3 Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing A Golf Course

golf courseIt’s no secret that golfing is a popular sport. In fact, there were over 1,000 golf clubs across the U.S. by 1900, and today there are over 8.8 million avid golfers.

But whether you’re a beginner or a professional, it’s important that you don’t choose just any golf club. After all, there are some things you want from your course that not every club has.

To help you make the right decision about your golf course, here are three common mistakes golfers make when choosing a club and how you can avoid doing the same.

  1. Not considering course variety. When you play golf, you want to have a variety of holes to play. If the golf club you’re considering joining only has golf courses that only let you play in one or two directions, you’ll want to go to a different glub. Championship golf courses offer more opportunity to play in all directions because the more land there is, the more room there is for variation.
  2. Choosing a golf course with bad routing. Routing and course variety go hand in hand because the routing refers to the direction in which the holes are played. Playing in only one direction isn’t very appealing. Avoid choosing golf clubs that have courses where players have to play a group of similar holes. Variety is gold.
  3. Not paying attention to the course design. How a course is designed says a lot about how much you’ll enjoy the game you’ll play. The water hazards and bunkers ought to be strategically placed throughout the course to challenge players. Without a challenging course design, you may as well be playing mini-golf. Golf course greens ought to be positioned so that you can have the best tee shot, and a fairway should be heavily sloped to challenge more professional golfers. If a golf course’s design doesn’t seem challenging enough, it might not be the right golf club for you.

Where can I find golf courses near me?

If you’re looking to play golf in Delaware, you’re not alone. In fact, as of 2017, there are approximately 23.83 million golf participants in the United States.

When you’re looking for the right course to play golf, you want to be sure you’re choosing the right place. That’s where Deerfield Golf Club comes in. To learn about our golf club events and golf programs, contact Deerfield Golf Club today.

Enjoy Golfing? That Means You Are Also Enjoying These 4 Health Benefits

Golfing is more than a way to pass the time. The social, athletic, and aesthetic components of the sport result in an activity which provides a number of important mental and physical health benefits. Thanks to the low-impact nature of the sport, there are few ages at which people cannot enjoy this fun and healthy activity. Folks who attend a golf club can expect to enjoy the following important benefits:

  1. Well-being as facilitated by social involvement: Humans are social creatures. We crave group activities and events, whether in the form of a competition or simply as recreation. Joining a golf club provides community and a sense of belonging as you get to know the familiar faces who spend time there. Whether at a Sunday brunch, a special event, or simply out on the green, there are plenty of places to make new friends and grow your support system.
  2. A thorough workout: As any golfer will tell you, swinging a metal club over and over again to hit a ball vast distances is no easy task. While not overly taxing to any specific joint, this activity ends up working out most of the muscles in the body. To make the strength training even more complete, carry your own bag. A golf bag with a complete set of clubs typically weighs an impressive 30 pounds.
  3. High caloric expenditure: 18-hole golf courses promote a higher metabolic rate simply by virtue of their length. A full round on a premier golf course involves walking five to six miles. Add in the hills which many courses involve and the up to 14 clubs a player can have in their bag and you have a serious test of endurance. In Deerfield Golf Club in Newark, Delaware, golfers have 145 acres of beautiful grounds to explore.
  4. Balance of mental engagement and relaxation: A premier golf course provides opportunities both to hone one’s mental acuity and to enjoy the rejuvenating aspects of natural scenery. Golfers must make such calculations as estimations of distance, decisions on which club to use, compensation for the wind, and more. They do this, though, while immersed in a scenic location which naturally boosts serotonin.

Whatever your age and abilities, you can benefit from the beauty and the challenges of golfing, so do not wait — get out of the house and onto a course today!

How Deerfield Golf Club Can Help You Have a Perfect Easter Sunday

When it comes to celebrating Easter, there is no better way than to spend it with family. And of course, you’ll need some great food too. This is why you should consider Deerfield’s Easter Sunday Buffet. Our family brunch is the perfect way to celebrate this joyous holiday with the people you love.

About Deerfield’s Easter Sunday Buffet

Deerfield hosts regular Sunday brunches but we love to celebrate holidays too! This is why we offer brunch specials for holidays, including Easter. Our Easter Sunday Buffet consists of entrees, salads, desserts, and more! Visitors can experience not only great food but a festive setting as well. Our staff looks forward to providing outstanding service and making your Easter Sunday truly special.

Why Should You Choose Brunch?

Those of us in the United States didn’t get to start enjoying brunch until 30 years after it began in England. Fortunately, we can now enjoy a great brunch menu whenever we want to. But what’s so great about brunch? First off, it’s a great way to save time. Having two meals in one is a great option for busy days — especially holidays. And it can be easier to choose a time to eat and not be restricted to normal “breakfast hours” or “lunch hours”. This can make it less challenging to get the whole family together to eat.

