Keep Your Golf Game Hot Even in the Bitter Cold With These 4 Tips

play golfIf you’re a true golf enthusiast, you’re not about to let a little cold weather keep you off the golf course. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, if the green is open, you’ll be out there playing the best golf game you can. Here are a few tips for playing in the cold.

  1. Be realistic. During any golf game, the chance of making two holes in one in a single round is about 67 million to one. When the temperatures are low, you’ll be even less likely to make that happen. In the cold air, the ball doesn’t spin as much or travel as far. That’s because the air is denser at lower temperatures and cold balls harden when stored in a cold climate. Basically, when you play golf in the winter, be aware that you can’t use the same strategy you would use on a normal day.

  3. Keep your hands warm. You need total control over your hands in order to play a good game. If you lose feeling in your hands or your muscles stiffen up from the cold, your game will certainly suffer. Keep some hand warmers in your pockets or invest in a good pair of gloves.

  5. Play the ground game. If your hands feel frozen solid and you can hardly hold onto the golf club, chances are the ground is hard as rock, too. Use that to your advantage. As mentioned above, the ball isn’t going to spin very well, so there’s no point in going for the flop shot. Stick to the run up shots and bump and runs. Keep the ball on the ground and watch it roll.

  7. Stay hydrated. Just like any sport, when you play golf, you need to keep drinking water. When it’s cold out, you may be tempted to substitute plain old H2O for coffee or hot chocolate; however, these warm but caffeinated drinks will only dehydrate you. Sports drinks are good for replenishing lost electrolytes, but nothing beats water.

Don’t let the cold get you down. With practice and preparation, you can learn to play like the pros no matter the weather.