Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Day Location

There are a lot of things that go into planning a wedding. Besides all the fine details, there’s the crucial decision of where to host your country club wedding. Choosing the right location is vital to making everything flows smoothly.

Each country club is different and provides different amenities. You’ll also want to be sure to think beyond the amenities to ensure that your venue caters to your special moment. That said, here are some things that you will want to look for when picking the place for your big event.

The Actual Location of the Venue

Once you have a date for your wedding in mind, it’s essential that you start looking early at different venues. Consider the location of the venue itself and how far away or nearby it might be for both yourself and your guests. The location of your venue will have a direct impact on your guest list as well as catering options and more. Be sure to book your venue early, too. Wedding events book unique places quickly; it’s recommended that you book a venue nearly a year in advance.

Consider the Appearance of the Location

Your guests will need a place to park, so there must be enough parking spots to accommodate everyone. You’ll also want to ensure that the location has an overflow lot just in case there are more cars than spaces.

Guest Capacity Is Something to Watch

Another thing to consider is the number of guests that you’ll invite. Every location will have set capacity limits. The room size determines the number of people safely occupying a space. You could get into trouble with the local fire marshal if you have too many people in one spot. Make sure that you have an idea of the number of guests that you will be inviting to your wedding and keep that number in mind when you tour different venues.

Keep an Eye Out for Amenities

Each place will have its own unique amenities, but you’ll want to think about your wedding to ensure enough facilities and access points to serve all the people. When food is served, you’ll need a kitchen area for staging. According to The Knot Worldwide, brides typically spend an average of $1,184 on their rehearsal dinners alone, so you want to be sure that you have the right amenities you need both for the rehearsal and the wedding day.

Consider the Time

Depending on the size of your wedding, your celebrations may go on for more than one day. Consider how many days you’d want your wedding celebration to last and then keep an eye out for venues that allow you to book more than one day at a time. You’ll want to ensure enough time for the ceremony and social after the wedding.

If you’re looking to have a country club wedding and you’re looking for a quality venue, there’s no better place than Deerfield. Contact us today to learn more about our country club or to schedule a tour for your wedding venue!

The Guide to Organizing a Golf-themed Wedding

A Golf-themed wedding is a great way to celebrate the love of your life. The architecture of golf clubs often reflects their rural setting and heritage, which is often surrounded by beautiful scenery. Below are some of the best ideas we could uncover to help you get started on organizing the golf-themed wedding of your dreams.

It is no surprise that golf-themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular, but did you know that golf was once considered a sport for rebels? In Scotland, golf was banned thrice between 1457 and 1744, according to Panther Run Golf Club. Golfers used to practice their swings in public places like streets or commercial premises in the sport’s early years. Nowadays, even people with little interest in golf choose to have golf clubs as their wedding venues.

Invitation Cards

Sending out invitation cards with a scorecard theme is a creative approach to start off the golf theme for your wedding. It’s simple to switch from a golf scorecard to a wedding invitation because of how similar a normal wedding invitation’s size and design are to a typical golf scorecard. They will excite every golf enthusiast.

Wedding Cake

It’s a mistake not to take advantage of the wedding cake’s enormous customizability. It couldn’t be simpler to obtain a golf wedding cake topper. The options are unlimited, whether you choose a traditional flag pin and green or a more ambitious recreation of the bride and husband teeing off within the golfing sphere.

Golf Cart for Newlyweds

The golf cart covered with “recently married” placards is the ideal vehicle to transport the newlyweds. It is an innovative take on the conventional getaway vehicles you have seen many times in American films.


Using miniature flagpole pins as placeholders is a brilliant approach to keep the golf theme going while also elevating them so that everyone can see them, which will help your guests avoid any muddled confusion.

There you have it—some of the greatest and brightest suggestions for embracing your inner golfer at your own wedding. If you choose to hold it at a resort, make sure to host a sizable game the morning following the reception, dress to impress, and try not to steal the show from the bride!

