Looking to Lower Your Handicap? 4 Tips For a Better Golf Game

golf equipmentGolf is one of the greatest games in the world. That being said, it’s probably one of the hardest games, too.

Need a little more practice? Fortunately, there are still plenty of beautiful days left this summer to get out and play. And hopefully, these tips will help lower your handicap.

Get the right golf equipment
It’s essential that you get your hands on the right equipment if you’re serious about lowering your score. That doesn’t mean get all the most expensive golf equipment, though. You want to make sure that you have high quality items, yes, but they don’t need to be the best in the world or extremely expensive. Just make sure your clubs are correctly gripped and work well for your size, and that all the other equipment is high quality, too.

Get out and play
You’re never going to lower your score if you don’t get out and play as much as possible. By the early 1990s, there were more than 1,000 golf clubs in the United States. Join a golf club, play in any local golf events that you can find, and get out to all the 18-hole golf courses near you to play. Don’t feel too discouraged if you shoot poorly in your first few rounds; just keep after it.

Practice as much as possible
Practicing golf is actually a lot different than playing golf. When you play, you’re not really working on anything other than trying your best to keep your score down. There is really nothing to be gained from having either a bad or good round. When you practice, however, you can actually spend time working on specific parts of your game. Maybe you’ve been struggling lately with your putting; if that’s the case, get out and practice putting as much as possible to significantly improve your overall game. The same works with individual shots, clubs, and other aspects of your game that you struggle with.

Take care of your body
Another great way to shoot the best round of your life is to get in the best shape of your life. If you have an unhealthy diet, sleep poorly, and never work out, you’re probably not going to be seeing low scores anytime soon. But if you eat right and take care of your body, you will have a much better shot at shooting better.

Make sure you’re practicing, using the right golf equipment, taking care of your body, and golfing as much as possible to improve your score. Good luck and have fun out there!

4 Reasons Joining a Golf Club is a Hole-In-One

18 hole golf courseGolfing is one of America’s favorite pastimes. In fact, by 1900 there were already more than 1,000 golf clubs in the US. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a hardcore fan, joining a golf club is a great way to enhance your skills and meet some new people. Here are just a few benefits of joining a golf club.

  1. Improve Your Game:
    Needless to say, one of the main benefits of joining a golf club is the amount of practice you’ll be able to get. You’ll have access to the course anytime the club is open, and most clubs have a full 18-hole golf course for members to take advantage of.
  2. Avoid the Crowds:
    The vast majority of golf clubs offer a specific time where only members can enjoy the field. This cuts down on unnecessary waiting times and ensures that you’ll always have a spot whenever you want. You’ll start to feel like a real VIP after just a few games of golf at the club.
  3. Invite Guests:
    Most clubs allow members to bring a friend every now and again. There’s a distinct pleasure to be felt by both you as a member and your guest when it comes time for you both to play at your club. Your friends will surely admire your high status and will want to play game after game with you. It will definitely be a memorable experience, and it beats having to pay full price for your guest by far.
  4. Play When You Want:
    Another glorious benefit of joining a golf club is never having to lose money if the weather gets bad during a game. Non-members generally just show up to the course, play 18 holes, and go home. But if inclement weather cuts the game short, they’re out of luck, and the feeling of wasting money can certainly be depressing. By becoming a member of a golf club, you become a priority. You pay one price and have unlimited access to the course.

Ultimately, joining a golf club is an investment in yourself and your happiness. If golfing and being outdoors makes you happy, you should be able to get outside and play golf on an 18-hole golf course anytime you want.

6 Winter Golf Survival Tips

golf courseDuring the winter months, you may not be so keen on making your way to any public golf courses. But the cold and snow doesn’t have to slow you down. In fact, winter golf can do nothing but improve your game. Learning to play in these conditions can help widen your knowledge of the game and improve your skills.

Your first few holes might be a bit of a doozy, but you’ll get the hang out it eventually.

