The Dreamiest Spot to Brunch in Delaware

While Deerfield is home to one of the most tranquil spots for the sport of golf, there are also many other aspects of Deerfield that make it appealing. Brunch, which began in England many years ago, took almost 30 years before it caught on in the United States. If you are wondering where to have your next Sunday brunch outing, you may want to consider Deerfield as the spot.

A Luxurious Spot

Deerfield boasts one of the most luxurious spots that is decorated to perfection. This is a Sunday brunch spot that will not let down you or your guests, as you will be filled with views at every turn. Look out onto the pristine green 18-hole golf course as guests will be seated at their preferred table. You can have your party all sit together or you can split up your party accordingly. Take pride in knowing that you selected a location that will provide your guests with a luxurious experience, from dining to customer service.

Manicured Grounds

Those who Sunday brunch know that it is more than just the food that makes the experience, it is also the atmosphere. If atmosphere, topped with delicious food, is what you are after then you have found your new brunch spot. Deerfield is nestled next to White Clay Creek State Park, known for its enchanting scenery. The grounds of Deerfield itself, which is one of the most unique wedding places in Delaware, is always well-manicured to look pristine. You and your party can walk the grounds and take in the scenery as you wish.

Make your Sunday brunch one that your guests will remember for years to come. While Deerfield will provide you with a culinary experience unlike any other, you can trust that your customer service experience will excel all others. Deerfield takes pride in expertly training their staff to ensure that there are no burdens left on your shoulders. Call ahead in advance to make your reservation, as well as discuss any questions or concerns you have about gathering or menu. Our esteemed staff will do everything we can to ensure the success of your brunch. Make your next brunch at Deerfield.