Even without following a golf theme, there are still various ways to organize your wedding and take advantage of the picturesque grounds you can find at many wedding venues. If you get stuck, we will gladly provide more ideas, plan the event and ensure it is a success. Contact us today for assistance planning your perfect day.

Why It Is Helpful to Follow a Budget for Your Wedding

According to The Knot, the average budget for the wedding ceremony and reception alone is hat $28,385. That said, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to how much your wedding should cost. The most important thing is to have a wedding budget that you can stick to. In this article, we discuss why it’s helpful to follow a strict budget for your wedding.

Helps You Plan Better

Having a budget is all about being organized. You need to know how much you can afford to pay for the venue and other costs associated with getting your wedding day together. Usually, it’s best practice to have an itemized list of all the anticipated costs you will incur and how to make them conform to your budget. Overall, you can stay on top of your wedding plans better if you know how much money you’re working with and how to allocate it effectively.

Avoids Unnecessary Debt

It’s not unusual for couples to splurge on their wedding and go all out. That’s the danger lies in overspending and ending up with a pile of debt that can lower the quality of life for many years to come. The problem with bad debt is that it accumulates interest which raises the cost of your wedding. Therefore, having a budget is necessary because it helps you to toe the financial line that prevents you from incurring unnecessary debt. You can easily stick to your budget and keep your expenses in check when you are tracking the numbers.

Gives You More Peace of Mind

One of the main reasons for having a budget is it helps you track where all your money is going. Otherwise, it can be super stressful trying to figure out why you no longer have enough cash to pay for the decor. Not having a budget can end up derailing your well-laid plans, which is the last thing you need when you need to focus on getting all the plans together. If you have a budget that you can stick to, you can sleep better at night and enjoy your big day with more peace of mind.

Your wedding day should be one of the most exciting and special days, and it takes money to achieve that. However, you can still have your special day while staying on top of your finances. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in a wedding venue that is flexible for most budgets.

Are Outdoor Weddings Now the More Popular Option?

Are you looking for places to have a wedding reception? You might want to consider a venue that allows you to have an outdoor wedding. According to Hudson Valley Weddings, 35% of weddings are now outdoor occasions. There are many reasons people choose outdoor places to have a wedding reception. For instance, an outdoor wedding will likely have ample space for dancing, mingling, and kids to play without getting in the way of the proceedings. Let’s have a look into the popularity of outdoor weddings.

The Popularity of Outdoor Weddings

In recent years, outdoor weddings have reigned supreme as a popular option compared to traditional indoor ceremonies. There are several reasons why people choose outdoor weddings. Most couples have fallen in love with the natural lighting, flexible layouts, and gorgeous scenery. The popularity of outdoor weddings can also be attributed to the COVID pandemic. Outdoor weddings are safer since people can practice better social distancing. This makes outdoor weddings safer since people will be less enclosed.

Reasons Outdoor Weddings Are Popular

There are several reasons why people go for outdoor weddings. There’s nothing more beautiful than a natural landscape for a backdrop if you think of it. Most countries offer a natural wonderland, especially if you plan your wedding in the summer. This will enable you to take advantage of the cultivated landscapes, fragrant gardens, and romantic renovated barns.

Apart from the aesthetics, an outdoor wedding setup is also more functional. You will be able to accommodate more guests. This is important if you have a big guest list. There will also be more space for your guests to move around freely. Apart from that, the bride will also have a little more space to move without having their long train or veil stepped on.

Another reason why you might want to consider outdoor places to have a wedding reception is that they will likely be more child-friendly. Kids can’t be blamed for their super high energy levels. An outdoor venue will give them ample space to run around without tipping something over. They also won’t get in the way of adults who want to dance.

Outdoor weddings are now a lot more popular, and that popularity will likely increase. This is because they offer many advantages that you won’t enjoy with indoor setups. If you are looking for places to have a wedding reception near you, get in touch with us today.

