Exploring the Style and Beauty of Country Club Weddings

country club weddingsWhen it comes to weddings, it’s not uncommon for brides and grooms to want their day to be perfect — and if you’re one of them, you’re not alone! From choosing a venue to picking the menu, you have plenty of choices to make before the big day. One you might be considering right now is having a wedding and/or reception at a country club.

What are some of the advantages of country club weddings? Here are some of the best features you can expect for your special day.

    • Location, location, location: Most wedding venues give you just one option in terms of the space available. For many banquet halls, that’s just one space indoors, and it doesn’t allow for much variety in terms of layout.Country club weddings, on the other hand, can offer a number of unique wedding places both indoors and outdoors. Whether you’d like an outdoor venue or something indoors for all seasons, there’s something for all couples in a country club setting. According to recent statistics, more than one-third (35%) of all weddings today now take place outdoors, and there’s no scenery more beautiful than the perfect landscaping found at a country club.


    • Catering options: Today’s country club weddings can be designed to cater to all tastes — and we do mean culinary ones as well! In fact, you even have options beyond the day of the ceremony itself. The rehearsal dinner can take place at the country club, and the day after the wedding is ideal for a brunch with close friends and family.If you’re interested in having a wedding brunch, similar to what you’d see at a Sunday brunch, then you can arrange for this at the time you book your wedding. Brunch began in England and took approximately 30 years to catch on in the U.S., and today it’s a favorite meal for all sorts of occasions. Today, the average couple will spend $457 on a morning-after brunch and around $1,184 on the rehearsal dinner, and the amount can vary depending upon how simple or elaborate those meals will be.


  • A unique way to say “I do”: No matter what you have in mind for your wedding day, working with a country club can give you the chance to make the ceremony, reception, and other details one-of-a-kind. Most importantly, however, the best places to have a wedding are the ones where all of your wishes are granted, so make sure to get started planning ASAP!

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