How to Choose Your Golf Gear

golf equipment

Golf equipment has changed a lot in the last 15 years. Even though according to TGW, surlyn has been the most common non-tour level golf ball cover since the 1960s, it’s getting easier and easier to find other cover materials now than ever before. Clubs have also taken leaps forward so casual players will find better performance out of their clubs, balls, and shoes than ever before, while professionals are finding even more new ways to improve their golf game.

Spikeless Shoes

Ever since a young Tiger Woods was tearing up the courses in the mid-1990s, there’s been an increased interest in golfing shoes that are fashionable and flattering for the player through all 18 holes. No longer content to walk on the same old dress-derived golf shoe, today’s players want the fit, comfort, and look of a sneaker in their golfing shoes, and manufacturers seek to deliver it. With the modern shoe, you no longer have to worry about changing out of your shoes when you go back to the club. Today’s spikeless designs will give you just as much grip as ever before without carpet-ripping spikes.

Mid-High Handicap Drivers

Drivers and other clubs for high-handicap players have taken plenty of steps forward in the last couple of years as well. With demand for higher performance at a lower price point, today’s high-handicap woods and irons are closer in performance than ever before to their professional counterparts. Everybody should experience the powerful feeling of swinging a high-performance club, even if they’re just starting in the game.

Launch Monitors

The use of launch monitors came out of the niche of professional equipment for years. They entered the realm of the average player during the pandemic. Players wanted to be able to get electronic feedback of seeing the effects of their swing and devices like the PRGR Portable Launch Monitor and Blast Golf Swing Analyzer can give them instant feedback that will improve any player’s game.

Urethane Covered Balls

After six decades of surlyn as the main material covering golf balls, the pandemic brought about the use of urethane as a ball cover. This high-bounce polymer is popular in other sports and brings new performance to golf balls. Of course, there are still countless color and brand options to take into consideration when purchasing your golf balls as well.

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