And eating together as a family is invaluable. This is especially true on Easter, which is a day to be together as a family. So instead of trying to work around everyone’s schedule and make a big, time-consuming meal at home, why not take everyone out for brunch? This can be particularly beneficial when you have little kids to bring along and you can get the family fun done earlier in the day.

Another great thing about brunch is the food. Brunch menus offer a wide variety of options, consisting of both breakfast and lunch foods. So if some members of your family want eggs and french toast but others want a burger or other lunch food, you don’t have to fight over where to go or what to have. Choosing brunch is an easy way to appease everyone in your family, along with your taste buds.

So if you are still making plans for Easter Sunday, keep Deerfield in mind. Our Easter Sunday event is sure to be a great time with great food.

Fighting off the Winter Blues: 3 Benefits of Taking Golf Lessons

Golf is a sport often associated with warm, sunny weather. But for avid golfers, there is never a good time to put down the golf club. Golf is not only a lot of fun, but it’s great exercise. In fact, if a 175-pound man carries his clubs for an hour, he can burn 460 calories! So how can you continue practicing your favorite sport during the winter months? Let’s take a look at a few key benefits of taking golf lessons in the winter.


Increased focus:When it comes to golf, focus is a must-have. And unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to focus when you’re playing with other people. This is why taking lessons is such a good idea. You’ll have the ability to focus all of your attention on what you’re going. This will ultimately help you improve your swing and improve your overall game. Winter golf lessons will give you the time you need to practice before the season starts in the spring. Additionally, you’ll be able to focus on certain changes you want to make rather than simply choosing to play golf and trying to make changes along the way.


Get feedback: Another great benefit of taking lessons in the winter is that you’ll receive feedback from your instructor. When you’re playing during the golf season, it isn’t always easy to get feedback. But during your lessons, your instructor can give feedback on important aspects like how you’re holding the golf club, your stance, and your swing. This feedback can then be used to improve your game before the season picks up again. Whether you’re brand new or a long-time player, feedback from experienced instructors is always beneficial.


More availability: With the holidays and the cold weather, many golfers choose to take time away from the course during the winter. And this is good news for you. Compared to the spring and summer months, the winter months offer a lot more availability and flexibility when it comes to lessons. If you can only squeeze in a lesson once or twice a week, you’ll have no problem finding availability. So while you may not be heading to any 18-hole golf courses, you’ll have plenty of one-on-one time with experienced professionals.


As you can see, there are several great benefits of taking lessons in the winter months. So don’t let the cold stop you from playing golf — sign up for some lessons today.

Keeping Your Golf Game On Par Over The Winter

By the year 1900, there were over 1,000 private country clubs in the United States. That number has since grown exponentially, putting golf among the more popular recreational sports. The trouble with golf is that it’s difficult. Nevermind how easy the professionals make it look. We’re willing to bet that you’ve been out on the links with half a mind to toss your entire set of clubs in the water hazard that’s been harping on your handicap.


We’re always excited to shake off the winter rust when the first mild days of spring come and the golf courses reopen, but there are several ways to keep your game up to snuff during the winter. This way, by the time spring comes, your buddies who’ve been hibernating all winter will get to bear jealous witness to your prowess.


Take lessons


We know it’s snowing outside, but lessons don’t have to be out on the course. Whether it’s an indoor driving range, putting greens, or lessons purely focused on form, a few lessons while winter is howling will have you that much more prepared for when the spring season reopens the links.


Hit the gym


It doesn’t take an M.D. to figure out that during the winter we’re tempted to be more sedentary and slower to get our bodies into the mood for exercising. Killing two birds with one stone, wintertime exercise is plain good for you. It’s also good for your golf game. Talk with whoever you take lessons from and learn a few exercises that will boost your strength, flexibility, and form for your golf game. Your body will thank you and you’ll see some results on your scorecard, too.


Equipment updates


We hope you were well-behaved this year, because when Santa brings golf equipment, they’re the best presents. When you opt for lessons, take inventory of your golf bag. Look at clubs that might be due for a replacement. Then sit with your instructor and have them fitted. If you’re getting new equipment, best get it made for your body and swing. Impulse buying new golf gear might seem fun and the pro shops are always tempting, but it’s a very exact game that calls for equally meticulous equipment measurement.


Just because it’s winter and you can’t play golf the way you’re used to doesn’t mean you should hang up the clubs until the trees start blossoming. Try these three things and we think you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised come springtime.

