4 Key Things to Look for in a Wedding Reception Venue

According to Hudson Valley Weddings, approximately 35% of weddings are outdoor occasions. Choosing the best location for your reception can make or break your special day. Read on to learn more if you are looking for places for wedding receptions.

Location and Capacity

After the wedding ceremony, you don’t want to travel hundreds of kilometers for the reception. A venue that is easily accessible will be more convenient.

You want a venue that can accommodate all your guests. Party venues with enough space for dining, mingling, and dancing won’t disappoint.

Food and Drinks Offered

Most of your guests will remember what you offered during the wedding, so food and drinks are important. Many wedding venues in Delaware will offer quality food and drinks. It’s your wedding, so plan in advance what will be offered to the invited guests. Consider places for wedding receptions providing what you want in their packages.

Decor and Entertainment

Your wedding reception space should amplify your feelings. A perfect venue should be well-designed with colorful drapes, classic furniture, table cloths, flowers all over, perfect lighting, and colorful rugs on the floors.

After the wedding ceremony, it’s good to have fun with your partner and guests. Consider one of the places for wedding receptions with classic music systems, dance floor, and bartenders to serve your guests.

Guest Experience

You want your guests to feel comfortable and special. Besides entertainment and delicious meals, a perfect place for a wedding reception should have well-conditioned rooms, among other amenities.

Most of your guests are likely to come with private means of transport. As such, look for a venue with plenty of secure parking space.

At your wedding, you want everything to be perfect ranging from ceremony to reception. For a memorable wedding, your reception venue should tick all the right boxes in your checklist. Contact us today if you are looking for one of the best places for wedding receptions in Delaware.

What Are the Most Popular Wedding Trends Right Now?

Although 2020 proved to be a difficult year for many, weddings are still going strong. They just look a little different. With 2021 giving everyone a fresh start, it’s only natural that weddings will continue to adjust and shift. Whether you have just started thinking about having a wedding or are getting ready to plan one soon, keep reading to discover some of the top wedding trends for 2021.

1. Outdoor weddings

One major trend that is apparent for 2021 weddings is the prevalence of outdoor wedding venues. Things like country club weddings and golf course weddings are becoming more and more popular. This may be because of the increased airflow and space you may experience at a country club wedding, making it a safer and more enjoyable choice for anyone looking to consider pandemic precautions.

2. A relaxed environment

Another increasing trend is more relaxed, carefree weddings. With all of the stress on a global scale, it makes sense why people would opt for a less stressful wedding option. The best part is that a relaxed environment or atmosphere can look different for everyone. As an average, the budget for a wedding ceremony and reception is around $28,385. However, even those with higher or lower budgets can benefit from making their wedding more relaxed. A more relaxed environment means less overthinking and structure and more enjoyment for the planners, the couple, and the guests.

3. More greenery in the decor

Along with more country club weddings and less stress, weddings in 2021 may also have more greenery. From plant-themed decorations to color schemes, nature-inspired elements are a great way to bring some of the beauty of plants and the outdoors into your wedding. Things like bundles of leaves or different kinds of plants can be incorporated into nearly every wedding style and work with a variety of venues.

4. Sustainability

Not only are plants making their way into country club weddings, but sustainability as a whole is too. With sustainability, in general, becoming more and more popular, it is only natural that this would manifest in weddings. From more plant-based catering options to plastic-free decorations, people are increasingly trying to make sure their weddings are a little bit more friendly to the environment.

With 2021 giving everyone a new start, we will inevitably see some new wedding trends this year. From outdoor, country club weddings to a more relaxed atmosphere to more plant-inspired decorations to more sustainable weddings, weddings are sure to be full of life and love.

Country Club Weddings: Incredible Reasons Why They’re Worth It

Getting engaged is one of the most thrilling moments of your life, but planning a wedding can be a lot of work. One of the more challenging parts of planning a wedding is choosing a venue. If you’re looking for a venue right now, country club weddings are a trend you need to watch out for. A golf club can be transformed into the perfect venue for your dream wedding.

