Tips for a Successful Summer Wedding

The summer season is arguably the best time to say I do. The warm weather means you can hold an outdoor wedding, your guests have more clothing options, and the bridal crew is poised for some gorgeous photography. If planning a destination wedding, it’s easier for your guests to travel and attend during summer. This means the summer wedding dates are highly sought-after. These tips should help organize successful summer weddings.

Plan Early

You don’t want to be that bride who plans everything at the last minute. Start preparing at least a year before the preferred date. If planning for an outdoor wedding, research the venue options to find out their pros and cons.

Beach weddings are a favorite for many brides because they create the perfect scenic views for photography. However, they never tell you that you should be prepared for the wind, uneven terrain, and sand. As such, you may need to choose apparel suitable for this weather.

The lakeside is another favorite venue for outdoor weddings. It is calmer than the beach and provides beautiful seashore backdrops, but it can be a little damp for your liking. The lakeside also gets windy unexpectedly.

You also want to send the invitations as early as 8-10 weeks in advance when planning a summer wedding. Many people go for vacations during this period, hence informing them about your wedding plans early is important.

Choose a Summer-Conscious Color Scheme

If working with a wedding planner, it should be easy as they’ll probably provide a few options from their portfolio. Pastels work best during this season when used on airy fabrics like linen. Your style also comes in handy. The classic nautical style, for example, works best for a waterfront wedding, while the country theme in a backyard or barn is perfect for an outdoor summer celebration.

Set a Budget and Stick to It

It’s easy to get carried away and overspend. Creating a budget for all the expenses makes it easy to avoid unnecessary expenses and ensure you pay all your service providers. Don’t overlook things like the rehearsal. Brides spend as much as $1,184 on rehearsal dinners and if not accounted for, it can create a problem to your overall budget.

Be Flexible With The Wedding Date

Since summer is the peak season for weddings, your wedding date is bound to be changed a few times. Naturally, many brides prefer having their weddings on a Saturday afternoon, but the dates may be overbooked. It would help if you were flexible enough to hold your wedding on a weekday while considering holiday dates like Memorial Day.

These tips should give you a clue about what to expect when planning summer weddings. Having a wedding planner makes the process a little easier, especially when booking venues and finding affordable vendors.