many people would look at Jack Nicklaus’ putting and say, “you’re too bent over, we need to get you more upright with a straighter back”? Or, refer to Jim Furyk’s pitching and say, “you’re too close to the ball and your lower body is moving too much!” The fact is, there is no ONE right way to play golf. The golf ball doesn’t understand what you look like; it only understands the moment one is making impact.

This is where skill testing comes into play. Skill testing measures your current ability to play golf and dictates what one needs to work on. Such as, if one has great technique, but has a hard time scoring, then perhaps there is more going on internally that would require Mental Toughness training and guidance. If one is not scoring because of missing a key skill, then skill training may be encouraged via lessons. The key is knowing that skill testing is never “cut and dry.” Because there are often many variables, it should be left up to the coach/instructor to determine the appropriate steps that are needed to improve the students’ game.

Personally, I have witnessed many unorthodox swings and styles produce very good scores when skill testing. I have also witnessed “good” technique produce very bad scores. Whether one is an instructor or student, always be sure to find someone who will test your skills first before making arbitrary changes to your individual game. Let the scores guide you on what you need to work on, and in what order. Know your game and make it better– skill testing can take the guessing out of this for you!

If you are interested in taking a lesson to improve your game, don’t hesitate to contact Ben Austin, PGA or Deerfield’s Head Golf Pro, Michael Tobiason! Click here for more details!

Quiz: Should I Host a Brunch After My Wedding?

Eating Brunch

According to the most revered Brunch historians (aka, Wikipedia), brunch was invented in England and took a staggering 30 whole years to migrate to the U.S. What kind of Americans took 30 whole years to appreciate the beauty of brunch, we may never fully understand. That’s because in 2015, brunch is almost universally popular. It’s equally perfect for a morning-after hangover breakfast as it is for a formal Easter meal with your entire family.

In fact, the meal is so popular that it’s fast becoming a staple of many U.S. wedding weekends. So if you’re on the fence about planning a Sunday brunch after the wedding, here’s some questions to guide your decision making…

Is there room in your budget?
With the average budget of a wedding ceremony plus reception costing more than $28,000 this year, not everyone wants to spring for abrunch after the wedding, too. And let’s not forget the rehearsal dinner (average price: $1,184). Even so, in 2013 brides and grooms spent an average of $457 on a Sunday brunch after the wedding, well within the average wedding budget. If you do decide to host a Sunday brunch after the wedding, most cities offer a wide range of options.

How many out of town relatives do you have?
One of the most joyous parts of any wedding is finally getting all your cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, extended relations, and, yes, even that one uncle who sometimes drinks too much all together in the same place doing the electric slide. But weddings can often be expensive for your out-of-town guests. If you plan on having a lot of friends and family fly or drive into town for your nuptials, then a brunch after the wedding might be very much appreciated.

Does your venue offer brunches?
Some of the best places to have a wedding and reception also regularly host brunch buffets. If so, then you can probably plan a delicious day after wedding brunch brunch without going through the lengthy process of finding yet another venue and caterer.

Finally, do you want a brunch after the wedding?
This might seem basic, but it’s important to stop and ask how you really want your special day (read: special weekend) to go down. If you really have your heart set on a wedding brunch, then you deserve the best brunch of your life.

And since most couples won’t find much time to eat during the reception, the brunch after the wedding is essential.

Tips From The Deerfield Golf Academy Part Three

Tip #3 – Pitching



Having a hard time controlling the distance of your pitch shots? More than likely, you’re having issues with your backswing and follow through. Ideally when we pitch, our back swing and follow through should be about the same distance. To visualize this, think about a child on a swing set. When the child swings back, if they didn’t add any additional momentum then their forward swing would be about the same distance. A more common problem that we see at the Deerfield Academy is swing distance issues- golfers either take a big backswing and small follow through, or vice versa.

Think of pitching in terms of knees and hips. If your backswing goes knee high, your follow through should match that. If you go back as high as your hip, that’s how far your follow through should be.

If you’re having issues controlling your distances or struggling with consistent, solid contact, then Deerfield Golf Academy is the place for you! Ben Austin, PGA and Michael Tobiason are here to help you improve and enjoy the game of golf even more!

These photos provide a good visual for getting a sense of keeping the length of backswing and length of follow through relatively the same. Work on this and you’ll be playing like the pros in no time!

Why Choose A Golf Club For Your Wedding Events?

Bride and Groom

This year, the average couple will spend an average of $28,385 on their wedding, which includes about $1,184 on the rehearsal dinner alone. Throw in a Sunday brunch for those out-of-town relatives at an average of $457, and it’s clear why brides want everything to be just right on their big day.

And while churches have long been a popular choice for wedding ceremonies, they’re often hard to book, have strict rules, and aren’t open to all couples. That’s why more couples are choosing to book golf club events for wedding ceremonies, rehearsal dinners, receptions, and Sunday wedding brunches. So why choose golf club events over the alternatives?

1. The Great Outdoors
Golf club events have one huge advantage over other potential spaces: they have a large amount of outdoor space at your disposal. And since Hudson Valley Weddings reports that 35% of modern weddings take place outdoors, that’s a must-have for many brides and grooms. Even if you choose to say “I Do” indoors, outdoor settings are essential for truly memorable wedding photos.

