How Can I Improve My Golfing Accuracy?

golf course

Now that the weather is warm, you may be ready to return to the golf course again. If your game isn’t where it should be, you have several ways to work on your accuracy. Here are ways you can do so.

Use Visualization

A good routine that includes visualization is the ideal way to improve anything, such as your golfing technique. Before you take a shot, you may visualize the target ahead. Whatever you do, remember to focus on the golf club’s head path. From there, you can align your feet accordingly and visualize the path the ball will take.

Do Golf Related Exercises

Remember, golfing is still a sport. Therefore, there are certain exercises in which you can focus on the muscles used to have an effective golf game. You can improve your club head speed and lower body strength by using squats. Use the rotational exercise called the Russian twist to strengthen your core muscles. Simply sit on the ground and lift your feet while twisting the torso from side to side with a medicine ball or other weighted items. While on the ground, lie on your back and flutter your legs up and down to target your abs for stability. You can further improve your balance and stability by doing planks or side planks.

Take Lessons

Sometimes the easiest way to improve accuracy is by taking some lessons. Your local golf course is a perfect opportunity to take lessons. You may sign up for formal lessons or benefit from playing with other golfers.

Observe Other Golfers

According to Golf Span, there are about 80 million golfers worldwide, but only 200 qualify for the PGA tour. Once you spot other golfers with great skills, whether they’re professionals, friends, or coworkers, stand back and observe their technique. Observe how they stand and see how you can incorporate that into your game. Attend some golf tournaments, where you can see the best golfers play up close.

Now is the time to return to the golf course. If you were shy about doing so because of your previous game, you have even more reason to get back out there. Improve your golfing accuracy with more practice and being around better players. Contact our golf course today at Deerfield to get started on becoming a better player.