Avoid These Simple Mistakes to Start Golfing Like a Pro

Golfing is a fun way to spend your leisure time because it can be both a fun and challenging sport. According to Golf Span, about 80 million people around the globe play golf, but only about 200 wind up qualifying as professionals for the PGA tour (golf’s biggest competition). There are ways you can improve your golf game. Avoid these common mistakes and you will play like a pro.

Choose the Right Clubs

One of the most common mistakes golfers make is to choose the wrong size clubs for golfing. The best way to choose your golf clubs is to get professionally fitted for them at a pro shop. The size and weight of the clubs can really affect your game.

Take the Lessons

Golfing is one of the most challenging sports because it is a sport that is highly based on technical abilities. Few golfers spend the time they need to educating themselves on rules and techniques. It is a common misconception that once you know how to play golf or understand the rules you do not need to take lessons. No matter your skill set there is always room for improvement. Take the lessons to keep improving your game.

Practice More

Golfing improves with practice. Many new players get frustrated and do not practice enough because they feel like they are not making enough progress. Improving your golf game is not a sprint, it is a marathon. The more you practice the better you will become, but it may take you a little while. Practice often and you will see a positive change in your game.

Don’t Swing Too Hard

Many golfers in the early days of playing swing their clubs too hard. It can be tempting to really swat at the ball and give it all the power you have, but golfing is more of an accuracy than a power-type sport. Slow down your swing and focus on what’s right in front of you. Paying attention to the short game will take you far. A hole-in-one is nice if you can get it but moving forward in a positive direction will get you there as well.

Don’t give up on your skills. Avoiding these common mistakes and practicing will improve your game. If you want to learn more about golfing or how to improve your game, give Deerfield Gold Club a call today!

How Many Golf Tournaments Are There Yearly?

Golf is one of the world’s most played sports. Originating in 15th century Scotland, players would hit small rocks around obstacles using a bent stick or club. It quickly became popular with the nobility and lower class alike. On October 17, 1860, the first major golf tournament, The Open Championship, took place in Ayrshire, Scotland at Prestwick Golf Club. Over the years, golf continued to grow and spread globally. By 1900, in the U.S. alone, there were over 1,000 golf clubs, according to Gaelic Matters. Today there are around 700 golf tournaments that take place each year. Here’s a list of the four major golf tournaments played on the annual PGA tour, also known as the Grand Slam.

1. The Masters

The first Masters’ golf tournament took place on March 22, 1934 at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. It takes place every year in the same location with only the best players invited to play. From 1943 to 1945, the tournament didn’t happen because of World War II, but it began again in 1946.

2. The U.S. Open

The first U.S. Open took place in 1895 at the Newport Golf and Country Club in Rhode Island. There were only 11 players that vied for the championship, as opposed to the 156 players that compete in this golf tournament today. It takes place at a different location every year.

3. The Open Championship

Also known as The British Open, this golf tournament takes place on a coastal course in Scotland, England, or Northern Ireland. As mentioned before, it’s the world’s first and oldest tournament, with 156 players competing for the championship. Nowadays, they’re no longer using rocks and bent sticks but top-of-the-line equipment.

4. The PGA Championship

The PGA Championship first began on October 10 and ended on October 14, 1916 at Siwanoy Country Club in Bronxville, New York. Today, this golf tournament takes place in May somewhere on the U.S. east coast. The first winner of the PGA Championship, Jim Barnes, won a $500 prize. It’s a far cry from today’s $15,000,000 prize pool that competitors train for.

Today, business meetings, friendly games, and serious tournaments continue to take place on the golf course. The sport of golf continues to grow with some kids learning how to play from the moment they learn to walk. If you’re looking for a place to learn or play, then visit us at Deerfield today!

What Makes a Golf Course Championship Level?

What elevates golf course greens from a place to play golf to a championship-level course? Some would say that it has to be able to compare to courses like Hazeltine, the premier golf club of the Midwest, according to Golf Digest. Others would say each championship course has unique attributes that elevate it. Here are some signs a course is championship level.

The Course Has Hosted Championship Tournaments

One thing that often elevates golf courses to the championship level is that the site has hosted championship competitions. To host a championship tournament or competition, a course has to be in outstanding condition with enough challenges on the golf course greens to make it worthy of hosting some of the best players in the sport.

The Aesthetics and Design of the Course

All championship golf courses have two things in common. The golf courses are aesthetically pleasing to look at, and the course is well-designed. Championship courses are well thought out courses that are challenging.

Of course, to play on a championship golf course you don’t have to be an expert. Novices to the sport are always welcome to enjoy the beauty and unique characteristics of the course. Learning how to rise to the challenge in these courses is part of the fun.

