What Are the Origins of The Green Jacket?

The green jacket is considered the most coveted prize in golf tournaments. The Augusta Masters winner is entitled to the iconic green jacket and prize money of up to $2 million. The previous year’s winner usually passes over to a new champion.

What Is It?

The master’s green jacket is presented to the golf tournament winner annually upon confirmation of the results. An Augusta Golf Club member lends the coat to the presentation before the champion is measured for a tailored jacket version. The tradition dates back to 1937 when Augusta National members wore the jacket during tournaments to stand out from the public. According to the Augusta National chairman, a single-breasted brass green jacket has been presented to each winner since 1937.

What Happens to the Jacket?

The tradition stipulates that the golf tournament winner may retain the jacket for the year and return it to the Augusta National course for the following year’s event. The coat remains on site, but the previous winner can wear it as long as they are at the site. The winners have a single jacket tailored for them, and multiple winners are given the jacket they previously made upon winning. Furthermore, last year’s winner presents the coat to the newly crowned champion and is considered a sign of respect compared to the change of guard ceremony.

What Is the Current Green Jacket Tradition?

Upon completion of each Masters tournament, a green jacket ceremony is held to present the golf tournament winner with the green jacket. The previous year’s contest winner presents it to the new winner. If the golfer wins it for two consecutive years, the Augusta National chairman is tasked with giving it to the winner. The jacket is retrieved from the locker room by tournament officials who guess the right fit for the new winner. Later, the champion is measured, and a custom-made jacket is tailor-made.

What Is the Jacket Made From?

Despite the importance of the green jacket, it may not cost you hundreds of dollars as you imagine. The Hamilton Tailoring Company of Cincinnati supplies the coat, with each blazer costing up to $250. The jacket is stitched and cut in Dublin and made from polyester and wool, lined with Bemberg rayon, and buttons made from polished brass. The actual coat has a reasonably low price tag but has become a collectible for Green Jacket Auctions attracting hundreds of dollars.

The master’s green jacket is an iconic trophy in golf. The jacket is awarded to the Augusta winner yearly, along with prize money. Contact us today for more information on our golf course.