Three Things You Can’t Have a Brunch Without

scrambled eggs and bacon on white plate
scrambled eggs and bacon on white plate

Putting together an event for family and friends can seem like a daunting affair — especially when there’s food involved. The guest list, the menu, the space, and all of the other details can loom over you, causing stress and anxiety over something that should just be fun. This is one of the reasons that a brunch is such a popular event. It’s a pretty laid-back way to get a group together for a meal and event, but that doesn’t mean that every brunch will go off without a hitch. The details of the brunch will be up to you, but here are three things you absolutely cannot throw a brunch without.

  1. CocktailsCocktails are a staple of any brunch event. The three most popular daytime drinks are mimosas (which are made of champagne and citrus juice — usually orange), bellinis (which are made from champagne and peach puree), and Bloody Marys, which are tomato juice and vodka based concoctions. Just because the event is in the morning does not mean that cocktails aren’t allowed (unless you’d prefer a dry party). Bloody Marys are probably the most famous. Though its exact origins are unknown, some say it was invented by a Parisian barman in 1921.
  2. A Buffet-Style MenuNot every brunch actually requires a buffet, but it’s going to make things go a lot easier. By serving a brunch buffet, you don’t have to worry about having to plate individual dishes or cook per everyone’s different requests. Brunch dishes are actually pretty easy to serve buffet style, like scrambled eggs, or a waffle bar, or a selection of hot meats. A brunch buffet is also a better way to get guests to interact with their food and have a more dynamic dining experience.
  3. An OccasionThe last thing you absolutely have to have to throw a brunch is an occasion. Sure, you could have a brunch for no reason, but that doesn’t really lend itself well to having an eventful and interesting party. This doesn’t mean it has to be a once in a lifetime event — though wedding brunches are growing in popularity, some choose to have a brunch instead of an office or holiday party. Sunday brunch is pretty common, so to set your party apart, choose a holiday or some milestone to celebrate.

Do you have any other tips or ideas for having a brunch? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

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