Three Affordable Yet Elegant Wedding Reception Ideas


Not all elegant wedding receptions have to cost a small fortune. Whether you’re torn between venues for your wedding reception, or you can’t decide on decorations, there are many great ideas out there that will not only make your wedding day unique, but affordable as well.

Almost all future brides use the internet to help plan their wedding day and to search for ways to bring down the cost. If you’re looking to have a beautiful wedding on a tight budget, now’s the time to listen up!

  • Book a Sunday Wedding

    Many reception halls offer discounts on Sunday afternoon weddings.  This provides a unique experience for your guests and will save you money!

  • Plan It Yourself

    Wedding planners may be convenient, but they rarely will forge a path towards inexpensive elegant wedding receptions. In fact, hiring a wedding planner could cost as much as a DJ or a caterer, which is the last thing you need if you’re working on a tight budget. Perhaps one of the best tips for planning a wedding reception is to simply do all of the legwork on your own. You may have to put in a bit more time, but the budget will be yours to set.

  • Remember What It’s All About

    The type of elegant wedding receptions that some people end up with are not necessarily what you and your fiance may have in mind. Affordable wedding receptions are beautiful and special. All that matters at the end of the day is that you and your future spouse are happy and surrounded by people that love you. Going out of your way to impress other people could leave you more stressed out and disappointed than simply doing what you think is best.

Elegant wedding receptions don’t necessarily need to look like a state dinner at the White House. Today’s couples prefer weddings that are fun, meaningful and comfortable.  No matter what you plan, you’ll be happy as long as you don’t force anything, or spend outside of your means. It’s your day!

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