If you do decide to take a trip to your favorite golf course this winter, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Layer up: While the air might only be slightly chilled, remember that you’ll be standing still a lot on the course. Without a lot of motion, you may be subject to cold more easily. On the other hand, if you are moving pretty frequently to stay loose, you may start heating up. Wearing multiple layers keeps you prepared for any degree of cold you may need to withstand.
  2. Opt for nine holes: Even the most passionate golf player has to cut back every now and again. Having your hands on a cold, metal club for hours on end may be more harmful than helpful. Even with gloves on, the chill will settle in, and you may need to take a breather. If you’re set on playing a whole course, plan to take a breather after nine holes and play it by ear. Ask the clubhouse if it’s possible to tack on another nine holes after your break if you’re felling up to it, but try not to overestimate your winter playing abilities.
  3. Use a high-vis golf ball: High vision yellow golf balls are especially helpful in the snowy season when your white ball may blend in. Any color ball will likely work, but high-vision yellow tends to stand out the most against any background.
  4. Watch what you drink: During a casual summer golf game, it’s common for adults to enjoy a couple beers on the course. However, during the winter, these frosty beverages will do you no good. While you may feel like you’re putting on a liquid blanket, alcohol will lower your body temperature. Instead, bring a thermos of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa with you to keep your insides toasty and stimulate your metabolism as well.
  5. Adjust your driver: During the winter, your standard driver won’t work nearly as well as you expect. You can purchase an adjusted driver to bring on the course, as 14 clubs are allowed in a players bag during a stipulated game of golf, but you can also discuss adjusting your existing club with a golf pro at the course. The pro will likely suggest adjusting your club to have more loft, which means a higher carry and distance. In the winter, your swing may suffer a little bit. The extra loft can help compensate for that.
  6. Learn winter rules: In the winter, golf rules are far more flexible. In extremely poor conditions, you’re granted relief for embedded balls both on the green and in the rough. If you have visible snow or water beneath your feet or ball, you are also granted relief and will be able to reposition your ball anywhere within one club’s length of the point of relief.

Don’t let Old Man Winter get in the way of you and the golf course. Call Deerfield Golf Club to check out our seasonal availability to see when you can hit the links.

Keep Your Golf Game Hot Even in the Bitter Cold With These 4 Tips

play golfIf you’re a true golf enthusiast, you’re not about to let a little cold weather keep you off the golf course. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, if the green is open, you’ll be out there playing the best golf game you can. Here are a few tips for playing in the cold.

  1. Be realistic. During any golf game, the chance of making two holes in one in a single round is about 67 million to one. When the temperatures are low, you’ll be even less likely to make that happen. In the cold air, the ball doesn’t spin as much or travel as far. That’s because the air is denser at lower temperatures and cold balls harden when stored in a cold climate. Basically, when you play golf in the winter, be aware that you can’t use the same strategy you would use on a normal day.

  3. Keep your hands warm. You need total control over your hands in order to play a good game. If you lose feeling in your hands or your muscles stiffen up from the cold, your game will certainly suffer. Keep some hand warmers in your pockets or invest in a good pair of gloves.

  5. Play the ground game. If your hands feel frozen solid and you can hardly hold onto the golf club, chances are the ground is hard as rock, too. Use that to your advantage. As mentioned above, the ball isn’t going to spin very well, so there’s no point in going for the flop shot. Stick to the run up shots and bump and runs. Keep the ball on the ground and watch it roll.

  7. Stay hydrated. Just like any sport, when you play golf, you need to keep drinking water. When it’s cold out, you may be tempted to substitute plain old H2O for coffee or hot chocolate; however, these warm but caffeinated drinks will only dehydrate you. Sports drinks are good for replenishing lost electrolytes, but nothing beats water.

Don’t let the cold get you down. With practice and preparation, you can learn to play like the pros no matter the weather.

The Benefits of Playing Golf on a Public Course

public golf coursesThere are plenty of golf clubs in the U.S. today. By 1900, there were over 1,000, both public and private, which require purchased memberships.

To have a play at a premier golf course, many people believe that you have to be a member of a high-end country club. While many private clubs are excellent, public golf courses are often overshadowed.

In fact, private and public golf courses are virtually no different in their quality. They all vary in terrain, regardless of ownership, and you’ll have a different experience regardless of where you go. However, by choosing a public course, you will be able to access even more benefits than you thought possible.

Public Courses are More Economical
If you’re not an avid golfer, there is virtually no reason to pay a monthly fee to play golf. When you do decide to play, you may not want to visit the same course that you have before. When you’re a member of a private club, you’ll feel obligated to play that course all the time. If you visit public courses, you’ll be able to gain a wider variety of skills from playing different terrains. You’ll also be able to find your favorite club — your go-to for a leisurely golf getaway.

You Can Play On Your Own Schedule
At a private club, the course is open as long as the sun is shining. Private clubs often host events or weekly golf leagues, where the course may be off-limits to certain individuals. Even during a company golf tournament to a public club, non-participants are allowed on the course.

You’ll Meet New People
Private club members often share similar interests and can bank on seeing each other often when they play a round. However, at a public club, anyone can play.

Some days you might run into a company tournament. Other days, you might see a grandfather teaching their grandchild how to putt. The environment will always be different at a public golf course, allowing people of all backgrounds.