The Course Provides a Complete Experience

Every championship course provides a complete experience. They have great golf course greens, a beautiful clubhouse, great food, and provide a sense of community. They’re a great course to play on and offer a wonderful social experience as well.

These courses create a community among players and are always welcoming to newcomers. They are the event venues that are a must-have for weddings, corporate events, and other social gatherings. Yes, the focus is on golf, but the right championship course has a lot more to offer.

Not every course is a championship-level course. It takes time and effort to elevate a course to the championship level. The experience of playing on these courses and spending time socializing is hard to beat. Once you see the beautiful setting at a championship-level course, it’s hard to settle for anything less. Learn more about Deerfield and what makes it a championship-level course.

What Are the Origins of The Green Jacket?

The green jacket is considered the most coveted prize in golf tournaments. The Augusta Masters winner is entitled to the iconic green jacket and prize money of up to $2 million. The previous year’s winner usually passes over to a new champion.

What Is It?

The master’s green jacket is presented to the golf tournament winner annually upon confirmation of the results. An Augusta Golf Club member lends the coat to the presentation before the champion is measured for a tailored jacket version. The tradition dates back to 1937 when Augusta National members wore the jacket during tournaments to stand out from the public. According to the Augusta National chairman, a single-breasted brass green jacket has been presented to each winner since 1937.

What Happens to the Jacket?

The tradition stipulates that the golf tournament winner may retain the jacket for the year and return it to the Augusta National course for the following year’s event. The coat remains on site, but the previous winner can wear it as long as they are at the site. The winners have a single jacket tailored for them, and multiple winners are given the jacket they previously made upon winning. Furthermore, last year’s winner presents the coat to the newly crowned champion and is considered a sign of respect compared to the change of guard ceremony.

What Is the Current Green Jacket Tradition?

Upon completion of each Masters tournament, a green jacket ceremony is held to present the golf tournament winner with the green jacket. The previous year’s contest winner presents it to the new winner. If the golfer wins it for two consecutive years, the Augusta National chairman is tasked with giving it to the winner. The jacket is retrieved from the locker room by tournament officials who guess the right fit for the new winner. Later, the champion is measured, and a custom-made jacket is tailor-made.

What Is the Jacket Made From?

Despite the importance of the green jacket, it may not cost you hundreds of dollars as you imagine. The Hamilton Tailoring Company of Cincinnati supplies the coat, with each blazer costing up to $250. The jacket is stitched and cut in Dublin and made from polyester and wool, lined with Bemberg rayon, and buttons made from polished brass. The actual coat has a reasonably low price tag but has become a collectible for Green Jacket Auctions attracting hundreds of dollars.

The master’s green jacket is an iconic trophy in golf. The jacket is awarded to the Augusta winner yearly, along with prize money. Contact us today for more information on our golf course.

The History of Golf

Golf is a sport quintessentially thought to be associated with the wealthy. According to Panther Run Golf Clube, golfing was in Scotland not only once but thrice between 1457 and 1744. The equipment and rules used in golf have evolved over the years. Today, golf is considered one of the most popular sports, with world-class tournaments held in various countries. Below we take a look at the history of golf, the changes it has undergone, and the rules that are in place for it.

What Is Golf?

Golf is a sport played when someone hits a small ball into a hole using various clubs. It’s a popular sport, enjoyed by players of all ages and skills. It is played either competitively or for enjoyment and fun. Some aspects of golfing include the mental aspects of shot-making or strategic planning and the physical element of swinging a club. Golfing can also be a social activity, as many people enjoy it by relaxing and spending time with their friends.

Where Was the First Game of Golf Played?

The sport of golf traces back to its origin in Scotland during the 15th century. The first recorded game of golf was played at Bruntsfield Links, in Edinburgh, in 1456. From there, the game spread to England and the rest of Europe. Today, golf is played in over 120 countries and is enjoyed by millions of people.

What Equipment Was Used in Early Golf Games?

The earliest golf games were played using rudimentary equipment, consisting of a small wooden ball and crude clubs. As it evolved, sophisticated equipment was developed, including a ball made of tightly-woven gutta-percha and metal-headed clubs. The game was played on a course similar to the ones used in the modern world. The only difference was that the holes were not as deep, and the green lawns were not well-manicured. By the late 19th century, golfing had evolved to the point where modern equipment in use today was developed, including the rubber-cored ball and metal-shafted clubs.

When Did Golf Become an Olympic Sport?

Golf became an Olympic sport in 2016 when it got included in the Summer Olympics for the first time in over a century. Golf was last counted as an Olympic sport in 1904 when it got included in the St. Louis Games. A golf game, played at the 1900 Paris Games, was considered more of an exhibition sport and not an official Olympic event. The return of golf to the Olympics in 2016 was thanks partly to the efforts of the International Olympic Committee’s President, Thomas Bach.

