Three Things You Need to Know If You’re Throwing a Wedding Brunch


Weddings are, in some ways, becoming less and less traditional as more couples opt for experiences that are unique and suit their preferences exactly rather than adhering to tradition. One of the ways this is happening is a growing trend of brunch weddings, which focus on a morning-time ceremony and meal rather than the afternoon or evening. If you’re considering going this route, here are a few things to note.

1. Don’t Curb the Cocktails
One thing to note about having a wedding brunch rather than dinner reception is that it does not mean that you cannot serve cocktails. In fact, cocktails are a staple of any Sunday brunch, and are light enough to pair with brunch dishes. Common brunch cocktails include things like mimosas, which are champagne and citrus juice, like orange. Bloody Marys are also a popular choice, which are made from vodka, tomato juice, spices, and hot sauce. Either way, just because the meal is a mid-morning affair does not mean you have to skip the alcoholic beverages if you don’t want to.

2. Brunch is Not Synonymous with Informal
Another important thing to note about opting for a wedding brunch is that it does not mean it has to be informal. Though the most popular way to serve brunch is a brunch buffet, you can still opt for individual servings and fancy decor. Of course, since the morning sets a more informal tone to begin with, make sure that you temper that with the service and decor if you’re going for a more formal feel.

3. Timing is Everything.
When is comes to planning wedding brunches, timing is very important. The trick is to plan the ceremony at a time that is not too early so that people have time to get ready and attend, while still planning the meal before it gets too late. Brunches are usually served in the late morning, but can go through the afternoon if necessary. If this happens, you may want to include some heartier menu options to tide your guests over.

Do you have any questions about planning a brunch wedding? Feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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