There were approximately 1,000 golf clubs in the U.S by 1900. Since then, golf clubs have evolved and become one of the most elegant venues for business meetings, awards banquets, charity fundraisers, and other events. Now, they are some of the best places to have a wedding. With this and some other benefits of a country club wedding, you will be rethinking where you want to celebrate your big day.

1. One Venue for Everything

Hosting a wedding and reception in one place is extremely convenient and cuts on transportation costs. You can have your makeup artist and stylist meet you at the club, saving more time. Having everything in one place also allows you to interact with guests making it convenient and less hectic.

2. Elegant Scenery

If you want perfect wedding photos, then you’d better land an amazing venue. Country clubs are highly-regarded as high-class, chic, and elite. Hence, they provide a sophisticated atmosphere for the wedding of the year. Golf clubs are also exclusive and will give you an intimate ceremony without interruptions. You will be confident that all will be well as you are most likely to be the only one hosting an event on the premises.

3. Access to Top-Notch Chefs

A lot of country clubs already have experienced staff you can access for your wedding. You will not have to go through the stress of hiring a catering company. In-house catering services minimize your workload as you do not have to sample dish after dish to select a caterer. The staff and amenities at country club weddings are skilled and will ease the wedding-planning.

4. Spacious Setting

Country clubs are designed to accommodate large crowds. There is free space indoors and outdoors for guests to wander and interact. There are also a lot of activities to keep guests busy after the ceremony. This is especially important at a time when people are being encouraged to social distance. Given the space and high capacity at a golf course you will be able to accommodate your guests without compromising on personal space.

Additionally, all the golf club’s facilities will be at your disposal. If you have annual golf passes, you can practice your swing on the 18-hole golf course after the reception.

For the best Delaware wedding venues, country clubs top the list. You get brilliant staff and your money’s worth. To learn more about using Deerfield for your wedding venue, contact us today.

5 Must-Know Emerging Trends in Wedding Venues

When you want to rent a space for a corporate event, weddings, or other social events, it is important to familiarize yourself with emerging trends. With the average wedding ceremony and reception costing approximately $28,385, budgeting for the venue is a crucial factor if you are planning for any event.

The venue translates to quality and the budget of any event. Read on to learn more about current trends in wedding venues located in Newcastle County, Delaware.

Natural Weddings

Most people today prefer outdoor wedding places. Mother Nature’s serene woodlands, places with wildflowers, and extensive green plains have become the top picks as wedding venues.

Paired with organic foods and the countryside setting, natural weddings are the in thing. Organic weddings can also be organized in glass-walled venues with beautiful gardens as the background. Unique wedding places that incorporate nature are great for photography, and that is why you cannot go wrong with such a venue.

Advanced Technology

Projectors, video screens, and elevation platforms are among the key things you look for when you want to rent a space for a corporate event. Wedding venues are now embracing this modern and hi-tech trend to offer tech-savvy couples their ideal wedding venue.

The choice of sound systems and mode of interaction in weddings have become more technologically advanced. The popularity of social media platforms has also led to special events such as weddings being commemorated online.

Fantasy Venues

An ideal wedding should meet the expectations of the bride and groom. Couples are creating the dream wedding with the use of mild and lab-made decor. If you need to rent a space for a corporate event or wedding, it is advisable to involve professionals to create your ideal venue.

Ethereal decor has become a common and sought after trend for weddings. The choice of bold colors and flowers used for the decor determine how appealing the venue will be.

Geometric Venues

Locations with special architectural designs or other edgy features have become a favorite for modern weddings. Geometric venues incorporate modern and historic art pieces to create an exceptional environment for weddings.

Depending on the centerpiece, you will set decor colors to match the general theme of the wedding. Food choices for geometric venues are exotic and likely to be organic.

In the recent past, it was only a company thing to rent a space for a corporate event in geometric venues. Couples are changing the narrative in their pursuit of the ideal wedding by making these stately architectural buildings their wedding venue.

