Brunches With Santa Are Back! Remember To Make Reservations Before Its Too Late

Christmas table setting with festive decorations close up
Christmas table setting with festive decorations close up

Talk to the pros, and they’ll tell you that the odds of hitting two holes-in-one the next time you play golf are 67 million to one, against. Talk to the brunch pros, on the other hand, and they’ll tell you the odds of enjoying brunch are, well, pretty darn great.

That’s because in these politically charged times there are still a few things that can bring us together as a nation. And one of those things is a festive holiday brunch.

The Best Brunch Wilmington Delaware Has Ever Tasted…
We don’t just pride ourselves on having world class golf club events, we’re also proud to offer the best brunch in Wilmington DE that anyone has ever tasted; the brunch people of all ages drool thinking about all year long. And already we’re gearing up for one of our favorite annual traditions — Brunch With Santa Claus!

Brunch began in England, and sadly it took about 30 years for it to catch on here in the U.S. But once it caught on it quickly became a favorite tradition. Whether you like all-American breakfast classics like pancakes, omelettes, and bacon, or the ethnic-inspired breakfast fare that became a major trend on restaurant menus in 2015 (things like chorizo scrambled eggs or coconut milk flapjacks), brunch truly does have something for everyone.

Best of all, more and more golf associations like ours are now offering festive holiday brunches. New Year’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving brunch, and brunches with Santa are a few family favorites, but we never miss an opportunity to host another festive holiday brunch.

Not only is it a perfect excuse to gather with your family and tuck into all your favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert dishes; it’s also a fun family tradition. So if you’re looking to make new holiday memories and start a new Christmas tradition, then RSVP your seat at the table for a Brunch With Santa near you!

It feels good to be named as the best brunch in Wilmington Delaware, but it feels even better to be a part of our neighbor’s family traditions. Just remember, no matter where you live or which holidays you celebrate, these yuletide celebrations tend to get booked fast. So if you want to find a brunch restaurant for the holidays, make sure to get your reservation in as soon as you hear that first Christmas song play on the radio.

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