Employee of the Month

Deerfield’s Employee Of The Month will recognize a team member who – via one remarkable example of extraordinary service, a consistent pattern of delivering exceptional guest service, or both – embodies a genuine and tireless “spirit of hospitality” in the way that he or she engages with our guests. An Employee Of The Month will distinguish himself or herself with courtesy, friendliness, empathy, enthusiasm, hard work and determination. He or she will, by word and deed, make a lasting positive impression on both guests as well as fellow team members each of whom will be inspired to emulate the effort and attitude of the Employee Of The Month. Winners of the Employee Of The Month Award will exemplify the Forewinds Hospitality credo of “Satisfaction Is Never Enough. Guests must be astounded – every visit – every experience – every day.”

2019 Employee of the Month Award Winners


Fausto Torres-Gomez

Fausto is one of our most tenured employees for the entire company across any department, not just the grounds crew, having joined us back in 2007. Fausto has proven to be a most reliable and talented member of our agronomic team, regularly taking on special projects, assuming new responsibilities, and working incredibly well both independently as well as a part of a group.

The golf course is among our most valuable assets. Fausto has shown himself to be a leader in the care of this delicate and important part of our property. In the heat of the summer, he is working hard to ensure that our course is kept in wonderful shape for our players. In the coldest months of the winter, he is among the very few on the team who shoulder the responsibility of snow removal, clearing paths, laying down salt, and making sure our guests and our team can arrive and depart safely.

However, Fausto’s nomination, submitted by a department head at Deerfield – and unanimously endorsed by Deerfield’s group of Department Heads – puts it perfectly. “Fausto has always been a consistent performer on the grounds crew but has increased his leadership this year by being a model employee. Fausto completes his tasks in a timely manner while always making sure quality is never sacrificed. Even when he is tasked with a certain job he is always willing to help someone else even when it’s not his responsibility. For example, Fausto is often grabbing a blower to clean off some greens when he is mowing surrounds – or will help a newer employee who is unsure of something. He is continually willing and helpful. If Fausto sees a potential issue on the course, he can be counted on to point it out to management and not look the other way. Lastly Fausto has be best attendance record of the crew this season. Fausto constantly works his schedule and even volunteers to help on weekends off when help is needed.”

Congratulations Fausto!


Nathan Burgun

Since joining Deerfield in October of 2017, Nathan has become an invaluable member of our team in the kitchen, working hard and long into the night (and early morning) to make sure that an incredibly important part of our guest service – dishes and utility – is delivered flawlessly. Nathan has become an incredibly reliable resource in our kitchens over the past two years, taking on difficult, challenging jobs with determination. The Pub & Grille as well as all banquet events benefit from his complete familiarity with how that part of the property works, and his efficient and thorough effort. Deerfield would not be able to do what it does without his talent and tenacity.
However, maybe the nomination that was submitted by a colleague – and unanimously endorsed by Deerfield’s group of Department Heads – says it best. “Nathan’s consistent, positive attitude, his willingness to come in early or stay late, his dedication to ensuring all his responsibilities are completed before leaving, and his desire to help (fellow team members) with rides home so they do not half to walk in the dark to make it to the bus station are just a few of his best qualities. I have observed these and many other great qualities since Nathan began working here and I feel Employee of the Month would be a great way to honor his hard work and dedication.”


Michael Connor

In less than a year, Michael Connor has made a meaningful impact on our Food & Beverage team at Deerfield. Michael’s enthusiasm, team-oriented spirit of hospitality, effort, reliability and exceptional guest service has made him an immediate impact player. Not only is Michael extremely admired by our clients and appreciated by our guests, but he has quickly become one of the obvious staff leaders among his peers. Michael encourages his colleagues, and clearly has earned both their friendship and their respect as witnessed during our Summer BBQ. Michael can be trusted with virtually any task or responsibility even after such a relatively short time on the crew.
However, don’t take my word for it. We received two separate communications from clients/guests noting how exceptional Michael’s service was during each respective event. Tim Gibbs from the Delaware Academy of Medicine noted, “The service and attitude of one employee stood out as exceptional. Michael Connor was there with a smile, provided expert caring assistance at every turn, and instantly turned a couple of near missteps into wins. He was the evening’s MVP in my book.” Then, we received this from a wedding guest. “Your employees were outstanding! Michael (Connor) was especially wonderful and should be acknowledged by his supervisor in some manner. He was super sweet to me and my husband more than once that night. I had never been to your place and was highly pleased. (The) food was delicious, but the employees made it exceptional.”


Lizette Kennedy

Lizettte has been with Deerfield since July of 2015, and in over four years of service with Deerfield has served in a number of crucial capacities as Food & Beverage Manager, Banquet Supervisor, Sales Manager, and most memorably, the “Brunch Queen of Newark, DE.” Her talents in guest services, event design, room setup and décor, staff development and overall excellence in event sales and execution have made Deerfield a better place for team members and guests for the past four seasons.
In her nomination, Lizette is described by a manager as “the employee we all desire to be.” Most notably, her willingness to lead by example is truly second to none. Many might transition to a new role and never look back. However after transitioning to Sales from Operations earlier in 2019, she selflessly continued to assist the operations team not only for Easter and Mother’s Day dining events, but to help train the more junior Operations Managers to help ensure they were set up to be successful. Lizette truly embodies the Forewinds Hospitality values, investing time and energy into enriching each client and employee she touches.


Joel Hernandes

Joel has been with Deerfield since May of 2017 and in about two years with Deerfield, has helped lead several remarkable facility improvements that have made the guest experience even more exceptional. Joel’s list of skills and projects are too numerous to list here. We have seen him tackle anything from electrical and plumbing to painting and woodworking with talent, enthusiasm and determination.
Additionally, Joel regularly pitches in on any number of special requests – operationally during our largest events, helping supervise parking challenges, fixing kitchen equipment in a pinch, and enhancing or improving safety related issues around the property. Many projects pop up late in the evening or overnight, and Joel never hesitates to come back to Deerfield from home to make sure an event or a client is assisted with care. I know Joel is a trusted resource and a friend to all. Deerfield’s internal and external guests are very lucky to have his talents at their disposal.


Kerman “KJ” Joseph

Kerman has done an amazing job bringing an enthusiastic attitude, a friendly face, and a skilled culinary skill set to our Sunday Brunch team, as lead on the Sunrise Station. Many Sunday Brunch guests go out of their way to comment about KJ’s warm rapport and positive approach to each guest interaction.
Further, KJ has been a key addition to the catering team in the kitchen, skillfully assisting with entrée preparation, overseeing hors d’oeuvre presentations, and coordinating so many details of our catered events schedule.
Congratulations KJ!


Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson was nominated by several Deerfield department heads for his dedication to serving both guests and team members alike, contributing to many aspects of Deerfield’s business with care and determination, and for his tireless willingness to assist on any project big or small with enthusiasm and courtesy.
Congratulations, Alex!

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