Multiple Use Venues

Instead of choosing different places for wedding receptions and evening parties, couples can go to venues that have different settings. There are some locations with multiple settings where you can make your wedding vows, have your reception, and do your ideal photoshoot.

As less cumbersome as it is to rent a space for a corporate event, choosing your wedding venue in Newark, Delaware has become easy. Growth in the wedding industry has made finding your ideal venue an easy task. Contact us today if you are looking for unique wedding places in Northern Delaware.

5 Tips On Planning the Perfect Rehearsal Dinner

Planning a rehearsal dinner is more challenging than you might think. It’s a tricky part of weddings, essentially in between the actual big day and a simple party. You want there to be some level of ceremony at a rehearsal dinner. After all, it’s often the first time that both the bride and the groom’s families are meeting each other, and a good tone has to be struck between formality and fun. While some choose to have their rehearsal dinners in locations separate from their actual weddings, others like to host this special event in the same venue as their wedding, merely in a different space. After all, the actual rehearsal will be taking place at the venue. In this sense, it really is a preview for the wedding day itself.

There’s a reason why lots of people choose to have their weddings at golf courses. A golf course provides space outside, while also often featuring in-house catering or restaurants, as well as banquet halls of various sizes. A smaller party of rehearsal dinner guests can be hosted as easily as the full wedding guest list. With that in mind, let’s look into what you should take into consideration when planning a rehearsal dinner at Deerfield Golfclub in Newark, Delaware.

1. Figure Out Who’s Hosting

Technically speaking, the rehearsal dinner is usually hosted by either the bride or the groom’s families. The tradition is usually that the bride’s family pays for the wedding while the groom’s family pays for the rehearsal dinner. This isn’t necessarily the case in our more modern era; 2013 saw brides spend an average of $1,184 on their rehearsal dinners, up from $1,135 in 2012, and $457 on their morning-after brunches. But it could be a custom that your groom’s parents wish to follow. You could also split costs. Either way, make sure that this is decided well ahead of time.

2. Consider a Theme

The great thing about a golf course is that you can play with a lot of different themes for your rehearsal dinner there. In fact, you could potentially set up a private golf tournament for the guests at your rehearsal dinner. Having a theme sets the tone for your rehearsal dinner, and gives guests a better idea of what they have to look forward to, how they should dress, and what the menu might be like. You may want to coordinate your theme around the types of restaurants that are on-site in Northern Delaware, to keep things simple.

3. Decide On Your Guest List

The reality is that not everyone who is going to be attending your wedding will be attending your rehearsal dinner. A rehearsal dinner is meant largely for close family and friends, particularly those that will be part of your wedding party. You may want to consider inviting guests who are attending your wedding from out of town as well. If your rehearsal dinner guest list is getting rather long, you can simply the menu and focus more on appetizers and hors d’oeuvres rather than a full meal. But that’s why you need to know who’s going on the guestlist well ahead of time!

4. Consider That Menu

Again, a golf course will usually have restaurants or catering on-site for their clients. But remember that not everyone will be able to eat the exact same thing. You need to check on the dietary restrictions of your guests, whether they have allergies or are vegan or vegetarian. Make sure that they can be accommodated at the rehearsal dinner.

5. Offer Wedding Party Gifts

It’s customary for those getting married to give gifts to those in their wedding parties. The rehearsal dinner is the perfect place to do it. You may want to do so quietly, or perhaps give a speech and present the gifts to them with some ceremony. But either way, a gift is a special way to say thank you and commemorate the event.

A rehearsal dinner should not be as stressful to plan as the wedding. Have fun with it, ask for help and ideas from those working at your venue, and enjoy the evening with family and friends. After all, you’re about to get married in Newcastle County; it’s time to celebrate!

5 Reasons to Choose a Golf Club for Your Wedding

According to Hudson Valley Weddings, nearly 35% of weddings are now outdoor events, and this number is only expected to rise with the current social distancing measures. However, hosting an outdoor wedding isn’t only a good safety step, but it can also offer a beautiful backdrop for your special occasion. Golf courses like Deerfield, in particular, have become popular places for both weddings and receptions, and when you look at the perks it isn’t hard to see why.

