Stop Settling When It Comes To Your Wedding!


One out of every four couples are forced to pay for their weddings without any financial help from their families. Considering the fact that the typical cost of a wedding reception in 2012 was $13,106, it’s no wonder why some people find planning a reception rather daunting. Whether a bride and groom to be are trying to scrounge up cash by themselves or not, they will see that finding a wedding venue and planning their wedding doesn’t have to be an utter nightmare.

On November 16, released a list of tips for planning a wedding for newly engaged couples. For instance, couples should know that they do not have to follow every suggestion they receive. Wedding reception ideas can often come flying at a couple from all directions. Trusting oneself is always the best way to go.

Other tips from this article discussed how couples could avoid unnecessary drama. People that are n0t upfront about what is and isn’t acceptable may find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. From the music at the reception to the congratulatory speeches, it helps to law down the ground rules well ahead of time.

There are many resources available online for couples looking to plan wedding receptions on a budget or who want some inspiration when looking for a wedding venue. Today, an astounding 93% of brides prepping for their wedding use the internet to help plan it.

No matter what kind of wedding one may be looking to plan, finding a wedding venue and planning things out does not have to be a chore. With the right tips, it could even be enjoyable!