Celebrate Father’s Day With These Brunch Food and Cocktail Pairs Down at Deerfield

family brunchDo you know what Sunday brunch and your dad have in common? They both get celebrated on one of the easiest, most carefree days of the week; Sunday.

It seems that dads and golf seem to always go together, and while a regulation golf ball has a whopping 336 dimples, our family brunch this Father’s Day has almost as many options. We are hosting a Father’s Day Brunch this June 18, so come on down with your pop between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:00 pm, and get ready for a feast.

Our brunch menu comes along with a carve-your-own grille station, and while reservations are not necessarily required, we do suggest them to make sure that your Father gets the best brunch on his special day!

So when you are at brunch, you need to celebrate your dad with some great cocktails. To make sure your meal is the best it can be, here are some brunch and cocktail pairings to try out.

Eggs and mimosas
These light drinks seem to be full of air, which makes them the perfect compliment for any egg dish. Eggs, while they are not quite heavy compared to more carb-rich brunch foods, can be thick, and need something light and bubbly as to not overwhelm your palette.

Bloody Mary and waffles
In this case, rich matches rich and the almost savory taste of Bloody Marys will compliment your rich, buttery waffle. Plus, the stalk of celery it comes with means you won’t go through the entire meal without eating a vegetable among all those carbs on your plate.

Long Island Iced Tea and Avocado on Toast
For your brunch, you are all about flavor, flavor, flavor. So, amp up your drinking game by pairing that green toast of yours with a sweet, refreshing drink. Because they are both quite light, you’ll leave brunch feeling full, but not too stuffed.

So, come down to Deerfield this Father’s Day and enjoy these drink and brunch food pairings! Starting your day with our family brunch will be exactly what your dad will want come June 18!

Prices are $42.95, Children between ages 4-12 $9.95, and children under three eat free.