The staff at Deerfield is happy to introduce a fresh new addition to the Deerfield offering, our Herb Garden!  Located just a short walk from Deerfield’s kitchen and culinary team, the Herb Garden will provide an abundant array of herbs that can be used in many of the items found on Deerfield’s wedding packages, banquet menus, Sunday Brunch offerings, and Pub & Grille selections.

This project has been headed by Assistant Chef Jerome, Sales Manager Angela Kaiser, and Golf Course Superintendent John Jacob.  The goal of the project is to bring a new level of farm-to-table cooking to Deerfield’s golfers and guests.

“We already use a wide array of local providers from New Castle County, Chester County, and the surrounding areas. However, the ability to gather herbs from right here on the property and use them on the very same day for a wedding, banquet, or golf customer will be extraordinary,” noted Assistant Chef Jerome. “You don’t get much fresher than that.”

“Right now we are growing basil, cilantro, chives, beets, mint, rosemary, lemon grass and so much more,” explained Jeff Robinson, General Manager.  “We will continue to modify and diversify what we grow as the menus or seasons change for both banquets as well as our Pub & Grille.  This is a great addition for our guests, and one more way we can provide the freshest, most flavorful dishes possible.”