The Hottest Wedding Trends Of 2015

scrambled eggs and bacon on white plate
scrambled eggs and bacon on white plate

Wedding trends have to start somewhere. For example, the age-old tradition of wearing a white wedding dress hasn’t been around forever. In fact, Queen Victoria began that trend in 1840, when she wore a lavish white wedding dress. If you are planning to make it official within the next year, know the very latest in wedding trends. Here are the highlights of 2015 wedding trends.

It’s The Year Of Plentiful Greens

This year will be all about sustainable living and going green — and that trend is going to stay strong during wedding ceremonies and receptions. “Herbs like rosemary and mint, lemon leaf, magnolia leaf, ivy, smilax and maidenhair fern are being strung together and used in surprising ways — as table runners or chair swags, to frame cocktail menus, to redefine tent ceilings or to give chandeliers a soft edge,” Bridal Guide writes. With that in mind, green venues and outdoor wedding places — such as country club weddings and golf course weddings — will be very popular this year. And brides and grooms won’t stop there. Green living will play a role in more than just the bouquet and venue. Modern wedding menus are also more likely to include fresh, locally farmed selections, a trend most commonly called, “farm-to-table dining.”

More Wedding Cakes Go Naked

The most recent wedding trends aren’t just about the various places to have a wedding reception. “Wedding cakes without any icing are becoming quite the trend for rustic, casual weddings,” according to Wedding Wire. And that’s not the only thing that’s changing, when it comes to wedding foods and drinks. More couples are keeping it strictly casual, with a brunch buffet or with a cake and punch wedding. A cake and punch wedding entails serving smaller portions, such as appetizers and petit fours, instead of a full-fledged meal. What are the trendiest wedding ideas of 2015? Go green with creative, herbal bouquets and decorations, and break out of the norm with a low-key meal, such as a brunch buffet or a cake and punch reception.