The history of golf is extensive, with its popularity dating back centuries ago. If you are looking for a place to catch a game of golf and enjoy the company of friends, visit us today. We’ll ensure to provide you the best services to enjoy your game of golf.

How Golf Can Be a Game of Chance As Well as Skill

There are many benefits associated with playing golf. For instance, playing golf allows you to get some exercise while spending time outside. You also get opportunities to make new friends. If you’re interested in becoming a skilled player, you might be interested to know that golf can also be a game of chance. For instance, according to the Golf Guidebook, the chances of making two hole-in-ones in a single game is 1 in 67 million. Read on to find more on this topic.

What Skills Are Required In Golf?

There are quite a few skills that you have to work on developing to become a proficient golf player. For instance, the first place to start is to learn and practice the fundamentals of a swing. This includes things like being able to grip, aim, and set up in the right way. Otherwise, you can’t go far if you don’t know how to hold a golf club properly.

You also need to work on your aim and club face control if you want more accurate shorts. There’s also a skill to pivoting and swinging your golf club-wide. All this should tell you that skill matters in golf even though chance and luck sometimes play a part.

Do You Need Luck When Playing Golf?

Golf is mostly a game of skill but having luck on your side helps. Luck might not be the best word here. It’s better to say that when you work at becoming a skilled player, your chances of making good shots increase. With golf, some things can be out of your control, such as the type of grass you’re playing on, the presence of wind, and less-than-ideal weather conditions. If some of these conditions work in your favor, then you’re bound to have many seemingly lucky moments. That said, the only way you can fully take advantage of ideal conditions is by having the right skills.

Tips for Improving Your Skill

So, there you have it. The best way to ensure a good outcome when playing golf is to work on improving your skills. This can be achieved by getting out on the green more often, experimenting with your swing, creating your routine, and playing more practice rounds. If you remain consistent, you should be able to see improvements.

As you can see, golf can be a game of chance to a less extent, but this shouldn’t stop you from building your skill and producing great shots. Get started with practicing today by contacting us to learn more about the golf membership opportunities available to you.

Why You Should Consider Golf in Your Exercise Routine

When most people think of exercise, they envision running, lifting weights, or playing team sports. However, there are many different ways to get active and stay in shape. For example, golf is often considered a leisurely sport, suitable only for retirees and business executives. However, golf can actually provide a great workout and offer many benefits for your health. Here are five reasons you should consider golf as part of your exercise routine.

1. It’s a Low-Impact Activity

One of the great things about golf is that it’s a low-impact activity. This means it’s easy on your joints and won’t put too much stress on your body. This makes it a great option for people who are looking for a gentle form of exercise or for those who have joint issues that make high-impact activities painful.

2. It Provides a Total Body Workout

While golf may not seem like a strenuous activity, it actually provides a full-body workout. Walking the course can give you a good cardio workout, and swinging the club works your arms, shoulders, and core muscles. Even just carrying your golf bag can give you a bit of a workout. According to SouthGlen Country Club, a male golfer weighing 175 pounds will burn 460 calories if he carries his clubs for an hour of play.

3. It Gets You Out in the Fresh Air

Golf is an outdoor activity, which means you’ll get to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while you exercise. Being outdoors has been shown to have numerous health benefits, including reducing stress, improving moods, and increasing energy levels. Golf courses in Delaware are especially beautiful, so you can enjoy the scenery while you get your exercise.

4. It’s a Social Activity

Golf is a great way to socialize and meet new people. Many people play golf with friends or co-workers, and it’s also a popular activity for business networking. Playing a round of golf is a great way to spend some quality time with friends or colleagues while getting some exercise.

5. It’s Suitable for all Levels

One of the great things about golf is that it can be enjoyed by people of all fitness levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s a course and level of difficulty to suit your needs. This makes it a great activity for people of all ages and abilities.

If you’re looking for a new way to exercise, why not try golf? It’s a great way to get a full-body workout, spend time outdoors, and socialize with friends. And, with golf courses in Delaware, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery while playing. Call us today to book a tee time and see why golf is a great way to stay active.

Facts About Golf Clubs You Might Not Know

Whether you are interested in learning golf or a seasoned pro, you will need golf clubs to either learn well or deliver an impressive performance. Choosing the right golf clubs can significantly impact the way you play the game. You also need to know the rules surrounding the use of golf clubs. For instance, according to Golf.com, you can only carry a maximum of 14 clubs in your bag during a stipulated round. Here are some golf club facts that you might not know.

