Quiz: Should I Host a Brunch After My Wedding?

Eating Brunch

According to the most revered Brunch historians (aka, Wikipedia), brunch was invented in England and took a staggering 30 whole years to migrate to the U.S. What kind of Americans took 30 whole years to appreciate the beauty of brunch, we may never fully understand. That’s because in 2015, brunch is almost universally popular. It’s equally perfect for a morning-after hangover breakfast as it is for a formal Easter meal with your entire family.

In fact, the meal is so popular that it’s fast becoming a staple of many U.S. wedding weekends. So if you’re on the fence about planning a Sunday brunch after the wedding, here’s some questions to guide your decision making…

Is there room in your budget?
With the average budget of a wedding ceremony plus reception costing more than $28,000 this year, not everyone wants to spring for abrunch after the wedding, too. And let’s not forget the rehearsal dinner (average price: $1,184). Even so, in 2013 brides and grooms spent an average of $457 on a Sunday brunch after the wedding, well within the average wedding budget. If you do decide to host a Sunday brunch after the wedding, most cities offer a wide range of options.

How many out of town relatives do you have?
One of the most joyous parts of any wedding is finally getting all your cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, extended relations, and, yes, even that one uncle who sometimes drinks too much all together in the same place doing the electric slide. But weddings can often be expensive for your out-of-town guests. If you plan on having a lot of friends and family fly or drive into town for your nuptials, then a brunch after the wedding might be very much appreciated.

Does your venue offer brunches?
Some of the best places to have a wedding and reception also regularly host brunch buffets. If so, then you can probably plan a delicious day after wedding brunch brunch without going through the lengthy process of finding yet another venue and caterer.

Finally, do you want a brunch after the wedding?
This might seem basic, but it’s important to stop and ask how you really want your special day (read: special weekend) to go down. If you really have your heart set on a wedding brunch, then you deserve the best brunch of your life.

And since most couples won’t find much time to eat during the reception, the brunch after the wedding is essential.