3 Tips to Help You Prepare for an Upcoming Golf Tournament

golf tournamentGolf season will be ending in just a few months when the cold weather arrives, so it’s important to get all of the outdoor golfing in while you can. So if you have a golf tournament coming up, you should be sure to do your best. And while there is no magical secret to low scores and the chance of two holes in one are not great — about 67 million to one — there is plenty you can do to prepare in order to play your best. Let’s take a look at a few tips to help you get ready for your upcoming tournament.

Know the course beforehand: One of the best things you can do for your tournament game is to actually play on the course beforehand. While many golf tournaments will be on courses you’re not familiar with, if you have the chance to play on the course, take it. This can be one of the benefits of being a member of a golf club because then you’ll be prepared to play in the tournament since you already know the golf course. But if you can’t play on the course ahead of time, try looking at Google Earth or other apps so you can at least familiarize yourself with the course a bit.

Take a few lessons: Even if you’ve been golfing your entire life, taking a lesson can only do you good. Lesson instructors can point out problems with your stance or swing that you may not realize otherwise. Additionally, if you do have any problems you’re aware of, lesson instructors can suggest fixes and help work through the problem. Overall, taking a lesson, whether it’s private or a group lesson, can be beneficial before an upcoming tournament.

Don’t focus on mid-range putts: When it comes to golf tournaments, it’s all about the short- and long-range distances. So it’s important to focus on practicing your short putts and hitting them in different ways to ensure you’re confident in your putting. And it’s equally as important to focus on long swings to practice speed and accuracy. Overall, make sure you’re practicing both short and long swings so you have your basis covered.

While golf tournaments can sometimes be high stakes, it’s important to remember to have fun. So relax and keep these tips in mind and you’ll be sure to have a great tournament.

3 Undeniable Benefits of Joining a Golf Club

If you’re an avid golf player, you may find yourself considering whether or not joining a golf club is right for you. But when you’re passionate about golf, you deserve to be a member of a golf club that can help improve your game and further your love for the sport. So let’s take a look at a few ways you could benefit from joining a local golf club.

Play on your own time: One of the biggest benefits of joining a local golf club is that you get to golf when you want to. Your membership allows you unlimited access to the golf course, meaning you can go whenever is convenient for you. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about paying and then not finishing the whole 18 holes. You won’t have to worry about being on a crowded golf course and you can bring guests when you want to. Overall, being a member of a golf club allows you to play golf whenever you feel like it.

Better learning environment: If you’re able to play golf on a regular basis, your golf game is sure to get better quickly. And with having access to the golf course at all times, your game will improve in no time. Better yet, you can have access to amenities that can further help your golf game. With top-notch practice facilities and private lessons, golf club members will have access to a learning environment that can help them improve their game. And don’t forget about the physical activity — a nine-hole course can help a 175-pound man burn 460 calories and walk about 2.5 miles.

Access to events and facilities: Golf club social events can bring people who love to play golf into a tight-knit community. Most courses host a plethora of golf club events that members have access to at discounted, or free, rates. Members are sure to stay busy by attending various events throughout the year. And when there aren’t events going on, members can still have access to the club facilities, like dining areas, meeting rooms, and more. Golf clubs can be a great place for socializing and forming new friendships.

Joining a golf club has a lot of benefits to offer members. A great golfing experience, convenient facilities, and an overall amazing environment could be within your grasp if you decide to join a golf club today.

Deerfield Events: Opening Week and Easter Buffet

18 hole golf courseWhen it comes to golf and dining in Delaware, there’s no better place than Deerfield. With an outstanding 18-hole golf course, a dream-come-true wedding venue, and some of the best brunch options in the United States, Deerfield has it all.

With spring finally here, it’s time to start thinking about upcoming events the whole family can enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a new 18-hole golf course to try or somewhere to bring the family for Easter brunch, Deerfield has you covered.

Opening Week

It’s the time avid golfers wait for all year — opening week. All winter long, golf lovers have been taking golf courses, practicing their swing, and getting in shape for the season. Well, it’s finally here! Deerfield’s 18-hole golf course is a golfer’s dream come true. And to show their golf club members their appreciation, Deerfield is offering some amazing deals this opening week. Some of the deals include:

  • $5 all day pass (March 26th)
  • 9 holes for $9 (March 27th)
  • $80 all day pass for groups of four (March 28th)
  • Passholders bring a guest for free (Match 29th)
  • Juniors play free (March 30th)
  • Buy one round, get one round (March 31st)

Deerfield is kicking off the season with great deals for both passholders and the public, so be sure to grab your clubs and stop by. Who knows, you may even start off this season with your best golf game yet!