2. Stately Architecture
Golf club events are popular destinations for their superior architecture. Romantic wedding places don’t just provide a plethora of picture perfect moments, they also improve the environment of your whole day.

3. All In One
Many wedding planners book one venue for the rehearsal dinner, another for the ceremony, and then yet another venue for the reception. And ferrying around grandparents, young kids, and visiting friends can turn a happy day into a logistical nightmare. Fortunately, golf club events offer flexible spaces for any occasion, from dinner and brunch spots to gorgeous ballrooms for grand receptions destined to end up on all your friends’ Pinterest boards!

4. Dedicated Wedding Specialists
Most golf club events have an entire team of staff members who specialize in creating perfect events. That means you’ll have a professional, experienced team to make sure everything turns out just the way it did in your dreams.

While other wedding venues might be able to offer one or two of these benefits, only golf club events can offer brides and grooms everything they need in a single package.

6 Ways Couples Can Lower Wedding Fees

Wedding rings, bouqet and hands holding
Wedding rings, bouqet and hands holding

The average wedding budget costs brides and grooms (and the parents of the bride and groom) $28,385. Plus, couples also spent an average of $1,184 on rehearsal dinners and $457 on morning-after wedding brunches. So how can you make sure you’re maximizing your budget for the happiest day of your life? Take advantage of the hottest 2015 wedding trends to get the most out of your wedding experience.

2015 Wedding Dress Trends
For Fall of 2015 especially, deep-V and halter top necklines are all over the latest bridal collections. And the operative word in that sentence is “deep,” like, really deep. And for brides that want to show off their shoulders, 2015’s latest crop of wedding dresses should be right up your alley. Feathers and fringes have also appeared in designer bridal collections this year. Plus, metallic colors have carried over from many 2014 collections.

2015 Wedding Trends — White Glove Affairs
Since at least 2010, casual wedding themes have reigned supreme, with laid-back wedding theme ideas like “Wild West” and “Rustic” topping many lists. Inventive guest entertainment options like photo booths and disposable cameras became standard at many receptions, replacing button-up events. This year, more brides are opting for white glove ceremonies and receptions, and so more traditional themes are making a comeback.

There’s nothing wrong with a casual, laid back wedding reception, but there’s nothing wrong with going formal for the most important day of your life, either.

For The Indecisive Bride — The Three Wedding Dresses Trend
If you’re incredibly indecisive (and you can afford it!), some 2015 brides are choosing NOT to find the absolutely perfect wedding dress. Instead, they find three dresses — a formal gown for the walk down the aisle, a thin sheath for the reception, and a fringe-covered or feathered dress for the after-party.

Of course, even if you just limit yourself to two dresses, wedding traditionalists might still think you’re overdoing it.

Gay Weddings
Now that the Supreme Court has legalized gay marriage in all 50 states, you might face some extra competition when trying to book wedding venues and vendors. Although certain liberal states have long been a destination for gay and lesbian couples, states that only recently started issuing same-sex marriage licenses will see a backlog in gay weddings in 2015 and 2016. So make sure you make reservations further in advance for the next few years.

Beautiful Wedding Places — Outdoor Weddings Still On The Rise
Although this trend usually peaks in the summer time, more and more brides and grooms choose to say “I Do” at an outdoor venue. In fact, Hudson Valley Weddings estimates that up to 35% of wedding ceremonies take place outside at romantic wedding places.

Ethnic-Inspired Wedding Brunches
Although pancake, bacon, and egg lovers might be disappointed, fusion cuisine is taking over brunch in 2015. As morning-after wedding brunches become standard at most weddings, brides are rushing to outdo each other with exciting new menus for wedding brunches.

Tips From The Deerfield Golf Academy Part Two

Tip #2 – Putting


One of the most important aspects of putting is being able to see your intended line. In putting, one must accomplish two tasks:

  1. Start the ball on the correct line
  2. Get the correct speed

In order to see the intended line, one must position their eyes in a manner that will give the best chance. One of the most common faults seen during putting lessons is incorrect posture. Most people typically stand too tall with their eyes too far inside their intended starting line. This may also come from an improper length putter.

When putting, try to get your eyes somewhat over the golf ball. While they don’t have to be EXACTLY over the ball, one should try to be as close as possible. If you find that you are trying to do this, but are having a hard time, have a teaching professional check the length of your putter or provide you with drills specific to your needs. Ben Austin, PGA and Michael Tobiason of the Deerfield Golf Academy are available for private lessons and/or short game clinics to help you improve putting!

Refer to this photo as an excellent reference for good setup, as the eyes are directly over the ball. The other lines indicate good balance. Use these tips, and you will surely see an improvement on your putting!

Tips From The Deerfield Golf Academy Part One

Tip #1 Chipping



One of the biggest problems that we see with ameteur golfers is the desire to get “under the ball” when chipping. When golfers try to get “under” the ball, they start to develop bad habits which can cause problems in every aspect of the game. Instead of trying to get under the ball, try to have a slightly descending blow into the ball. An easy way to think about chipping is a lower case “y”.

Try setting up with your weight slightly on your front foot and lean the club forward. By doing this, you create a lower case “y”. If you are able to pivot or use your body correctly, this “y” will not change.

If you need more help with your chipping, Ben Austin, PGA and Michael Tobiason are available to help you improve!


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