Why Golfing Is Worth Investing in as a Woman

Golfing is a time-honored sport that is largely dominated by men, even today. Less than 25% of golfing enthusiasts are women, but this has nothing to do with the enjoyment of the sport for women at all.

One possible reason why there are more men golfing enthusiasts than women enthusiasts is this: by the 1900s there were more than a thousand golf clubs across the nation, and with the sport being more geared towards men at the time, the growth of women in the sport has just more recently started to become a norm. Your local country club is worth investing in, and as a woman golfer, there is much to enjoy in this sport.

Why is golf worth investing in? Learn why here.

You Start to Make a Change

The more women who get involved in golfing as a sport and hobby, the better: you can help raise the awareness of women in active public golf and other golf events by becoming more of an enthusiast yourself. If your partner is part of a local golf club, join them. You may find that you love the sport yourself and you can get involved with other women golfing enthusiasts as well.

You Start to Meet New People

Do you want to find a way to meet new people and get out in the fresh outdoors? Getting involved with golfing can provide you with a great way to explore your community and get into a sport you can enjoy with other women. You can join a local golf club or just golf at a public course, meeting other women along the way who like to play golf and get out for some exercise.

You Start a New Way to Stay in Shape

When you start golfing, you create a whole new way to stay in shape and have some fun. Golfing requires lots of arm strength and lots of walking as well so long as you don’t use a golf cart as part of your game. Whether you are just hitting a bucket of balls or you’re playing across the golf course, golfing is a great way to get out and get in shape.

If you feel like golf is still just a men’s sport, get involved. You can find many ways to have fun and really challenge yourself with golf, and you can join a golf association that can help you become aware of the local clubs you can join. Golf is a wonderful sport that you can get behind and really invest in. Find some friends and enjoy some public golf courses today, or find a private club you’re interested in.