The Ultimate Outdoor Wedding Checklist for Brides

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Your dream wedding is just around the corner! Planning an outdoor event requires extra coordination to go smoothly. Use this comprehensive checklist to keep your wedding on track.

Secure the Venue

First things first, book your ideal outdoor event venue as early as possible. Popular warm-weather venues get snatched up fast. Tour potential locations in person to check sight lines, power access, and lighting. Ensure your event venue can provide necessary rentals like chairs, tables, tents, and dance floors. Send out save-the-date notices once you have a location locked in.

Pick the Menu

Food is a huge part of the event. Taste test caterers to find fantastic dishes that also travel and serve well outdoors. Don’t forget about dietary restrictions. Lean towards finger foods, bite-sized appetizers, and easily carried plates. Make sure your caterer coordinates closely with your event venue on logistics like kitchen access and service setup.

Create a Rain Plan

Hope for sunshine but plan for showers by designating rain backup areas at your venue. Have tarps and towels on standby to wipe down wet chairs and surfaces. Choose hardy flowers and arrange a covered ceremony site. If possible, reserve a venue that has both an outdoor and indoor area as a contingency for the entire event.

Check Permits and Regulations

Research what permits are needed for tents, music, alcohol, and vendors. Designate reserved parking areas and handicapped access. Confirm your event venue allows or restricts smoking, amplified sound, open flames for candles, and more. Staying compliant prevents problems.

Refine the Style and Decor

Define your wedding style and color palette early on. DIY details like signage, centerpieces, and lawn games add personal flair. Rent lighting like twinkle lights and lanterns to provide a magical atmosphere at night. Be mindful of wind, sunlight, and other outdoor elements that can knock over fragile decor. Communicate your vision with all vendors and your event venue.

Planning an incredible outdoor wedding is possible with careful preparation and communication. Use this checklist to book your venue, nail down menus, create rain plans, check permits, and refine your decor. The average budget for just the wedding ceremony and reception is $28,385, according to The Frisky, a women’s entertainment and lifestyle magazine. With you and your event venue on the same page, get ready to have the stylish, fun-filled outdoor wedding of your dreams. If you’re searching for the perfect venue, visit us to tour our venue at Deerfield today.