The Party Venue Checklist Every Party Planner Should Know

party venuesWhether you’re planning a wedding or corporate event, party venue selection is one of the most important factors. To help you find the best party venue for your social engagement, go through the following checklist to ensure a good time will be had by all.

Can the venue accommodate my guest list size?
Before making the final decision on party venues, it is important to have an idea of how many guests will be attending. You may not mind if the venue is larger than you need, but it’s never good if the venue is too small, making people feel cramped and crowded. Approximately 35% of weddings occur outdoors, and if you expect a big crowd, going outside might be a smart idea. Expert party planners suggest that the best places to have a wedding have a Place of Assembly Certificate as well as a Certificate of Occupancy.

What floor is the venue located?
If you’re getting married inside, you’ll need to consider this. It may seem like an odd question to ask, but it is more crucial than you think. In major cities like New York City, event venues can often times be on different floors within a building. Ask to see all the venue options available to you and what floors they are located on. You may need to include this information in your invitation. Equally important to consider is the accessibility of the location. Are there steps or stairs, and if so, is there also a ramp? Do guests need to walk a long way? Are the restrooms conveniently located? Try to imagine the space from the perspective of someone who uses a wheelchair or who might have limited mobility, to make sure that it is a welcoming environment for everyone.

Does the venue match the tone of my event?
If you want a formal wedding and are requesting that guests attend in black tie, you will need a ballroom or other formal venue. Outdoor weddings are generally more casual. It’s not fair to ask people to hike through the woods or across a beach if they are dressed to the nines.

What other services and amenities does the venue offer?
You may be focusing on the fun aspects of your wedding, but it’s also important to consider the mundane details. Is there adequate parking at the venue, or can you arrange for valet parking? Will you need security services? Where will your out-of-town guests stay? If you are serving alcohol, arrange for a shuttle bus to take guests back to their hotel, or line up a few designated drivers. Is there a kitchen for your catering company to use? Some venues offer catering and lodging as part of their wedding packages, so be sure to look into those.

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