What To Look for in an Event Venue

Choosing the perfect venue for your special event is no easy task, and there are a lot of factors to consider. No matter what your event is whether that be a wedding, a birthday party, a baby shower, etc., there are some things to look for when deciding on an event venue. Here are some tips for what to look for when choosing a location for your next event.

Guest Count

If you have a good estimate of the number of guests that will be attending, you are ready to determine what kind of space you will need in your event venue. From party spaces for more intimate private events to banquet centers for large corporate functions, you’ll need to ask your venue what its max capacity is. Additionally, check what the parking situation is like. Will they have adequate parking for your event needs?

Food Options

Events usually serve food so once you decide if you need catering or you are doing your own food, make sure the event venue has accommodations ready. If the event is doing the foodservice, make sure to try it first as well.

Nearby Accommodations

If you are hosting a huge event that will have people from out of town, it is important to choose a venue that has overnight accommodations nearby. For those out-of-town guests, the ability to stay overnight in comfort could be a crucial deciding factor if they can attend the event. You can do your own research or ask the event venue what locations are nearby and if they have any partnerships with them.

One of the most important aspects of choosing a venue is cost-efficiency. Make sure the venue offers price flexibility such as pricing tiers or packages. Your venue should reflect the event itself and your guest’s interests. For more information on a wonderful event venue, contact us at Deerfield. Deerfield is Delaware’s premier wedding, banquet, meeting and special events facility, located on the picturesque grounds bordering White Clay Creek State Park.

Indoor or Outdoor? Country Club Weddings Offer the Best of Both Worlds

For a good while now, outdoor weddings have been steadily rising in popularity. This is in part because alternatives to traditional church venues are becoming more popular in general. According to Hudson Valley Weddings, about 35% of all weddings are now outdoor affairs. Of course, some people would rather have the best of both worlds, with a venue that will allow people to spend a good amount of time outdoors while still offering valuable indoor space. There are relatively few venue types that give this advantage, but one of them is certainly the classic country club. While country clubs have long been popular venues for weddings, you may not fully understand their benefits. Let’s look into country club weddings below.

1. A Beautiful Atmosphere

A country club, unlike many more rustic or casual venues, does not need to be specially cleaned and prepared for your wedding. Rather, a country club will always have a beautifully presented indoor space as well as well-manicured grounds and gardens outside. Additionally, there will be a constant staff readily available, and further staffers can be called in for your wedding. It’s simply less for you to worry about.

2. Ready-Made Photography Options

Many country clubs have contracts with local photographers, and they can offer you great deals for wedding photography packages. Furthermore, it will be easier for you to get great photos at a country club because there will be plenty of spaces that are ready to go as the perfect backdrops. You won’t have to work as hard to find a photographer, and your photographer won’t have to work as hard to get the perfect shot.

3. Great Food and Beverages

You won’t necessarily have to outsource for food and beverages as well. Most country clubs can offer catering in-house, and often open bars as well. You can work with your venue to ensure that everyone has food that will accommodate their dietary needs, and you won’t have to look around for a caterer.

4. It’s All in One Place

Rather than having people move from one place to the other for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, you can have it all take place at the same venue. This is easier (and safer) for your guests.

Ultimately, having your wedding at a country club will give you a beautiful, more relaxed event.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Wedding Venue

Choosing the perfect wedding venue is a big decision, and you don’t want to make any mistakes when selecting the place that is best for you. Unfortunately, there are many mistakes that many couples end up making because they’re easy to overlook. To help prevent you from having venue remorse, here are five mistakes you need to be aware of.

1. The Venue Is Too Small

One common mistake that many couples make is not taking into account the maximum number of occupants a venue can hold before booking it. For small guest lists, this may not be a huge problem, but when you start having over 150 guests, you can run into spacing issues. Always ask about occupancy before booking your venue to ensure everyone can be included and that there is plenty of space to move about in.

2. Who Is Catering?

Another mistake to avoid when picking a wedding venue is not thinking about catering at the same time. Preferably, the venue you choose will provide catering options as a part of a package deal, but if they don’t, you’re going to have to search locally to find someone who can provide what you need. Having to do this can eat up time, and you may end up not having the food that you wanted. If possible, try to find a venue that can provide catering onsite.

