Why You Should Take Your Wedding Outdoors for Huge Fun and Savings

 golf coursesWeddings are a big deal. Everyone knows that! The average person would be hard-pressed to think of an event that requires more detailed planning than a wedding ceremony. One might also be hard pressed to find a time where emotions are flaring up so highly, which are making an already complicated process even more difficult to manage. Planning for any event type can be daunting, though the sheer amount of excess stress and emotion involved with a wedding can truly put them on another level entirely.

While finding unique wedding places is typically treated as a sort of fun process which can bring couples closer together, there are a lot of real-world logistics to factor in which can make even the most fun and lighthearted of planning efforts turn sour in no time. Churches or other venues take up a huge amount of the budget, if you’re anything like the average American. That is one reason why couples are opting more and more for outdoor wedding ceremonies.

After all, you aren’t going to be able to find very many romantic wedding places that are more intimate than out among nature’s beauty and under the night stars. According to Hudson Valley Weddings, 35% of weddings are now held outdoors. It’s hard to imagine any other single choice saving so much money and presenting so many new options than the decision to take a wedding ceremony outdoors. No wonder this option is becoming more and more popular.

The average ceremony itself typically costs about $28,385. That’s a tremendous amount of money, and the running costs of a full wedding aren’t going to stop anywhere near there. Many are now opting to include a range of different activities for guests to partake in. In particular, weddings held at venues that also have golf courses are becoming staples of the wedding industry. Golf courses provide guests with a physical activity to engage in and bond together over, without requiring the participants to leave the facility or place themselves at any serious risk of injury.

Just don’t let yourself or your significant other get too confident out there on the green — studies taken recently show that the chances of two holes in one on the same course are 67 million to one.