If you are looking for the perfect place to host a wedding, here is why you should consider not just a golf club, but Deerfield Golf Club.

1.Everything in One Location

Often times weddings are held in one location with the reception taking place somewhere else. Having everyone pack up and move after the ceremony can be tedious, and it can also be time-consuming. This means you could end up wasting time that could have been spent starting the celebration. By having your wedding and reception at Deerfield Golf Club you can consolidate everything into one gorgeous location in New Castle County, Delaware and save loads of time. This can also be beneficial for elderly family members, or families with small children that might have a hard time getting to and from a different location.

2.Indoor and Outdoor Options

Deerfield Golf Club also offers both indoor and outdoor options to help you make the most of your special day. For instance, you could have the ceremony outside against the meticulously maintained lush greens and then move inside for the reception. Our venue in northern Delaware also has additional areas such as gazebos, terraces, and ballrooms so that you can choose from a variety of options. Having easy access to the outdoors can also be beneficial for children in attendance so that they can play around without interrupting the reception.

3. Social Distancing

Choosing to have your wedding at a Delaware country club like Deerfield is also great for keeping up with current social distancing measures. Because outdoor gatherings are recommended in Delaware, your event can be as safe as possible when you opt to hold your ceremony outdoors. Additionally, while there are capacity limits on indoor events, in large ballrooms this can be as large as 250 guests. This gives you plenty of space to invite everyone without having to cut down your guest list.

4. In-House Catering

Another benefit of hosting your wedding and reception at Deerfield includes access to in-house catering services. This can include both food and bar services meaning you won’t have to spend any time worrying about hiring an outside service or bringing food yourself. Similarly, because our golf club prides itself on serving top of the line cuisine, you can expect professionally cooked delicious meal options to suit all of your guests’ tastes. From the gorgeous scenery of Newark, Delaware to Deerfield’s top notch cuisine, it can be hard to find a venue as perfect as ours.

If you are planning your upcoming wedding, reach out to Deerfield Golf Club today to learn more about packages and possibilities. The hardest part will be choosing between all of the incredible options!

Choose an Elegant Events Facility for Country Club Weddings

It can be a very exciting time when you and your fiancé get ready to tie the knot. It can also be a stressful time full of choices that are not always easy to make. Then, of course, there is the budget. The average budget for a wedding reception and ceremony tends to be $28,385. How should you spend on your wedding and where should money be allocated for necessary features? All of the information and choices surrounding a wedding can be mind-blowing.

Have you thought about the location you would like to use? Do you know some of the best places to have a wedding? It helps if you choose a location with unlimited facilities, stunning features, and delicious food like a country club has to offer. Country club weddings are simply gorgeous in settings with dreamy outdoor and indoor locations. When you’re looking for unique wedding places, ask to tour a local country club to find the perfect wedding venue in Delaware.

Let the Professionals Take Care of the Details

Country club weddings are simply the best. You want your wedding day to be a day that you will never forget. When you choose wedding packages offered by a country club, all of the important aspects are covered. Country club weddings are second to none when you let them host the ceremony and reception. Bringing guests together in one area is ideal so you can all enjoy your big day at a single venue. Delaware wedding venues provide the distinctive location, legendary services, and the exceptional cuisine you want.

Let an experienced wedding team well-versed in country club weddings handle all of the details including the catering, flowers, and entertainment. They will stay by your side from the moment you begin planning until you depart for your honeymoon. All you need to do is focus on having a good time with friends and family while collecting memories of the start of an amazing journey with the one you love.

Get Help Planning Your Wedding Down to the Last Tiny Detail

Country club weddings are the least stressful. There may be hundreds of details to organize, but you aren’t alone in handling them. All of the food, ceremony, activities, reception, decorations, and invitations are just a few of the details that need attention. The stress just increases the larger the wedding is too. A country club setting is perfect for many reasons, especially for being capable of supporting groups ranging from 100 to 500.

