Same Sex Wedding Trends: What Can Be Expected in 2018

same sex weddings

Weddings are a time to celebrate love, friends, and family. While there are many traditions surrounding weddings, more and more couples are choosing to put their own personal twist on their big day. Especially with same sex weddings, we are seeing more uniqueness, from the ceremony down to the shoes the couple wears. Same sex couples seem to be leading the way for unique wedding trends, and this article takes a look at a few trends that experts expect to continue to see at gay weddings in 2018.

Skipping the bridal party: While common wedding traditions include having bridesmaids and groomsmen, more and more same sex couples are adding their own flare to ceremony traditions and choosing to forego a wedding party. In doing this, they are allowed more freedom when it comes to the processional and recessional. Many same sex couples are also choosing to walk down the aisle together, instead of separately or while accompanied by a family member. Additionally, with no bridal party, they don’t have to incorporate them into the processional or recessional.

Unique attire: Since same sex couples don’t have as many conventions to lean on as others, they have the option to get creative with their wardrobe choices. Same sex couples are continuing to make bold and unique wardrobe choices, and this trend is spreading to any and all couples. Wardrobe choices range from pantsuits to unusual dress colors. While some brides or grooms still decide to stick to traditional outfits for their gender, original wardrobe ideas are definitely an up-and-coming trend among same sex weddings. Along with their wardrobe choices, same sex couples also tend to choose more unique wedding venues and a lot of them are outdoor wedding places. In fact, Hudson Valley Weddings’ statistics show that 35% of all weddings now take place outside.

Heavy focus on the after party: This may be a new tradition among all couples, but the after party seems to have gained popularity specifically among same sex weddings. While traditional weddings may feature a Sunday brunch special the morning after, a lot of same sex weddings feature food and fun the same night. Whether it’s in a separate part of the reception space, at a nearby location, or back at the hotel, the after party is becoming a big part of many same sex couple’s wedding day. Since this party is usually more casual than the rest of the day, many same sex couples choose unusual decor or a unique theme for their after party. And of course, no wedding is complete without a late-night snack.

A lot of exciting and unique new trends are coming from same sex weddings, and people are definitely following in their footsteps. Whether it’s with the attire, ceremony, or food, there are tons of way to personalize weddings to fit the wants and needs of the happy couple.