Things to Consider Before Buying Annual Golf Passes

annual golf passes

If you’re a golf enthusiast, there’s nothing better than hitting the course. Better yet, there’s nothing better than annual golf passes, which can let you play every day if you want. But are they right for you? These tips can help you decide.

Where Are You Playing?

Annual golf passes offer a chance to play a lot of golf, but before you buy one, consider where you’re playing. Are you looking to play the same course over and over? Are you looking for a club with multiple courses? Consider what you want before buying.

What Are Your Playing Options?

If you’re considering annual golf passes at a club that offers a chance to play multiple courses, look to see if there are any stipulations. Can you only play certain courses at certain times of the day or on certain days of the week? Does your pass allow you access to different courses?

What Are the Amenities

With annual golf courses, you’re going to play a lot of golf. But what else does a course or club offer? Does it offer snacks or refreshments on the course? Is there a pavilion where you can get lunch after you’re done playing a round? The more amenities that are offered, the more bang for your buck you’re going to get.

Cart Access

It’s estimated that a 175-pound man easily burns more than 450 calories if he carries his clubs during an hour of golf. That means on a nine-hole course, he’ll walk more than two miles. One amenity you’ll want to look for is cart access. Many clubs have cart rules, and annual golf pass fees usually include free or discount cart rentals. If you like walking, however, you’ll want to consider cart fees as part of your golf pass.

Make Your Choice Wisely

Annual golf passes have a lot to offer the casual or most diehard golfer. If you’re aiming to get one, take your time to find the right one: one that offers the right amenities, access to golf, and ultimately works best for you. Golf passes are very useful, but, at the end of the day, you want to get exactly what you pay for and to make the most of it.