Plan your wedding on picturesque country club grounds whether you choose an indoor or outdoor setting. An elegant events venue is the perfect place to host a wedding since it can accommodate your needs. The focus is on creating an intimate function surrounded by gorgeous architecture in refined surroundings. Make your wedding a breathtaking event with rolling fairway greens that have been manicured to present a beautiful panorama of scenic views. A golf course wedding offers you a fantastic view of natural beauty with photo opportunities that abound.

Choose from Multiple Spectacular Décor Options

A great advantage of having your wedding at a country club is being able to choose the exact backdrop you prefer. They tend to cater to any type of wedding including offering scenic outdoor wedding places. Choose to wed on an expansive terrace, in a quaint gazebo, or in a miraculous clearing that is perfect for larger parties. There are plenty of backdrops that offer scenic views full of flowerbeds, attractive architecture, and manicured lawns.

Country Club Weddings Feel Exclusive

Nothing can make your wedding day feel more special than having it at a local country club. There is a specific aura about a wedding hosted at a country club that makes everyone feel like they are a part of an exclusive event. You deserve to feel this way on one of the most memorable days of your life. There are many options when you choose to have your wedding at a country club that takes the stress out of planning.

4 Wedding Trends You Need to Know in 2020

While planning a wedding is a special time in your life, it can also be a stressful one. On average, the budget for a wedding ceremony and reception is $28,385. Beyond the cost, you may be unsure how you want your wedding to be or where you want it to be located. There are current trends that show you don’t have to stick with traditional wedding styles, and that you can choose some unique wedding places to have your ceremony. Here are some of the top wedding trends in 2020.

Micro weddings

A big wedding might be overwhelming for some couples. Having a micro wedding involves inviting no more than 50 guests to your ceremony. It not only lessens the stress of dealing with a large number of people, but with fewer guests, you may be able to plan a more extravagant affair. More can be spent on smaller details to create a unique wedding experience. It’s an excellent trend to embrace for those who are introverts or just want a smaller intimate ceremony.

Sustainable weddings

With the rise of environmental issues, more couples are choosing to have a wedding in an eco-friendly manner. You can make your wedding sustainable in many ways. You can have your invitations printed on recycled paper, vegan leather, wood, or other alternative materials. You could also set up an eco-friendly registry and have your guests buy eco-friendly gifts and shop from companies that support environmental causes. In looking for unique wedding places, consider outdoor spaces such as public golf courses. With the sunshine providing light, you’ll save money on energy usage, and the natural lighting can potentially result in some stunning wedding photography.

Inclusive food menus

More couples are choosing to create menus that accommodate the needs of their guests. You can create a menu that offers vegan options, gluten-free options, and other food choices that you know some of your guests may desire. In addition to providing variety with the meals, you can also do the same with beverages. Consider hiring a mixologist who can put together both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for your guests. Additionally, if you’re choosing to have a sustainable wedding, you can limit the meals to certain portion sizes which can help minimize waste.

Wedding parties that include kids and pets

While traditional wedding parties usually just feature adults, if you want, you can choose to include kids and pets too. Some brides have chosen to have their pets walk them down the aisle, as well as pose next to their wedding attire before the ceremony. Kids can do more than just be flower girls or ring bearers. You could also have them be junior bridesmaids and groomsmen. In addition, a child could take the role of a makeshift photographer with the use of a disposable camera.

There many choices that can be made when it comes to weddings. You don’t necessarily have to go with a traditional style. Whether it’s unique wedding places or diverse menu selection, these wedding trends show that you can put together a ceremony unique to you and your spouse’s desires.

Why Are More Couples Choosing a Golf Course Wedding?

The first step in ensuring the ideal wedding is touring the Delaware wedding venues to pick the perfect setting. Many couples are choosing wedding venues that include an outdoor component. Golf club weddings are a great example of the perfect venue. You can easily have an outdoor component while having a traditional indoor space as well.p>

About 35% of all weddings are held outdoors. Of course, where your outdoor wedding event happens is the key to a successful event.

