Keeping Your Golf Game On Par Over The Winter


By the year 1900, there were over 1,000 private country clubs in the United States. That number has since grown exponentially, putting golf among the more popular recreational sports. The trouble with golf is that it’s difficult. Nevermind how easy the professionals make it look. We’re willing to bet that you’ve been out on the links with half a mind to toss your entire set of clubs in the water hazard that’s been harping on your handicap.


We’re always excited to shake off the winter rust when the first mild days of spring come and the golf courses reopen, but there are several ways to keep your game up to snuff during the winter. This way, by the time spring comes, your buddies who’ve been hibernating all winter will get to bear jealous witness to your prowess.


Take lessons


We know it’s snowing outside, but lessons don’t have to be out on the course. Whether it’s an indoor driving range, putting greens, or lessons purely focused on form, a few lessons while winter is howling will have you that much more prepared for when the spring season reopens the links.


Hit the gym


It doesn’t take an M.D. to figure out that during the winter we’re tempted to be more sedentary and slower to get our bodies into the mood for exercising. Killing two birds with one stone, wintertime exercise is plain good for you. It’s also good for your golf game. Talk with whoever you take lessons from and learn a few exercises that will boost your strength, flexibility, and form for your golf game. Your body will thank you and you’ll see some results on your scorecard, too.


Equipment updates


We hope you were well-behaved this year, because when Santa brings golf equipment, they’re the best presents. When you opt for lessons, take inventory of your golf bag. Look at clubs that might be due for a replacement. Then sit with your instructor and have them fitted. If you’re getting new equipment, best get it made for your body and swing. Impulse buying new golf gear might seem fun and the pro shops are always tempting, but it’s a very exact game that calls for equally meticulous equipment measurement.


Just because it’s winter and you can’t play golf the way you’re used to doesn’t mean you should hang up the clubs until the trees start blossoming. Try these three things and we think you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised come springtime.