3. Paying for Decorations

Another mistake that couples often make is not asking about decorations that the venue can provide. If you don’t know what decorations they can provide, you could end up unnecessarily spending more money bringing your own, when you could have had them provided by the venue you’ve chosen. Optimally, the wedding venue can provide things such as linens, napkins, lights, candles, and table decorations. With the average budget for a wedding and reception being $28,385, you’ll want to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck without needing to spend more than needed.

4. Where Are the Guests Staying?

When picking a wedding venue, you’ll also want to ensure that it is easy to access for guests, particularly those coming from out of town. Some venues will be partnered with hotels to provide accommodation for the bride, groom, and guests, as well as shuttle services to and from the venue. This can be especially helpful as you won’t have to worry about people being late or getting lost on the way. The biggest mistake you can make is not asking about services like this when booking your venue.

5. The Venue Is Booked

Lastly, and possibly one of the most significant mistakes, is not booking the venue far enough ahead of time. Selecting a venue is something that you’ll want to do as soon as possible because they may book up fast. You don’t want to have the perfect venue in mind only to find out that it’s already booked on the day of your wedding. Try to book as soon as possible to avoid this mistake.

If you are looking for the perfect wedding venue, make sure to keep these five mistakes in mind so that you can avoid them and ensure that you have the best wedding day experience possible.

6 Trends to Make Your 2021 Golf Club Wedding Memorable

Saying “I Do” to the love of your life should be unforgettable and worth every penny. Every year, couples change their wedding expectations depending on the current styles. And if you do not want your wedding to be a big bust, you better hop on the trending fashions and arrangements.

Since 2020, couples, planners, vendors, and designers have experienced challenges because of the pandemic. Now that most gatherings are back, planning a 2021 or 2022 wedding will be easy. As couples wait for big weddings and events to make a comeback, they have to normalize the new wedding fashions that arose out of necessity.

Here are the most popular trends to watch out for in 2021.

Micro weddings

The most noticeable trend is the need for intimate, informal, and relaxed weddings. Betrothed couples now prefer micro weddings with a limited number of guests on the list. For one, they can easily budget per head, spend quality time with guests, and keep the ceremony friendly. Best places to have a wedding include country clubs and golf courses.

Innovative technology, as well as the pandemic, have also affected the rise of virtual weddings. Couples find it easier to say their vows and broadcast them on a videoconference. This style helps maintain social distancing and keeps the ceremony light and stress-free.

Shorter Engagements, Quicker Weddings

On average, the period between an engagement and the D-day is a year to eighteen months. That time is sensible, given that a wedding ceremony and reception costs $28,385 to $33,900. Now that the number of people flying has reduced and guest lists have become shorter, there is no need to wait too long to say “I Do.”

Transformative Apparel

Traditionally, the wedding dress was a conservative white gown with a veil and a long train. However, brides now opt for transformative clothes that are more liberal and can be worn in different styles. Such attire makes it easy to transition to the reception wear and can be re-worn for your sequel marriage ceremony. Wearing a chic transformative dress will make your golf course wedding stand out, no doubt!

Fresh Air Setting

With outdoor weddings increasing, people are now looking to getting married in a fresh, natural ambiance with mood lighting and tents.

If you are planning your golf club wedding, include floral décor and greenery to match the environment. The best golf course in Delaware will be a perfect spot for your country club wedding. When the sun sets, the air is fresh, and the mood is right, you will feel like a princess in a fairytale.

Unexpected Venues

Couples are looking for unanticipated themes and venues to make their ceremony different. The best places to have a wedding are non-traditional places that give your ceremony uniqueness. Venues are now more spontaneous, with some eloping at the onset.

Welcome Bags

Welcome bags in most weddings in 2020 and 2021 include a hand sanitizer, an on-theme face mask, and cherished gifts like scented candles. Traditional bags had fun items, but the pandemic has caused the contents to change.

