How to Design the Perfect Brunch Menu

brunch menu

To have a great brunch, you have to have a great brunch menu. But it can be expensive to provide a big spread even for a small number of guests, so the perfect brunch menu is as tasty as it is affordable. You need to provide food for a variety of dietary needs, but you also need to include some polar brunch staples that a majority of guests will be looking for when they’re ready to eat.


What to Include on Your Brunch Menu


Brunch is popular for any type of get-together, but this hasn’t always been the case. Brunch was a tradition in England for at least 30 years before it caught on in the United States. It’s common to celebrate with brunch following a wedding rehearsal dinner or other wedding events. Brunch is great for all sorts of special events and gatherings, but designing the brunch menu can be somewhat stressful. Who doesn’t eat gluten? Who’s allergic to nuts? What’s your budget? These are all important considerations when it comes to creating the perfect brunch menu.


Even at a family brunch, you have to plan a diverse brunch menu. Include some fresh fruit for sure. This is highly affordable, and it displays beautifully. Melons and berries of any kind are always welcome at brunch. You may also include small containers of plain or vanilla yogurt that can be mixed with the fruit if desired. Include bread of some type, which can simply be avoided by those who don’t eat bread, and jelly. If you can provide jelly in multiple flavors, even better. Include butter as well. No brunch menu is really complete without butter.


No brunch menu is complete without eggs, which are also very affordable. Making a large pot of scrambled eggs is a very easy and simple but nice addition to any brunch menu. Add some cheese and spices to put the scrambled eggs over the top. You can also add some small, individually-sizes boxes of cereal, a popular breakfast staple that some people will always want. Put out a container of milk, which can be mixed with the cereal or the fresh fruit. You may also wish to include oatmeal, a highly affordable and filling addition to the brunch menu. Get a gluten-free variety to provide this as another offering to those who don’t eat wheat.


The Meats on Your Brunch Menu


Meat is an essential item for any brunch menu. Include a tray of cold cuts, such as chicken or turkey, for people who are craving more of a lunch. Add some bacon and sausage for those eaters who are in a breakfast kind of mood. Ham is often considered a perfect brunch treat because it can be eaten for breakfast or lunch. Ham is often on the menu at any holiday brunch, when it’s often readily available.


Add Some Vegetables to Your Brunch


Your brunch menu has to include vegetables, too. Potatoes are easy to prepare in a number of ways and highly affordable. Fry them, make hashed browns, dice them, or slice them and they are perfect for any brunch menu out there. You may also want to include some sauteed onions and mushrooms, which can be added to eggs or used to top off meats. Vegetables are very inexpensive and they can typically be fried with a little oil or butter to become delicious offerings on any table. Simple preparation and low cost make vegetables a brunch menu essential. Consider a green vegetable, such as spinach, as well.


Don’t Forget Your Condiments


Put out a wide range of condiments so people can dress up the items on your brunch menu as you wish. Honey and syrup should be offered, because people may add this to their fruits, breads, and even meats.


A great Sunday brunch doesn’t have to cost a lot. All it takes is good planning and a great brunch menu, and you can satisfy a wide variety of tastes and dietary needs.