Why Outdoors?

Couples have different reasons for deciding to hold at least part of their event outdoors. Many couples prefer having part of their event outdoors while other parts indoors. For some couples, for example, golf club events are a perfect setting because it offers the best of both worlds. A golf course wedding can deliver a beautiful outdoor setting while also providing an elegant indoor setting.

Country club weddings at the right venue will offer a combination of spaces that can help couples to make their vision for their big day a reality. For many couples, a golf course wedding really fits the bill perfectly.

Couples today want options that help to make the planning easier. A golf course wedding gives them the option of having their outdoor ceremony and their indoor reception all at the same location. Having your entire event at one location, allows your guests to travel less to participate in your wedding, and relax more and enjoy the event. Of course, it is also a lot easier to plan when your venue offers all-inclusive options.

Is a Golf Course Wedding Right For You?

Having a golf course wedding can be ideal for just about any couple because you can pick and choose how your wedding will play out. The right golf club can be one of the unique wedding places that offer a turn-key approach to your wedding.

For example, a golf course wedding can deliver an amazing backdrop, delicious food, a space for your cocktail hour, and a wide range of options that make your wedding a personalized custom event.

If you are looking for a great venue for your wedding that will make planning easier without sacrificing anything than you should consider a golf course wedding and one of the best-known golf clubs in Delaware.

You can have your wedding your way. Learn more about one of the best wedding venues in Delaware.


5/6/20 – Golf & Banquet Update At Deerfield

Deerfield is still open for golf only (one person per gas cart beginning Friday 5/8/20, DE residents only), with all in-person tours, events, weddings, brunches, parties, golf outings, meetings and banquets now postponed through Thursday June 11, 2020.  We are hopeful to reopen for events – even if somehow limited with guidelines not determined yet – on Friday June 12th.  Our sales team is working diligently with clients whose dates may have been impacted to resolve this evolving situation with the best solutions possible.

  • Deerfield is currently limited to Delaware Residents Only and one golfer per cart – no caddies are permitted.  You are also welcome to walk and carry or push your own cart.  All social distancing guidelines and expectations remain in effect.  There can be no accommodation for “same household” guests based on the Governor’s most recent modification.  Due to limited golf carts, carts are available on a first come first served basis and cannot be guaranteed.  We will do everything possible to make a golf cart available to you as quickly as possible, and have modified the tee sheet to help maximize cart availability.
  • You are still required to wear a mask during pro shop check-in, and wherever social distancing standards of 6+ feet cannot be maintained.  You are further required to maintain all appropriate 6+ feet of social distancing on the course at all times throughout the round.  Not adhering to these standards will lead to you being asked to leave the property.  We will be circulating team members roughly once per hour during prime time to assist guests who may need to be reminded or require assistance.
  • Deerfield is still accepting touchless payment with credit card or pre-paid only for golf, please (no cash)
  • Merchandise purchases essential for play is permitted (touchless credit card only) but the Pro Shop will be closed to unnecessary shopping among non-golfers
  • All social distancing standards must be followed in the Pro Shop (the floor is marked for your convenience) with ONE GUEST in the Pro Shop at a time.
  • The driving range and putting green are open (social distancing of 6+ feet always for safety)
  • Lessons will continue but only on an individual basis where all social distancing standards of 6+ feet are maintained.
  • Packaged snacks and soft drinks are available in the Pro Shop (no cash – just touchless credit card purchases, please).You are not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages onto the property.As before, cups have been modified to reduce contact points – rakes and ball-washers are removed – no touching of flagsticks, please.
  • We will not be able to provide a pencil or a scorecard – we recommend printing one HERE or printing from our website prior to your round
  • You may call the Pro Shop with questions, but we strongly advise you access www.deerfieldgolfclub.com for the latest tee time availability and information or you may email us at info@deerfieldgolfclub.com.