The Guide to Organizing a Golf-themed Wedding

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A Golf-themed wedding is a great way to celebrate the love of your life. The architecture of golf clubs often reflects their rural setting and heritage, which is often surrounded by beautiful scenery. Below are some of the best ideas we could uncover to help you get started on organizing the golf-themed wedding of your dreams.

It is no surprise that golf-themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular, but did you know that golf was once considered a sport for rebels? In Scotland, golf was banned thrice between 1457 and 1744, according to Panther Run Golf Club. Golfers used to practice their swings in public places like streets or commercial premises in the sport’s early years. Nowadays, even people with little interest in golf choose to have golf clubs as their wedding venues.

Invitation Cards

Sending out invitation cards with a scorecard theme is a creative approach to start off the golf theme for your wedding. It’s simple to switch from a golf scorecard to a wedding invitation because of how similar a normal wedding invitation’s size and design are to a typical golf scorecard. They will excite every golf enthusiast.

Wedding Cake

It’s a mistake not to take advantage of the wedding cake’s enormous customizability. It couldn’t be simpler to obtain a golf wedding cake topper. The options are unlimited, whether you choose a traditional flag pin and green or a more ambitious recreation of the bride and husband teeing off within the golfing sphere.

Golf Cart for Newlyweds

The golf cart covered with “recently married” placards is the ideal vehicle to transport the newlyweds. It is an innovative take on the conventional getaway vehicles you have seen many times in American films.


Using miniature flagpole pins as placeholders is a brilliant approach to keep the golf theme going while also elevating them so that everyone can see them, which will help your guests avoid any muddled confusion.

There you have it—some of the greatest and brightest suggestions for embracing your inner golfer at your own wedding. If you choose to hold it at a resort, make sure to host a sizable game the morning following the reception, dress to impress, and try not to steal the show from the bride!

Even without following a golf theme, there are still various ways to organize your wedding and take advantage of the picturesque grounds you can find at many wedding venues. If you get stuck, we will gladly provide more ideas, plan the event and ensure it is a success. Contact us today for assistance planning your perfect day.