The Meaning of the Numbers of Golf Clubs

It’s important to understand the meaning of the numbers on golf clubs. The number on each golf club refers to the loft or the angle of the club’s face. Adjusting the loft changes the height and distance that the ball will travel when struck. A lower number on the golf club means less loft. A club with a lower number has a less intense angle on its face. When you hit the ball with a low loft club, it will travel a longer distance at a lower height. On the other hand, higher club numbers mean a more intense angle on the club’s face or more loft. Hitting the ball with these clubs means it will travel higher but for a shorter distance.

Types of Golf Clubs

There are several types of golf clubs you should know about. At the moment, there are five main categories of golf clubs. These include the irons, woods, putters, wedges, and hybrids. Each type of golf club has its own quality and use. For instance, the woods are used for hitting longer shorts, while irons are generally used when you are not more than 200 yards away from the green. Wedges are “blade clubs” used when you need increased shot control and shot shaping. As you might imagine, the putter is the perfect club for when you want to finish the game or put the ball into the hole.

The Material Used to the Driver Doesn’t Matter.

This is another fact that you might not know. Did you know that when it comes to the distance that the ball will travel when you hit it, the material used for the driver doesn’t contribute much? According to Golfsmith, divers made of graphite, maple or titanium, and all other materials have a short distance within 1% of each other. The differences in materials will only have a significant impact if the player misses the vertical line center of gravity.

These are some facts about golf clubs that you may not know. It’s essential to know as much about golf clubs as possible to be a good player. Get in touch with us if you need help choosing the best golf clubs.

How to Choose the Right Golf Club

As of 2017, there are 23.83 million people who play golf in the United States. If you love playing golf in your free time, then you understand why it’s important to get golf clubs of your own. However, when buying equipment, so many variables come into play. Apart from that, there are a lot of club types and styles and a bunch of technical terms. So, how do you choose a golf club that aligns with your golf program? Read on to find out more about how to choose a golf club for your golf program.

Be Realistic

Even if you might not be the best judge when it comes to your play, you probably have some idea of your skill level. If you haven’t started, you must keep a note of your scores. Being honest with where you are in the game is important. This is because the majority of golf clubs are designed to match a certain skill-level category. For instance, there are clubs for tour/professional golfers, low handicappers, and mid handicappers.

Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses

When it comes to your ability, you need to think about your handicap. You need to break your game down a bit before you start thinking of making a purchase. For instance, you might be a proficient ball-striker, but you struggle with distance. Therefore, it would make sense to purchase a driver built for slow swing speeds.

Forget About Brands

Do you sometimes watch European Tour events? You might be tempted to think that purchasing the same brand as your favorite player will help you score well. However, this is not the case. While it might be helpful to think about names when buying your own clubs, you must keep an open mind. There’s nothing wrong with trying and testing other brands too.

Golf technology keeps advancing, and manufacturers keep targeting different types of players when they are creating different models of clubs. Some clubs are made for a specific body type, some for different genders, and some to suit the needs of people with different physical conditions and ability needs. This is why you must focus on the clubs that suit your needs rather than the ones with popular names.

These are some of the things you need to think about when choosing golf clubs. It’s important to take your time and consider all factors before making a purchase. Once you buy a club, you will need to play with it, so getting the wrong choice will affect your game. Get in touch with us if you haven’t figured out what type of golf club to buy for your golf program.

Benefits of Having an Annual Golf Pass

Annual golf passes are the perfect option for many types of golfers, whether you are an avid golfer, a social golfer, or just getting started. An annual golf pass or golf membership does more than just save you money. It allows you to become a part of the country club’s culture and make connections to other golfers. Here are some more benefits.

Unlimited Access to the Driving Range

With an annual golf pass, you get unlimited access to the driving range all week. This means you can play whenever is most convenient to you. You can also play as often as you’d like. Golf is fun, relaxing, and also a great way to get exercise. According to GolfMagazine.com, a 175-pound man can burn 460 calories if he carries his clubs during an hour of play. On a nine-hole course, he can end up walking almost two and a half miles. Golf is a great way to get out of the house and get some fresh air.

An annual golf pass will also help you improve your skill in the game. By signing up for a golf membership, you can force yourself to get more immersed in the sport and become better with practice.

Multiple Types of Discounts

An annual golf pass will save you tons of money throughout the course of the year. With this pass, you can get a discount on some of the other golf courses, on merchandise at the shop, and on room rentals for any special events. This golf pass is even more beneficial for those who plan on golfing often because of the discounted rates it offers. When you don’t have to worry about forking out tons of money for a green fee every time, you can easily show up at the course after work and play five or six holes.

Advanced Tee Times

The annual golf passes include a 14 day advanced tee time benefit. A tee time is a reservation to begin your round of golf at the specified time. You can reserve and play anytime you want as early as 14 days ahead of time. This can help you plan out your day or avoid the crowd.

These are just some of the benefits and offers of getting annual golf passes. If you think an annual pass is right for you, contact us at Deerfield Golf Club today to learn more.