The Most Incredible Golf Shots of All Time

Golf is a great game. It’s a game of passion, skill, drive, and patience. It’s also not an easy game to learn – the balance of the different clubs and when and how to use them is all the difference between a sizable handicap and a scratch game. The passion of the duffer and the professional golfer is a hole-in-one – a feat that is so difficult that to perform two in the same game is a 67 million-to-one chance, according to Gaelic Matters. It’s clear that the game requires a large amount of skill, making these shots even more impressive. Check it out!

Sergio Garcia in a Tree

In 2013 at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, golfer Sergio Garcia got his ball stuck up in a tree. Rather than take the stroke penalty for moving his ball to a playable position, Garcia successfully got himself into the tree and set himself up for an incredible backhanded, one-handed shot that took him three and a half minutes to set up – and put himself in an incredible position for his putt, according to Business Insider.

Phil Mickelson in the Rough

In the same year, 2013, golfer Phil Mickelson went from the rough to the pin, with a beautiful 95-footer chip shot on the 11th hole, putting out for the birdie on the Par 3 and improving his score to 9 under par on that round of the 2013 Deutsche Bank Championship. This was part of a banner 2013 for Mickelson that saw him rank fifth in the world at year-end, his highest ranking since 2010, according to SB Nation.

Tiger Woods on the Green

On the bad end of a difficult chip shot on the wrong side of the green, the young Woods in his prime was simply unbeatable. After taking over a minute to survey the green and line up his shot, Woods swung once. His shot sailed gracefully onto the green, rolling perfectly along the course, and paused tantalizingly on the very lip of the cup before dropping in. If Woods had not already established himself as one of the greatest golfers of all time, that shot would have done it, setting him at -14 on the day with two more holes to play, according to Yard Barker.

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