The Benefits of Playing Golf on a Public Course

public golf coursesThere are plenty of golf clubs in the U.S. today. By 1900, there were over 1,000, both public and private, which require purchased memberships.

To have a play at a premier golf course, many people believe that you have to be a member of a high-end country club. While many private clubs are excellent, public golf courses are often overshadowed.

In fact, private and public golf courses are virtually no different in their quality. They all vary in terrain, regardless of ownership, and you’ll have a different experience regardless of where you go. However, by choosing a public course, you will be able to access even more benefits than you thought possible.

Public Courses are More Economical
If you’re not an avid golfer, there is virtually no reason to pay a monthly fee to play golf. When you do decide to play, you may not want to visit the same course that you have before. When you’re a member of a private club, you’ll feel obligated to play that course all the time. If you visit public courses, you’ll be able to gain a wider variety of skills from playing different terrains. You’ll also be able to find your favorite club — your go-to for a leisurely golf getaway.

You Can Play On Your Own Schedule
At a private club, the course is open as long as the sun is shining. Private clubs often host events or weekly golf leagues, where the course may be off-limits to certain individuals. Even during a company golf tournament to a public club, non-participants are allowed on the course.

You’ll Meet New People
Private club members often share similar interests and can bank on seeing each other often when they play a round. However, at a public club, anyone can play.

Some days you might run into a company tournament. Other days, you might see a grandfather teaching their grandchild how to putt. The environment will always be different at a public golf course, allowing people of all backgrounds.

There Are Other Things to Do Besides Golf
Public golf courses have many of the same perks as private courses. Many have sit-down restaurants and bars on-site, which are perfect for unwinding after playing an 18-hole round.

Deerfield Golf Club is Delaware’s premier special events venue, offering Sunday brunch and a banquet area available for weddings and other events. On top of that, Deerfield’s 145-acre course is an unparalleled beauty, with challenging holes and unbelievable views, you may never golf anywhere else.