Are You in Need of a Party Venue?

Do you want to host your wedding or reception in a remarkable venue? Worry no more! Deerfield Golf Club is the best place to tie the knot. It will be easier to plan your event with precision and elegance. Just call today and make a reservation.

3 Best Unique Places to Have a Wedding

Have you recently been engaged? Congratulations! Enjoy the thrill of having a fiance and looking forward to being wed. If you’re worried that the thrill will wear off once it comes time to plan for the wedding, let us reassure you. Planning doesn’t have to be stressful, and instead, as you search for the perfect places to have a wedding, let us show you how exciting it can be by listing some unique wedding places you may want to consider during your search.

1. Country Club Wedding

Country clubs come equipped with all of the amenities you’ll need for your perfect wedding and reception. They provide a one-stop shop for all avenues of your special day. The beautiful, rolling green of a golf course might just be the perfect backdrop you’re looking for. You’re not the only one to think so — there were more than a thousand US golf clubs by the year 1900. And with the provided lodging, you can host as big a reception as you’d like, without having to travel to a second location. As unique wedding places go, a country club wedding can be indoor or outdoor and is great for all seasons.

2. Beach Wedding

Ideal for summer weddings, beaches are places to have a wedding that offer a variety of backdrops. From beautiful blue waves to old sailboats and lighthouses, there is an aesthetic for everyone. Many beaches also provide lodging so you can host your reception under a roof. Big or small, you can make your summertime wedding dreams come true. This is an especially good option if a lot of your guests will be bringing children. They can play in the sand or water while the adults chat and drink.

3. Barn Wedding

This type of venue is better suited for smaller weddings and a great option for all seasons, especially fall for that rustic aesthetic. You will be able to find a lot of different styles, from differently shaped barns to different backdrops including hills, forests, or meadows. The wedding event can be held inside or outside and the barn itself makes for the perfect reception location. You can expect to have all sorts of fun at a location like this.

Ready to let the thrill of your engagement carry over into the search for unique wedding places? By having read this article you’re already off to a great start! All you have to decide is which kind of location and aesthetic appeals to you most, and the rest will surely fall into place.

What to Ask When Searching for a Wedding Venue

Your wedding day is the most important ceremony in your life. It is a special day that you get to celebrate with your loved ones and your better half. However, a lot of planning goes into place to make your special day a complete success. Inadequate planning could essentially ruin your whole wedding. Elaborate measures should be taken with the help of your wedding planner to avoid such occurrences. Securing an appropriate wedding venue is the most important part of this process. Here are some important questions you should ask when searching for a wedding venue:

Exclusivity of the Venue

This helps define boundaries and restrictions. If the wedding venue is small, it is important to know how long it is available for your use. This also helps to define how flexible your wedding schedule is. The wedding venue you select might be hosting several events on the day of your wedding and this translates to a tight schedule because of the time restraint.


Extensive planning is done when it comes to weddings. This may come as no surprise as you may find wedding venues that are booked up to 3 years in advance, especially during the summer when the weather is favorable for such an event. Advance booking will help you secure your dream wedding venue.

Outdoor Wedding Option

35% of weddings are now outdoor occasions, according to statistics offered by Hudson Value Weddings. Most couples prefer simple outdoor garden weddings that are attended by only close friends and family. It is therefore important to enquire whether the wedding venue you selected meets your desired criteria and setting.


A hand full of people will definitely want to share your joy on your special day. It is important to have security in place to ensure that peace and order are maintained at the wedding venue. In the same breath, the family heirloom and the wedding public address system must also be secure.


It is important to know how many people the wedding venue you selected can hold. This dictates the number of invites you send out to your friends and family. You also get to know how many cars the venue can park. This goes a long way in avoiding any setbacks and inconveniences that may befall your guests.

At Deerfield, we promise to deliver your dream wedding as you have always envisioned it. We will help you secure your desired wedding venue location and seamlessly facilitate the whole wedding planning process.