Four Essential Bits of Bridal Brunch Etiquette


One of the best things about weddings is that there are a number of associated celebratory functions outside of the actual ceremony and reception. One of these is a bridal brunch, which basically serves as an opportunity for the bride to thank her bridesmaids or for the bridesmaids to throw for the bride in celebration of the wedding. These types of events are typically much less formal and are a way to relax from the hectic bustle of wedding preparations. Like any wedding-related gathering, etiquette dictates what is and isn’t appropriate to do. Here are four bridal brunch etiquette tips.

The Guest List
When it comes to the guest list, traditionally the bridal brunch is only attended by the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids. In some cases a bride may want to include her mother, future mother-in-law, or other women in the wedding, but that depends mostly on preference. Typically, bridal brunches are a “no boys allowed” affair, but these days it is perfectly acceptable to invite whatever friends or family are close to the bride, regardless of their gender.

The Invitations
Since the bridal brunch isn’t as formal as other wedding events, invitations here don’t necessarily need to be very formal. A bride may choose to send formal invitations through the mail, but this is really just a matter of preference. Whoever is hosting the event could opt to send something as simple as an email to announce the event.

The Brunch
One of the benefits of throwing wedding brunches is that they are a much more relaxed and informal way of celebrating while still maintaining the excitement and doing something special. Brunch dishes are usually light and fall somewhere, of course, between breakfast and lunch. Brunch buffets usually include pastries like muffins, croissants, and bagels, fruits, vegetables, egg dishes, and selections of meats.

If the bride is hosting the bridal brunch, it presents the perfect opportunity for her to distribute the bridesmaids gifts. These, of course, are usually tokens of the bride’s appreciation for her bridesmaids. If the bride so chooses, a brunch is a good opportunity to present gifts to her mother and her future mother-in-law. In some cases, the wedding party may present a gift to the bride, but this is not traditionally expected since the bridesmaids have already paid for their dresses and wedding and shower gifts.

As with any part of a wedding, these customs and guidelines do not have to be followed precisely. A bride and groom might opt to throw an after wedding brunch or casual Sunday brunch to thank all of their guests for coming to the wedding.

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