Easter Sunday Buffet

After brunch began in England, it took an entire 30 years to become popular in the United States. While we had to go without this beloved meal for so long, it’s finally a regular event in the states. And what better way to celebrate brunch than with the Easter Bunny? Easter is a time for family, food, and fun — and that’s just what Deerfield is offering families this year. The Easter Sunday Buffet will be taking place April 1, from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm. Attendees can enjoy delicious food options, including:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, breakfast potatoes, french toast, breads, pastries, breakfast burritos
Seafood: Snow crab legs, peel and eat shrimp, smoked salmon, oysters rockefeller, Deerfield’s famous lump crabcakes
Soups and Salads: Housemade caesar salad, chicken salad, white bean and roasted garlic escarole soup, mixed greens
Entrees: Pork tenderloin, cajun chicken, mesquite salmon, spring onion and heirloom tomato bruschetta
Carved Items: Wagyu NY strip steak, honey thyme glazed rack of lamb, glazed ham and pineapple stuffing

Little ones can meet the Easter Bunny, take pictures, and enjoy Easter activities. If you’re looking for an event that has something to offer the whole family, join us at Deerfield for a day of Easter fun.

How to Get Your Golf Game Ready for Spring

golfingIf you’re an avid golfer, you’re sure to find yourself dreading the winter months every year. With a few months of not being able to play golf outside, your skills can begin to slip up a bit. Because of that, this article is going to discuss a few ways you can keep your skills sharp and be ready to play when spring arrives.

Practice indoors
By utilizing an indoor putting green or hitting net, you can keep your golf skills sharp all winter long. Both of these options are easy to set up in your home and can provide you a great opportunity to work on your full swings as well as your putting strokes. Furthermore, you can add in putting aids or other devices to help you hone in on your problem areas. While going to the range is always an option, it’s nice to be able to practice at your leisure.

Upgrade your clubs
If your clubs are looking a little worse for wear, it may be time to get a new set. It’s important to get properly fitted for golf equipment to find the right ones for your skill level. If you don’t need new clubs, you should consider getting new grips. Grips can make a huge difference in your swing so you should make sure you have the right ones to fit your game. Just remember, when you go to play, no more than 14 clubs are allowed in your bag at one time throughout a stipulated round.

Get in shape
It’s easy to stay in shape during golfing season, but you may find yourself slacking off during the winter months. Instead of lounging around waiting for the season to start again, consider staying active. By working out and getting fit, you’ll only be helping yourself. You can work on things like flexibility and leg strength, which can significantly improve your golf game when the season begins again.

Take lessons
No matter how long you’ve been golfing, taking a lesson is always beneficial. An indoor golfing lesson can help you sharpen your golf skills without having to face the bitter cold weather outside. Additionally, taking a lesson can be a great way to get to hang out with other people who are patiently waiting for the season to begin as well. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find a new buddy to play golf with next season!

It can be easy to sit around all winter just waiting for the season to begin. But by following these few tips and continuing to fine-tune your skills, you can be ready to play your best golf game yet.

If you’re looking for a premier golf course to check out this season, consider Deerfield Golf Club. Contact us today to learn more about our golf association.

Become An Annual Golf Passholder At Deerfield And Save This Season!

play golfFor many Americans, there’s simply nothing better than spending the afternoon trying to hit a hole-in-one. Summer may be long over in Delaware, but that doesn’t mean you have to put away your golf clubs until spring rolls around. In fact, there are plenty of good golfing days left in the season. If you love to spend your days perfecting your swing, there’s no better time to become an annual golf passholder here at Deerfield.

Those who like to play golf know it requires a bit of financial investment, even if you play on public golf courses. But becoming an annual passholder is actually the best way to save. And the sooner you become a passholder, the more money you’ll save! When you sign up, you’ll get to play for FREE for the rest of 2017! Plus, you’ll receive an incredible welcome package valued at over $300!

Best of all, you can choose to play golf your way by picking from three different pass categories:

  • Seven-Day Annual Golf Pass — Includes golf and cart access Monday through Sunday at any time
  • Five-Day Annual Golf Pass — Includes golf and cart access Monday through Friday at any time
  • Twilight Annual Golf Pass — Includes golf and cart access Monday through Sunday after 2 PM

And in addition to these great perks, passholders from all categories can enjoy a 10% discount on most golf shop merchandise, a full events calendar, discounts at Garrisons Lake Golf Club, 14-day advance tee times, and more. Passholders can also take advantage of our EZ-Pay program, which allows you to pay for your passes on a schedule that works for you.

Whether you’re new to the game and want to play just like the pros (23% of whom are women — so there’s no reason golf has to be “just for the guys!”) or you’re a seasoned golfer, our annual passes can allow you to get the most for your money and enjoy the remainder of the year out on the green.

Ready to find out more? Contact the Annual Golf Pass Sales Office (302-368-6640 ext. 5) for additional information or to get started on your savings.