There Are Other Things to Do Besides Golf
Public golf courses have many of the same perks as private courses. Many have sit-down restaurants and bars on-site, which are perfect for unwinding after playing an 18-hole round.

Deerfield Golf Club is Delaware’s premier special events venue, offering Sunday brunch and a banquet area available for weddings and other events. On top of that, Deerfield’s 145-acre course is an unparalleled beauty, with challenging holes and unbelievable views, you may never golf anywhere else.

Why You Should Join the Club

golf clubJoining a golf club is about more than just hitting the links. In fact, it is a major investment in your future in your community, in your health, and in the health of your family as well. Check out these great reasons why it’s a good idea to join a golf club today:

Day Escapes
Vacations are nice in theory, but the fact is that they can be few and far between, since it can be hard to take time away from jobs and other obligations. Nevertheless, a getaway is important for work-life balance, and there is nothing like spending your free time playing the game you love most. A maximum of 14 golf clubs is allowed in a player’s bag at one time during a stipulated round — time to pack up and get out on the green.

Big Events
The club is a perfect place to host a family wedding or just the wedding reception, an anniversary party or a family reunion. Golf and country clubs have all the amenities you could wish for a big occasion. According to statistics offered by Hudson Valley Weddings, 35% of weddings are now outdoor occasions, which makes the golf club the perfect venue. From rolling green vistas to in-house, high-class catering, hosting anything from a wedding to a sweet sixteen, look into booking a party at the golf courses.

One incredibly valuable and unquantifiable advantage that your membership to a golf club will bring you is a sense of community. After eating, playing, and sharing with the other players on your golf course, you will become a tight knit family. Brunch began in England and took 30 years to catch on in the United States, but now it is a nationwide phenomenon. Make it a tradition to go to brunch at the club on Sundays with your family and connect with the other members.

Don’t wait — why not reap the rewards of your investment in a valuable community, home-away-from-home, and venue?

What to Look For in a Golf Course

golf course greens On a beautiful, sunny day, a game of golf can be the perfect activity. It’s a game of patience and opportunity complete with golf course greens featuring amazing views and still waters. While still a male-dominated sport, females make up almost one-quarter of professional golfers. Since the 1900’s, more than 1,000 golf clubs have been established in the United States. With so many courses to choose from, one often questions what makes a good golf course? Whether you are a beginner or professional, here are some things to look for in your quest for the perfect course:

The routing in golf often refers to the direction in which the holes are played. One thing to note is whether or not the holes play in various directions or if the players have to play a group of similar holes. Being forced to play in the same direction is not appealing to most players, so variety is very important. Seeing as how most players can walk the equivalent of almost 2.5 miles on a nine-hole course, you can burn up to 460 calories just carrying your clubs in just an hour. Most inland courses allow architects to design varying routes for players. Speaking of design, let’s dig a little deeper into it.

Course Design
There are many important things architects must consider when designing golf courses. Bunkers and water hazards, for example, are all strategically placed throughout the greens to challenge players and provide for the different clubs players have on hand. For example, a fairway can be heavily sloped to the right or left posing a challenge to those with a higher skill level. Golf course greens should be positioned so that players can have the best tee shot. The point is not to make the course impossible, but to challenge the skill levels of the players while still having fun.

Course Variety
The best golf courses have a variety of holes ranging from straight, long and short with players having the opportunity to play in all directions. Championship golf courses feature more land and more opportunity for variances in course play. The less land available, the less room for variation.

Shot Ability
One last thing to consider is the ability of the players to actually make the shots they are going for. Besides a players’ personal skill level, it is important to note if a golf course requires high or low shots, fades, and draws. Are players made to use every club in their bag? These are some things all players must take into consideration to decide the right course to fit their skill level and other needs.

No matter your skill level, choosing the right golf course greens to fit your needs is crucial. Luckily, golf courses in Delaware have something for everyone to enjoy.

Golf Courses in Delaware — What You Need to Know to Get the Most Out of Your Up and Coming Outing

party venues in DelawareLooking for great party venues in Delaware? Awesome! While it may not be widely known to many outside the area, Delaware is a beautiful place for virtually any sort of special event. It’s an ideal backdrop for meetings, weddings, banquets, social events, and more.

With state parks all over, party venues in Delaware enjoy an enviable amount of space and a backdrop that can’t be easily forgotten.

As spacious and as perfect a place as it is for enjoying the outdoors, Delaware plays host to a number of premier golf courses that are the envy of courses everywhere. Those looking for a unique place to play golf, or even learn to play golf for the first time would be hard-pressed to find a better backdrop for a game.

It’s strange to think how much time and money go into golf each year when you consider that a short hundred or so years ago in 1900, there were only an estimated 1,000 golf clubs in the country. If you think golf seems to be a quality associated with money or high class now, you should have seen the national perception of the sport in the early 1900’s.

