Public Golf Courses: The Hottest New Party Venue

When you think about golf events, you might typically tend to think about the PGA tour, local tournaments at the public golf course near you, or sneaking away from work on a warm day to play golf with your friends. But increasingly, golf courses–which are set up perfectly to host events–have been trending as hot romantic wedding places.

Traditional weddings often take place in a church or some other indoor venue, but we’re now seeing as much as 35% of all weddings taking place outdoors. Golf courses are often overlooked as an option for wedding and events, but their striking natural beauty and perfectly landscaped scenery provide an extremely desirable background for nuptials.

Since the theory is applicable across virtually any type of event, golf courses are well-equipped as party venues. Most golf courses have a clubhouse, restaurants, a bar, rooms that can be reserved for celebrations and of course, fantastic scenery. Great planning and attention to detail go into the design and development of golf courses, so it stands to reason that the scenery will be above and beyond something you could find anywhere else in the city. Unless you plan your event on a beach, or somewhere in the mountains, it’s going to be all but impossible to beat the kind of beautiful visual appeal that a golf course provides.

When planning weddings or other events, people who already enjoy golfing will go out of their way to plan their itinerary around a round of golf. By hosting your event at a golf course, you help the avid golfers in your life save time by presenting them with an opportunity to play 18 holes in the same location.

A common misconception about golf courses is that they are super-elite, or that some kind of exclusive membership is required to golf or book an event. While there certainly are private golf clubs and places that require membership, most public golf courses are just as beautiful, have just as many amenities, and are open for any and everyone to plan golf events or book a wedding. Public golf courses still provide event planners with beautiful scenery, restaurants, room rentals and event staffs dedicated to catering and decorating, ensuring every event is as spectacular as the last.

Family Brunch And More: How To Throw A Classy Graduation Party For Your High School Senior

brunch menuYour child’s high school graduation is a bittersweet milestone for you as the parent.

After all, your child has accomplished so much: From consistently making good grades to developing a memorable social life. It’s only fair to commemorate this wonderful milestone with an elegant celebration, even if you’re not sure you’re quite ready to let them go.

This foray into adulthood deserves more than a home-made brunch menu or a backyard barbecue. Here are some great ideas for throwing a graduation party that will turn heads and create everlasting memories.

Throw A Dinner Banquet

It’s fun to throw a casual party for a teenager, but who remembers. But if you’re looking to celebrate in style, why not throw a graduation party reminiscent of country club weddings?

If your loved one enjoys classy events with an upscale menu and a luxurious setting, a catered banquet is just the way to go.

Invite all of your extended relatives and close family friends. You can also choose to invite your child’s entire graduating class, or just their closest friends will do. Then, book a party at the best venue in the vicinity. Consider going out of town for this shindig; a fantastic venue is worth traveling to if you find one you truly adore.

For convenience, you can even find a venue that will cater your banquet. You can work with your caterer to develop a signature menu for this event, or you can choose to trust the food service professionals. Either way, tasty cuisine in the company of friends makes for a successful evening.

Does your child admire creativity?

If so, you can’t disappoint him or her with a traditional graduation party. Instead, pull out all the stops by hosting a golf-a-thon at an exclusive resort or country club.

This type of event is especially relevant if your child plays golf. that being said, anyone feels like American royalty at an 18-hole golf course. Book a venue where you can play golf all day. You can even incorporate a brunch menu to make your guests feel full and welcome. Whether your child has yet to learn golf or has participated in a local golf tournament, spending time with family and friends at a golf course in Delaware is a great way to commemorate the end of high school.

Have A Family Brunch

Who says a lavish family meal can’t make unforgettable bonds even stronger?

Make your high school graduate feel like the star of the show by honoring him or her with a brunch menu worthy of a king. though this popular feast of breakfast and lunch originated in England, it became a favorite American feast once it caught on in the United States some 30 years later.

Whether you opt for a traditional American brunch menu with pancakes, scrambled eggs, home fries, and more, or you choose a more sophisticated feast, no guest will leave the event dissatisfied.

Plan Your Party

What type of graduation party do you plan to throw for your beloved senior-year student? Whether you throw a big brunch or the best golf game of the century, make sure that your child has as much fun as his or her guests.