McDonald’s LPGA Championship and Golf in Delaware

nearby golf course

nearby golf courseGolf is one of the country’s favorite past times. There are many golf courses around the country where the Professional Golf Association (PGA) and Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) hold their championships. The state of Delaware is one state that enjoys golf, but it was dealt a loss when the McDonald’s LPGA Championship left the DuPont Country Club in Wilmington, Delaware in 2004. The LPGA moved the tournament to The Bulle Rock Golf Course 35 miles away in Havre de Grace, Maryland.

The Loss of the McDonald’s LPGA Championship

The impact of the McDonald’s LPGA Championship meant a loss of income in the state of Delaware. During the 24 years at DuPont Country Club, the tournament raised $41.6 million and drew 100,000 fans per year. This championship is a big part of the golf community, in which 23% of professional golfers are female. Even though the championship is gone, any nearby golf course is still able to host professional tournaments and local golf enthusiasts.

Where to Enjoy Golf in Delaware?

Even though the McDonald’s LPGA championship has left Delaware, golf fans can still go to a nearby golf course in Newark, Delaware. In addition to DuPont Golf Course in Wilmington, there are other golf courses in Newark, Delaware. A nearby golf course offers similar picturesque views, luscious greens, and amazing service.

Enjoy Golf as a Newbie

If a person wants to start playing golf, take time to locate a nearby golf course in Newark, Delaware. Find a course to learn the golf basics through individual lessons, group sessions, camps, or clinics. You can also find a coach to help you improve a certain aspect of your golf game or design an individual plan based upon a person’s skill level.

When looking for an appropriate golf course in Newark, Delaware, take a tour of the facility and its array of services. For the best nearby golf course, find a country club that offers fine dining and access to event spaces. If you’re a seasoned golf player or a newbie, find a nearby golf course that helps you with the right equipment and guidance to enjoy the game.