Tips From The Deerfield Golf Academy Part Two

Tip #2 – Putting


One of the most important aspects of putting is being able to see your intended line. In putting, one must accomplish two tasks:

  1. Start the ball on the correct line
  2. Get the correct speed

In order to see the intended line, one must position their eyes in a manner that will give the best chance. One of the most common faults seen during putting lessons is incorrect posture. Most people typically stand too tall with their eyes too far inside their intended starting line. This may also come from an improper length putter.

When putting, try to get your eyes somewhat over the golf ball. While they don’t have to be EXACTLY over the ball, one should try to be as close as possible. If you find that you are trying to do this, but are having a hard time, have a teaching professional check the length of your putter or provide you with drills specific to your needs. Ben Austin, PGA and Michael Tobiason of the Deerfield Golf Academy are available for private lessons and/or short game clinics to help you improve putting!

Refer to this photo as an excellent reference for good setup, as the eyes are directly over the ball. The other lines indicate good balance. Use these tips, and you will surely see an improvement on your putting!