It’s easy to see why and how golf got popular. While some joke about the presence of a golf cart, it is actually quite a physically intense and gratifying sport, and an effective exercise if engaged in fully.

A man weighing about 175 lbs. can be expected to burn almost 500 calories per golf outing if he’s carrying his own clubs. On a typical nine-hole course, a golfer might walk almost 2.5 miles. That’s quite a bit of exercise for any individual, especially someone who might be thought of as a taker of shortcuts, thanks to the stigma surrounding the use of motorized carts in the sport. A player may only have 14 clubs in their bag at one time, however, making the 500 calories per outing something of an “at most” estimate.

Brunches With Santa Are Back! Remember To Make Reservations Before Its Too Late

Christmas table setting with festive decorations close up
Christmas table setting with festive decorations close up

Talk to the pros, and they’ll tell you that the odds of hitting two holes-in-one the next time you play golf are 67 million to one, against. Talk to the brunch pros, on the other hand, and they’ll tell you the odds of enjoying brunch are, well, pretty darn great.

That’s because in these politically charged times there are still a few things that can bring us together as a nation. And one of those things is a festive holiday brunch.

The Best Brunch Wilmington Delaware Has Ever Tasted…
We don’t just pride ourselves on having world class golf club events, we’re also proud to offer the best brunch in Wilmington DE that anyone has ever tasted; the brunch people of all ages drool thinking about all year long. And already we’re gearing up for one of our favorite annual traditions — Brunch With Santa Claus!

Brunch began in England, and sadly it took about 30 years for it to catch on here in the U.S. But once it caught on it quickly became a favorite tradition. Whether you like all-American breakfast classics like pancakes, omelettes, and bacon, or the ethnic-inspired breakfast fare that became a major trend on restaurant menus in 2015 (things like chorizo scrambled eggs or coconut milk flapjacks), brunch truly does have something for everyone.

Best of all, more and more golf associations like ours are now offering festive holiday brunches. New Year’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving brunch, and brunches with Santa are a few family favorites, but we never miss an opportunity to host another festive holiday brunch.

Not only is it a perfect excuse to gather with your family and tuck into all your favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert dishes; it’s also a fun family tradition. So if you’re looking to make new holiday memories and start a new Christmas tradition, then RSVP your seat at the table for a Brunch With Santa near you!

It feels good to be named as the best brunch in Wilmington Delaware, but it feels even better to be a part of our neighbor’s family traditions. Just remember, no matter where you live or which holidays you celebrate, these yuletide celebrations tend to get booked fast. So if you want to find a brunch restaurant for the holidays, make sure to get your reservation in as soon as you hear that first Christmas song play on the radio.

It’s Almost Time! Brunches With Santa Claus Are Back Christmas 2015

fruits and salads on the holiday table in the restaurant

The English language is notoriously hard to learn. Not only is the grammar nonsensical, but pronunciations are totally random. But there’s really one special trait that sets American English apart from the rest: we have more words, by far, than any other language.

Brunch. Christmas. Buffet. Santa Claus.

There might be happier words in the English language, but probably not very many. And when you combine them, the result is one of the most wonderful phrases of the year — Brunch With Santa Claus!

Yes, it’s almost that time of year, when two beloved American traditions are magically combined for one glorious event. On special Sundays in December, the all you can eat Sunday brunch buffet is combined with jolly old St. Nick, fused together with the magical adhesive properties of good ol’ fashioned American Holiday spirit. Moms and dads can indulge in the amazing buffet, while kids can indulge in the holiday excitement by meeting Santa.

Brunches were imported to the American cultural tradition from England almost 100 years ago, but it’s only in recent years that brunch has become a staple of American traditions. Brides now spend an average of $457 for morning after wedding brunch buffets. That’s not much compared to the average $28,385 wedding budget, but it is a lot for breakfast (even if you are getting breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the price of one). Meanwhile, Holiday brunches have become part of Easter, Mother’s Day, and even Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Coming Soon: Brunch With Santa Claus!

So this Christmas, discover the culinary magic of brunches with Santa. Combine your love of brunch with your love of the Christmas spirit. Treat yourself to all your favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert items in one fantastic meal. Your whole family will love it, because the best Sunday brunch buffets have a little (or a lot) of something for everyone. Kids menu items feature all your young one’s favorites, while adults have been known to get lost at the dessert station on their way to the carved meat station.

And did we mention Santa Claus will be there? For Christmas 2015, come discover why Brunch with Santa is fast becoming an annual holiday tradition for Americans of all ages.