Tips From The Deerfield Golf Academy Part Three

Tip #3 – Pitching



Having a hard time controlling the distance of your pitch shots? More than likely, you’re having issues with your backswing and follow through. Ideally when we pitch, our back swing and follow through should be about the same distance. To visualize this, think about a child on a swing set. When the child swings back, if they didn’t add any additional momentum then their forward swing would be about the same distance. A more common problem that we see at the Deerfield Academy is swing distance issues- golfers either take a big backswing and small follow through, or vice versa.

Think of pitching in terms of knees and hips. If your backswing goes knee high, your follow through should match that. If you go back as high as your hip, that’s how far your follow through should be.

If you’re having issues controlling your distances or struggling with consistent, solid contact, then Deerfield Golf Academy is the place for you! Ben Austin, PGA and Michael Tobiason are here to help you improve and enjoy the game of golf even more!

These photos provide a good visual for getting a sense of keeping the length of backswing and length of follow through relatively the same. Work on this and you’ll be playing like the pros in no time!

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