How To Choose The Right Local Golf Course For Your Event

Since its emergence as a popular spectator sport in the late 1800s, golf continues to attract new participants each year. As of 2017, there were 23.83 million golfers in the U.S., approximately 8% of the population. 8.8 million of these participants say they are avid golfers.

Finding the right local golf course is a vital part of organizing a successful event. Whether as a charity event or a corporate golf outing, most participants will remember the day in part due to their experience around the course. Here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing a golf course in Newark, Delaware.

1. Start Your Search Early

Preparing for golf events can be hectic, and one needs ample time to organize the tournament properly. Determine what you envision for your event. What type, of course, do you wish for? Private or public golf courses? An 18-hole golf course or a 36-hole course?

Take your time and carefully analyze the different venues. List the pros and cons of each and make an objective decision on the right local golf course. You should plan to negotiate with the golf club management at least six months prior to your event.

2. Location

One of the first items you should decide early on is the location of the golf course. How far do you expect your participants to travel to attend the event? Are your participants primarily local golfers? Or perhaps there are more out-of-town guests? Choose a suitable location that is comfortable for most of the participants. If a majority of players are flying in, you will need an easily accessible golf course, probably one that is near an airport or major highway.

3. Pick an Appropriate Date Suitable for the Location

The date you settle for may have a profound effect on your budget estimates as well as your attendance. There are days of the year that will be unsuitable to play golf. Always factor in the season before picking a specific date. The time and day of the week may also influence the charges that you might incur. Weekends are the busiest days for most golf clubs and tend to attract higher prices.

4. Playability

You may need to analyze the average skill level of your participants. Do you expect to attract more pro-golfers or recreational golfers to the event? A challenging local golf course may put off the non-golfers that attend. However, it may be a fun challenge for competitive golfers. Check the golf course rating on the United States Golf Association Database.

5. Adequate Space and Amenities

You may also need to discuss with the golf club management the available amenities to host your reception or award party. While the golfers will have fun partly around the course, most will look forward to the award ceremony later on. The party venues can help your event stand out. Does the club have special events facilities that can hold your reception? Do you offer catered food, or do you have to organize for vendors?

Selecting the right golf course for your event is the first step in organizing a successful event. Remember to find the right location, amenities, and playable course. It may be important to start your search early enough to find a suitable date for the tournament.